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Dunoon Technical High School - Our History

Dunoon technical High School is located in East Kingston, 8 Cawley Road, Kingston 2 - on a piece of land formerly known as Dunoon Park or the Old Wembly Sports Ground.

The school was established on November 1st, 1979 but on November 8th 1979 it opened its doors to the first batch of 331 students.  The school was jointly builted by the Government of Jamaica and the World Bank.  The school is government owned and is co-educational.

Dunoon Technical High School exists for the purpose of providing paramount education for its students.  An education, that acts as a springboard for the world's workforce, life-long learning and for life in general.  Through high standard curricular, extra-curricular, and community activities each student can develop leadership qualities, positive attitudes, as well as realizing their creative potential and other extraordinary aptitudes.

Our first principal was Mrs L Madge Facey, who after performing stupendous leadership and guidance retired in 1984.  Our current principal is Ms Geraldine Authers who serves with two Vice-Principal Mr Leroy McKenzie and Mr. Shawn Aaron.

My association with Dunoon Tech

As an athlete of Morant Bay High School in 1979, I remember going to Dunoon at some poit around 1980-81 and loving the fact that the school was new and looked clean and well. I was taken there by the coach of MBHS for what I can't recall.

In later years I went there, around 2000-2001 to observe some of my students training to be P.E. Teachers while I was working at Shortwood Teachers' College in the P.E. Department. I found myself still admiring the school and actually wanted to work there

All the best for the future. Continue to do a great job at shaping a beautiful Jamaica.

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