Take a trip with us down memory lane...this photo album will capture some of the true essence of the great times we all had at Dunoon! Check us out!!!
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Strike a pose before hard work started. Suzette(yardie)
Netballers:Kim(stoway),Latoya(tyson), Tameka Hall(stretch), Nadine(solo), Meisha(mermaid) n Tracey(powa)
Netballers: Roxanne(reds), Natty Morgan, Latoya (cinderella),Nekeisha(zola bud) n Taneisha(china doll) plyboard
After all the running at slavery camp....there must be a luxury camp.....
Netballers: Nadine (redants) n stinky (out of order that is ppl)
Luxury Camp(Netball champion)
After winning the All Island Netball championship
Another year Netball Champion 1992
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