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Nancy Lutkehaus (on left) and Barbara Schieb at Barb's 5'th birthday party
Junior Varsity Basketball team 1966
Brad Burkhart and Barb Schieb Senior Prom Photo
1966 classmates in special U of M French Class Posted by Billie (Bidelman) Little, Front row, left is Cherie (Davisson) Gracie, Billie (Bidelman) Little. I recognize Elizabeth Mustard (6 from left) and I think Jane Hassinger back row on the right.
Billie (Bidelman) Little
Pioneer driving instructor Fred Karr gives directions, via radio, to student-operated vehicles on Pioneer's driving range. Teaching driving on the ranges is one way to cut the number of required on-the-street driving hours.
Posted by Howie Oishi
Margie and Julie off to Kindergarten
Bach School 6th Grade
Milt South & Mary Beth Greear Senior Prom
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