Take a trip with us down memory lane...this photo album will capture some of the true essence of the great times we all had at Dunoon! Check us out!!!
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Another year Netball Champion 1992. Luxury Camp in Ocho Rios
1992 Netball Champion once again
My graduation 1988
All Island Champion 95 Front Row: left-right:Natty Morgan (natty) Makeba Rodney (blacka) Carlene Gibbs (ratty) Middle Row: Stephanie Duffus (scribe) Suzette Campbell (yardie) Anieka Richards(sleepy) Taneisha Senior(china doll) Back Row: Nadine
the best dunnon student ever from ms 10-11 1989
ms 11 ,1988 big up to all dunoon student present and the pass but ms 11 student 1988 was outstanding
the best dunnon student ever from ms 10-11 1988,big up to all student but we were outstanding and may god bless dunoon and everyone who is ther now....nuff respect
Michelle Baker
Sports Day 1982
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