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In Memory

This is a long list of classmates .
Keep them in your hearts and remember good times together. 


Larry Adams

Constance Alber

David Allen

Scott Ashton

Judith Atkins Stoudt

Gail Barkman

Dariel Barwick

Gary Bates

Betty Bell

Jim Benz

Libby Blight

Geoffrey Blow

William Bolgos

Andrea Bond

Keith Boudrie

Don Bousley

Christian Richard Bradley

Chuck Brauer

John Brice

Diana Britton

Robert Eugene Bruce

Collene Budoff

Ralph "Bruce" Card

Beth Champion

Terry Chase

Alan Chriscinske

Lillian Christman

Sherry Clampit

Tannis Clark

Don Cochran

Randy Collins

Allen Connell

Larry Coon

Michael Crist

Terry Cunningham

Steve Derr

Francie Dewitt Mosier

Steve Dixon

William Dixon

Bill Dupslaff

Sue Erkilla

Lindsey Evans

Roger Field

John Finkbeiner

Barbara J. Fisher

Robert Flood

Martha Flores

Karen Fonde

John Fortune

Don Foster

Tom Fox

John French

Gay Gee

Bruce Gilbert

Jeani Gillen

Mary Beth Greear

Pam Gunnel

Alan Hainen

Robin Harden

Tim Harper

Peter Haskett

Ronald Hatto

Linda Haynes

Pam Haynes

Tom Hellner

Jon Helms

Kathy Hendrickson

Alan Hewitt

Ed Higgins

Mike Hilla

Cathy Hirth

Fred Holly

Gary Holtz

Dave Houck

Jim Hueter

Jeanette Huizenga

Janet Hume

Margaret Jarvis

Roman Jean-Baptiste

Rob Jenks

Steve Jessee

Jimmy Jones

Paul Kambly

Bill Keaton

Peter Kempf

Jay Kincaid

Kent Kittel

Bob Klose

Kurt Knorpp

Pat Kohn

Stan Krebs

LaFever, Michael

Jeff Lamb

Jeff Lammers

Steve Lange

Roger Lesher

Wayne Lawrence

April May LeJueune

Wendell Lewellen

John Linden

Ray Linder

Carol MacNee

Jim Main

Dave Maki

Shawn Martin

Mike Mastie

Joe McDowell

Don (Mickey) Mesnard

Patricia Miley Martell

Jessie Miller

Mitch Miller

Jim Moffett

Betty Lou Moore

Doug Mueller

Dan Mullaly "Country Dan Dixon"

Don Munster

Bill Munz

Shigeto Muto

Joe Nagy

Nate Nakamura

Bruce North

Jack Oldham

Larry Olson

Dave Otto

Schuyler Owens

Sue Owens

Vicki Parks

Betsy Plant

Margaret Poissant

Greg Polopolos

Kathy Poole

Paul Prince

Donald Renz

Mick Rickard

Robert Rowland

Ann Rupp

Peter Rupus

Sue Hackbarth Sartori

Schulte Hal (Bucky)

Ron Skelly

Cecil Spencer

Larry Steinke

Charles Stoll

Brent Stone

Barbara Strong

Towery, Stephen

Terry Trabandt

Ned Troup

Robert Vandenakker

David Vaughn

Don Warner

Joyce Wagoner

Nancy Wallner

Linda Watrous

Betty Wegman

Roger Wenk

Bill Wentworth

Doug Whitehouse

Brian Wilde

George Wohlwend

Russell Woodman

Ken Wurster



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