Class Reunions




1969    50 Year     Sept. 14       Sheraton Inn next to Ridgedale, 5:00

                                                Contact is Bob Thompson



                                                      There is a Facebook page.



1974    45 Year    Oct. 5           Crystal, VFW, 6:00 pm


                                               Money collected at the door, $20.


                                                 Contact is Duane Bauermeister



                                                 Cooper Classes of ’73 and ’75 are invited


                                                        There is a Facebook page.




1979    40 Year   Oct. 12            Sundance Golf Banquet Bowl,

                                                   Maple Grove, 6:00 pm


                                                    Tickets sold through Eventbrite, $20. 

                                                     $25 at the door.


                                                            Contact is Susan Jackson





                                                            Friday, Oct. 11 is the Golf Outing.


                                                            Contact is John Lauzon





                                                          Friday, Oct. 11, Mixer at the Sundance.

                                                           No cost to attend.


                                                              There is a Facebook page.




1984   35 Year                         Nothing is planned.  The class had a fund and


well attended 30 year class reunion.   


            There is a Facebook page.




1989   30 Year   Sept. 21           Detour 19 Bar and Grill in Loretto, 7:00 pm.


                                                            Contact is Gina Shariff Schupanitz


                                                                        There is a Facebook page.




1994    25 Year                              No information at this time.


            There is a Facebook page.




1999      20 Year    June 23         New Hope Bowl. The reunion was a BLAST! 


Members of the Alumni Association attended. 


We highly recommend the New Hope Bowl for


summer reunions.  Great job Dana Cork! 




2004   15 Year                               No information at this time.  The class had a fabulous 10 year


 class reunion in 2014.


            There is a Facebook page.


2009    10 Year                             No information at this time


                                                          Unable to find a Facebook page.




2014    5 Year                               No information at this time


                                                          There is a Facebook page.




1977    Birthday!  Oct. 26         The Class of 1977 celebrates 60th Birthdays.


                                                The Lookout in Maple Grove, 4:00 pm.


                                                Contact Heidi Myers to help tighten the

                                                 already wonderful  Class Address List. 





Buy tickets on this web site or send your check

to Heidi Myers


1320 W 5th St  Duluth, MN  55806


$28/person. Includes room rental, appetizers and


two drinks.  What a deal!Facebook page for Classes of 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 is EJ Cooper




1965    55 Year  Oct. 2 and 3   

                                      The next planning meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 17.


Details on the class web site.


                                    ClassQUEST web site, RHS and CHS Class of 1965.




1970    50 Year     Sept. 12       Crowne Plaza Hotel, Plymouth.




1975    45 Year                             Tentative date is Saturday, Oct. 3.


                                                            Contact is Schmitz Susan Tabor.




1980    40 Year         Planning is underway.  Classes of ’80 and

                                      ’81 are in contact with one another; contemplating a

                                     combined reunion.


Contact is Lisa Wolfe Gendreau.  




1985    35 Year                




1990    30 Year                             Preliminary planning underway.


                                                            Contact is Kim Jacobson.




1995    25 Year




2000    20 Year




2005    15 Year




2010    10 Year                            




2015      5 Year





To update reunion information, send an email to 


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