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  1. District 281 School Lunch cookbook

    Reprinted copy of the Mom's School Lunch Recipes cookbook.  This is the original book; the 1972 edition.  The District 281 Nutrition Office graciously reprinted the 1972 edition and allows the Robbinsdale Cooper Alumni Association to sell the cookbooks as a fund raiser.   

    Price: $20.00
  2. Hawks 1964 cap

    Show your Cooper pride with this well constructed baseball cap. 

    The year "1964" (the year Cooper opened) appears below "Hawks".  

    Price is $19.64.   

    * * ClassQUEST charges each order a 6% transation charge, $3.00 minumin.    

    Price: $19.64
  3. 50th Anniversary Patch

    Sew the patch onto a Hawks cap, letter jacket, athletic shirt or an orange schawl!

    This is the perfect Cooper accessory to sport at your 50 year class reunion.  

    Photo: Seven Dreams Foundation's 2016 Bird Bash Fundraisier.   

    * * ClassQUEST charges each order a 6% ($3.00 minimum) transation charge. 


    Price: $5.00
  4. Talons
    Price: $50.00
  5. Class of 1977's Memory Book

     This spiral bound book has individual photos of the members of the Class of 1977 from sophmore, junior and senior years.

    The book was assembled by two 77 grads who own a print shop. They dontated their time and the books. 

    Proceeds from the sale of the 1977 Memory Books go to the Class of 1977's class fund.  Price is $30.00.

    Photo: 1975 Talons     

      * * ClassQUEST charges each order a 6% ($3.00 minimum) transation charge. 

    Price: $30.00
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