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Tom Paup, Jack Knowles, Susie & Bob Ufer Rome 2018
Tanis Clark and Wayne Esch at Chrysler Museum August 2011
Mary, Anne and Linda 2016
Fun afternoon, Vickie Gilligan Martin, John Sprentall, Mike Acree, Lynne Lowry Acree - Great lunch and cocktails at John's beautiful condo! Summer 2016
Linda and Bill
Susie Gaede Shipstead and Lani Loken, July 4, 2016
Anne O'Brien Bauer and Mary Smith Steinke visiting Linda Robinson Himpelmann 2016
Lunch with Kent Kittel. Be sure to read his shirt!
Trumpet-playing buddies Dr. Dave Cavender and Karl Diez at a FUBAR gig at LIVE in A2, November 2016.
Jacquie Baird, Judy Bradley Burt, Jim Baker - Lunch at Knights 1/24/2017
Robin Arnold Lammers, Pam Jones Sander, Judy Bradley Burt, Roberta Gage Martin, Jackie Baird - Summer 2016 Lovely Ladies!
Karl Diez & Carol Hanna (Kuiper) at 2016 summer concert in Dexter.
Bill Fox / The Photo above: I ,recently, received an email (B/W version) from the "St. Augustine Police Gazette. This pretty much confirms — "What happens in St. Augustine, FLA. does NOT! stay in St. Augustine".
Roberta Gage Martin, Judy Bradley Burt, Robin Arnold Lammers, Jacquie Baird, Vickie Gilligan Martin - Summer 2015 - Early morning!
Initial A Square Pioneer Emblem Authored by American bas relief Sculptor Avard Fairbanks. Bill Fox INCREDIBLE TRIBUTES! and yet there is so much more to A Square / Pioneer High School's storied past. Although Avard Fairbanks (American sculptor: wasn't a student there, He touched this school and community, with his following sculpted (bas relief) emblematic piece.
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