50th Reunion Photos
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Oh What  Party!! Let's share our photos from a great weekend!

If you would like to receive a DVD of the 50th AAHS Class of ’67 Reunion, please respond to the letter recently mailed from Raines Video Productions.  This is a legitimate letter. 


If you did not attend the reunion you can also receive a DVD by contacting Raines Video Productions as follows:   Be sure to specify ANN ARBOR CLASS OF ’67.

Call 1-800-654-8277 or, send a request and check as follows:

Raines Video Productions
818 SW 3rd Ave., #258
Portland, OR 97204

They request 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

Email: rcrvp@aol.com

The cost of the DVD is $29.95 plus S&H $4.00 = $33.95 per copy. Specify how many you would like and complete name and address where to send the DVD.  The DVD is 98 minutes containing interviews with nearly every classmate throughout the weekend. 

Roberta Gage, Fred Smith, Jackie Ely, Chad Klein, Tom Paup and Mary Lohr
Fred Smith and Tom Paup
Such a great Friday evening
Terry Cunningham Beem, Nancy Lutkehaus, Dia Pott Sherman, Margie Zugich and Jane Hassinger. Breakfast at Zingermans.
Dave & Betty Besford, Lynne & Mike Acree, John Sprentall
Peter Samelson Magician!
" O.K.! — O.K.!; I need to know RIGHT NOW! — who the H&*#@#LL Photo Shopped my teeth out. Was it You!!! — Mary Smith! — YEA! — RIGHT! — SURRRE! Mary Smith!!!. — Yea!, Right!, Shurrrre — Uh Huh!.
Bev Byrn Martin and Becky Davis Martin
High School Tour
Martha Stubbins Johnson, Bev Byrn Martin, Becky Davis Martin
Gilligan & Gilson
The Chateau band was fantastic! We can still dance!
Steven & Rhonwyn Edwards Ullmann, Mike Acree
Rich and Linda Greenwood
Day After Reunion - Hockey Team - UNDEFEATED!
Vickie & Bruce Maslin participating in the magic show.
Barbara Schieb-Gibbons and Terry Gibbons
Thanks for the FUN in the photo booth!
Jacquie Baird with Gilson sisters
Classmates Karl Diez and Dr. Dave Cavendar REALLY rocked it with their horns!! Loved them!
Cathy VanderWill, Mary Lohr and Sally Glas- they didn't change!
Dave Pace was a hit and sang a FABULOUS Elvis song!
Just a reminder ...
Our very own magician Peter Samelson
Burns Park Reunion
Mack School
Brad Waterman & Shelley Sample. Catching up and remembering fun times!
Jim Harper, Shelley Sample and Chuck Heath. Having a great time at 50th reunion!
Shelley Sample & David Dildine, classmates since elementary school. Great to see David who traveled from Thailand!
Still good friends after all the years - Anne O'Brien Bauer, Mary Smith Steinke and Linda Robinson Himpelmann.
Lew Henderson & Tom Knight
Lew Henderson & Andy Bateman
Margie Zugich and Julie Feldkamp -- friends since Kindergarten at Bach School.
The Mack School gang (Nancy Lutkehaus was AWOL for the photo)
Nancy Lutkehaus and Jacquie Baird
What a great couple! Bob and Susie Ufer.
Sue Wilkins and Anne O'Brien Bauer
Tom Paup and Mary Smith Steinke sending greetings to her husband, Jerry, back home in MA
Prom dates Dave Beemer and Anne O'Brien Bauer
Wonderful emcee Bob Ufer
Dia Pott Sherman, Rick Weir and Cathy McGuigan
Lifelong friends, Linda Heckencamp and Anne O'Brien Bauer
Pals Bob Ufer and Rick Weir
Prom dates Rick Weir and Mary Smith Steinke
Anne O'Brien, Nancy Lutkehaus, Rick Weir and Cathy McGuigan
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