Message From The President - Juliet McFarlane

Dear Alumni and friends:

Welcome to another fundraising celebration event.  

Nine years ago we started this journey, to help our Alma Mata.  Today, we are still standing, though few in numbers, but a determined group, willing to do what we can to help.  

We continued to focus our support on the Guidance Council Department.  I want to also congratulate the leadership of this department for unselfishly serving this department.  Even though we had no formal fund raising efforts in 2014, we were able to still donate monetary assistance and to this department in helping students with examination fees.  We are thankful and appreciative of all our supporters and members for their continued generosity and unselfish services you provide to Dunoon over the years.   

The little school on Crawley Road has made great strides under the leadership of our current Principal – Mr. Shawn Aaron We are proud of Dunoon’s growth.  I challenge you Alums to assist with elevating and upholding the principles and standards set by our founding principal, the late Ms. Madge Facey.  “Am I my Brother’s keeper?”  Yes we are.  What will you legacy be? 

Reconnect and renew within you the spirt of “Giving back” to our school. I cannot do it alone, nor do I want to.  I urge you to become a member of this association.   Our torch may be dimmed, but certainly the fire is still there.  Make a difference in the lives of the Students at Dunoon.  I urge you to set aside $1.00 per day to help a student.  At the end of the year, you would have given $365.00 to change the lives of the students.  Starting today, make that commitment.  I also implore you to come onboard, lend a hand to the association.  The needs are great.  Find ways to become involved in a construction manner. Let your area of expertise be known to the  association.  We will grow and be more successful with solid strides.

May God continue to bless our organization and let us continue to live by our school motto “Diligence With Persistence For Excellence.”   


Juliet Johnson-McFarlane



The North East Chapter Treasurer's Vist to Dunoon - November 2016

Ms. Chin-Loy and Mr. Aarons:


Thanks for accommodating the meeting with me today on behalf to the NE Chapter Alumni Association.  It was great speaking with you both and getting an understanding of where your thoughts are as it relates to the diverse needs of the school, students and even the teachers.


I felt particularly proud when it was announced in the devotion that Dunoon had progressed to the finals of the school debating competition by way of a special bye because the team was considered to be so outstanding.  That the Dunoon that I know.


The discussions I had with the individual classes especially 7D (my special project going forward) and 8T were very meaningful as I got the opportunity to hear first had from the students some of the constraints that they themselves faced.


 The following narrative will serve as minutes for our IRS documentation of the Alumni visit to the school and the discussion held:


 The Examination Bursary Program – to be enhanced to include recipients volunteering in some program that will immediately benefit the school along with other updates to the criteria for being a recipient.

  1. Improved mentoring program (Lisa Dunkley & Donna Strachan special focus).

  2. A breakfast program (Juliet McFarlane - NE Chapter Alumni President’s special focus for current term).  Additional discussions to be had with Ms. Chin-Loy.

  3. Linking Classquest to Facebook as a means to keep individuals informed of what is happening.  Mr. Aarons will forward information relating to school activities so that the information can be posted on Classquest and other forms of social media.

  4. Getting a wider cross-section of past students to participate in career week that will now be concentrated on the grade eight students prior to them deciding their career path.

  5. Obtaining an email listing of each graduating class so that the Alumni can begin communication with them before the even graduate.

  6. Getting all Alumni groups to work together.  Discussions held with Mrs. Pancho to see how this can be achieved.

  7. Alumni representative on the School Board.


 If there is anything that was omitted please let me know.  Thanks again and we will be in touch.




Gary Ridguard


Treasurer - Dunoon Technical High School Alumni Association NE Chapter


Message From The Office Of The Treasurer - Gary Ridguard

Statement Of Activities:  July 2016 - February 2017

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