Robbinsdale Cooper Honor Roll


Cooper High Distinguished Alumni Committee seeks nominations

Robbinsdale Cooper High School is pleased to announce they are seeking nominations for the Cooper Honor Roll.  The last person to be inducted into the Honor Roll was Ert Jones-Hermerding in April of 2012 as part of a students International Baccalaureate Personal Project.

The purpose of the Robbinsdale Cooper High School Distinguished Hawk award is to recognize individuals who have made exceptional achievements in their field, significant contributions to Cooper High School and/or unique contributions to their community on a local, state, national, or international level.  Nominees can be former students, staff, coaches, and community members who support Cooper High School.  Full nominee details can be found on the nomination form.

The selection of these individuals is intended to recognize and encourage a tradition of being a HAWK: Honesty, Accountability, Work Ethic, and Kindness to Robbinsdale Cooper High School.  Honorees should serve as both examples of the quality education that the school provides and as role models for current students and staff to achieve success.

Cooper will induct 3-5 members of the Cooper High School community into the Distinguished Hawk Honor Roll. These inductees will be recognized at an annual banquet. The hallway in the Cooper High School front vestibule above the doors of the auditorium displays past Distinguished Hawk Award recipients and will display the newest members of the Honor Roll this fall.

Further information can be found on the Cooper website under "About us" or can at this link:   Update: July 28, 2018


The Cooper Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 

The most recent Robbinsdale Cooper Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held  Saturday, June 2, 11:00 am at Cooper.  Inductees were Heidi Raasch Oquist '82 and Howard W. Schwartz, retired educator. 

Heidi graduated in 1982; the last class to graduate from E. J. Cooper High School. Heidi died on October 31, 2005. 

                                      Howard is a graduate of Robbinsdale High School, Class of 1969. 





Robbinsdale Cooper Honor Roll 



Lyndon Ulrich            1964 - 1972     Principal


Don Blore                   1964 - 1995     Social Studies Teacher


Ron Chagnon             1964 - 1999     Art Teacher   


Tom Gagnon              1964 - 1998     Business Teacher


Florence Mosal          1964 - 1992     English Teacher


Darrell Sohn              1964 - 1984    Teacher and Coach


Hal Wildung               1964 - 1984     Music Teacher


Jim Knight                  1965 - 1991     Health Teacher & Coach


John Lloyd                  1965 - 1993     Asst. Principal, Teacher and Coach


Sue Bye                       1966 - 1998     Business Teacher


Vern Hollister             1968 - 1998     English Teacher &  Yearbook Advisor


Deloris “Ma” Breher  1969 - 1999     Para Professional


Fran Zabel                  1969 - 1989     English Teacher


Addy Murtaugh          1971 - 1991      Business Teacher      


Elmer Kemppainen     1973 - 1983     Principal


Judy Fahlin                 1982 - 2000     Para Professional


David Knutson            1985 - 1994     Principal


Barb Lehman              1987 - 1999     Athletic Director, Teacher and Coach


Ert Jones-Hermerding   1989- 2003      Speech/Theater Teacher, Director and Coach


William McDougall     1965                First Student Council President


Alice Hanson              1967                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Theodore Leuer         1970                Distinguished Alumni – C.L.C.


John Goodwin            1971                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Kimm Julian               1972                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Dana Luebke              1972                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Erin Luebke                1973                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Steve Plasencia          1974                Outstanding Athlete C.L.C.


Cindy Seikkula           1976                Outstanding Athlete C.L.C.


Rick Pearson              1979                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Lance Pitlick               1986               Outstanding Athlete C.L.C.


Steve Zahn                 1986                Fine Arts Award - C.L.C.


Brian Hubbard           1999                Student Council President




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