Take a trip with us down memory lane...this photo album will capture some of the true essence of the great times we all had at Dunoon! Check us out!!!
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Exhausted after a long day... (recognize them?)
Di Dread and Mr. Cool...(Recognise them?)
"The Fox mek a ketch!! Does he really hope to get away?" REMEMBER: When "THE FOX" was the Judge, Jury and Prosecutor? (Guess what he did?) "YES" (His tie was too long!!) THOSE WHERE THE DAYS .....
Friends for Life
Diane, Lema
Were you ever in a HURRY and getting NOWHERE? (Donna)
Just Chilling!!! (Donna and Yvette)
Wayne W.Willis Mr. Cool Himself
Yvette and Kids (Tajiri and Raquel) SPENDING SOME QUALITY TIME TOGETHER !!
Dunoon Past Students Ass. Retreat 1996 & 1997. with the likes of a now "big" Keith Steele as President, Hoffman Grant - Strategic Planner, Patrick Harrison - VP & Jennifer Reid - Secretary. Those days were fun!!
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