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40th Reunion
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 If you have photos that you would like included in the Slide Show at the reunion, please forward them to Nancy Lutkehaus nancy.lutkehaus@gmail.com

40th reunion dinner 10 years ago
Roberta Gage
Kent Kittel
Judy Bradley Burt and Toby Burt - Smooch, Smooch
Kitty McDowell, Vickie Gilligan Martin, Robin Arnold
Kitty & Vickie
Sandy Christopherson and husband
Bill Beard & Bill Minion
Susie Gaede Shipstead & Pat Shipstead
Marti Ideson Hicks, Sue Reichman Ufer & Bob Ufer
Bill Minion
Toby Burt, Judy Bradley Burt, Kent Kittel
Jack Knowles
Vince Tanner
Pat Shipstead and Bruce Maslin
Many more attended but don't fit in photo.
Fun time.
Nice Group
Happy Times
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