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The RCAA has secured a permanent space for the Cooper Archives.

In August 2016, the archival materials were moved to a room in the C Circle. 

This new home for the archives was the result a few dedicated alumni who spent time meeting with District and School administrators. 

The RCAA supports the Robbinsdale High School Alumni Association's effort to find new space for the RHS's and the District's archival materials. 


District Archives and RHS Alumni: In 2012, The Robbinsdale High School Archives Committee learned that the District archives stored at Pilgrim Lane Elementary School. Some of the items were found to be in rough shapee

The Robbinsdale alumni secured space for the District archives at Sandburg Learning Center. A small group of RHS alumni began cataloging the RHS archives.  When the Robins held their first All School Reunion in 2013, many of the items were transported from Sandburg to Robbinsdale Middle School (the old high school on Toledo Ave.) and available for viewing during the RHS Open House. The archives display was very well received by the RHS alumni and the greater Robbinsdale Area Schools community.

The Robins have taken the lead in securing new space for their archives as well as the archives for the closed elementary and middle schools.  The members of the Cooper Archives Committee have forged a partnership with the Robbinsdale alums supporting this evdeavor. Both groups have meet with Robbinsdale Area School's Superintendent Carlton Jenkins.  Dr. Jenkins supports the effort to find appropriate space for the District's Archives.

The Robins working on Archives meet almost every Thursday at Sandburg from 1:00 - 3:00 pm.  To be put in contact with either the alumni working on either the RHS or the Cooper archives, send an email to cooper77@charter.net  The groups would like to connect with Armstrong alumni interested in the AHS archives.


History of the District Archives.  This is what we've pieced together thanks to Robbinsdale alumni and Jeanette R. Hughes's obituary. ~ Jeanette Hughes, a lifelong resident of Robbinsdale, taught Home Economices in the Robbinsdale schools for 30 years. In her retirement, Miss Hughes maintained the Robbinsdale Area Schools Archives.  The archives were housed in Room 30 of RHS.  


Cooper Archives ~ This list is not complete. 

 Scrapbooks maintained by librarian from 1977 - 2000.  Librarians during the time the scrapbooks were assembled: Head Librarian: Sharon Liebel and Lois Yuzna. E. Engle, H. Sutherland and Una Lamb. Library Aides: Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Quigley. 

The 25 Anniversary documentary entitled "They Way We Were" to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Cooper, is dedicated to Lois Yuzna.  Based on what Harvey Weis says about Lois Yuzna providing assistance with the making of the documentary, we think it was Ms. Yuzna who oversaw the maintaining of the scrapbooks.

 Choir Scrapbooks  - donated by Hal Wildung

 Band Scrapbooks, awards and photograph records of concerts.  Were at Sandburg 

 Roundelay - Vern Hollister’s copies. Set is incomplete.  

 E. J. Cooper’s items  - Photos, speeches, newspaper clippings, letter jacket, book from testimonial dinner, awards - wall plaques.

 Print materials - Dedication booklet from 1965, play bills, student directories,  Commencement programs and the 1982 “Someplace Special” 3-ring notebook stating Cooper’s case to not be closed.             

 Photographs - Photos used by the District in The Bridge.

 Videos and Slides - Cooper’s Dedication Ceremony, The Silver Anniversary Celebration in 1989. The RCAA has put some of these items onto memory sticks.

 Hawk's Quill   Bound copies from 1965 - 1991.  Also loose copies of the the Hawk's Quill and The Quill. The newspaper's name was changed in 1986.

Talons  A set will be housed in the District Archives room once it is established.  

Talons  The RCAA Archives Committee donated a set of Talons to the Minneapolis Hennepin County Public Library in downtown Minneapolis.  The volumes are house in the Special Collections department and are available for viewing.  Retired teacher Caryl Bugge donated her set.  Her copies comprised the early years of the set donated to the library.  Thank you to Miss Bugge.

 Attire - Wool Hawks hat, Cooperette outfits, skirts, Silk (guidons) sweater.

 Buttons - mostly homecoming.  RCAA purchased shadows boxes to help with display. There are two shadow boxes of buttons. 

Trophies   Sports, Fine Arts, Declamation and Debate.   Cooper's athletic director John Oelfke pulled most of the old trophies from storage. They are currently displayed in the cases.    


Robbinsdale High School: Consider this, Robbinsdale High School opened in 1936. The "new" RHS opened in 1956. RHS graduated 48 classes; the last class to receive RHS diplomas was the Class of 1982.  Cooper opened in 1964 and has graduated 51 classes. The 51st graduating class is the Class of 2015.  Link is to the Robbinsdale Alumni Association  http://robins.classquest.com/main/default.aspx

 Robbinsdale Historical Society Hope   Open Friday and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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