40th Reunion Weekend
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Fall 2011: Trying to answer the question: "Do you think anyone would come to a 40th reunion?" (Greg Malone, Val Korbel Malone, Roxanne Murphy Martin, Pat Kehr, Peggy McNeill-Carter, Pete Johnson, Jana Larson, Dawn Dunklee Rennich
Reunion Week has started!!!!!!!
Katherine Curren PM Kindergarten
Westview Elementary - Kindergarten
How many can you identify?
Here is another group from Glen Lake Elem.
How many of these 4th graders from Glen Lake can you identify?
Now, 6th Grade at Glen Lake!
The days before "electronic spell checking"!
How many of these advertisers are still in business?
Favorite place
Commerce in Glen Lake!
Wrestling Cheerleaders
Tom Mohr crowned Homecoming King
John Purdum in Wizard of Oz Variety Show! Is that Jim Couling as Tin Man?
Jane Robinson as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz
Tom Mohr, Homecoming King
State (?) Swim Meet, 11th Grade
Variety Show
Jim Couling, Tin Man in "The Wizard of Oz"
Cheerleaders, Football game
Optimist awards
Lindbergh Bumper Sticker
The Wizard of Oz program
Wizard of Oz program, p. 2
Wizard of Oz program, p. 3
Wizard of Oz program, p. 4
Graduation Program
Graduation Program, p. 2
Graduation Program, p. 3
Graduation Program, p. 5
Graduation Program, last page
A terrifying photo!
Eugenie Tsai
John Brandenborg getting ready to bat. (You're only in the gym John!)
Sadie Hawkins!
Our one year together – in the same building, anyway. Split Shift with Mods! (Kind of doubt the district could get away with it these days)
Dan Nelson, Jr. Quarterback
Dan Nelson, Improved Lindbergh team
Todd Alwin gives chase!
"Southern Trib-une", South Junior High, February 10, 1967
South Junior High, March 17, 1967
South Junior High, May 19, 1967
"Western Front", West Jr. High, 2/14/69 Featuring Debbie Elander working on science project!
West Jr. High 3/11/69 Shawn Jarvis and Barb Lundberg with their hands in the money!
Back Page, 3/11/69 Shawn Jarvis will be featured in our Reunion program tonight. Don't miss it!!!
Western Front, 5/29/69
Western Front, 5/29/69 (Back Cover) John Martinson and Tim Smith's athletic skills identified early by Division I schools!
2 Columns in Western Front, 5/29/69, West Jr. High. How have they done to retain these "attributes" today?
John Klancke at Golf Club
Todd Alwin at Golf Club
Debbie (Day) Sullivan, Doug Jamison, Greg Malone and Buz Essel at reunion
Debbie Day and Shawn Jarvis at reunion
Mary Anderson and Laurie Kuipers at reunion
Mary (Anderson) Bendzick and Laurie (Kuipers) Saari at reunion
Beth (Olson) Rodriguez and Chip Walters at reunion
Dan Nelson at reunion (Dave and Laurie Saari in background looking at school memorabilia.)
Flyer's vs. Warrior's Golf Champions! Craig and LuAnne Johnson are showing some of their golf mojo during the Saturday golf outing. They were in a Flyer's foursome with Barbara Hopperstad and Scott Anderson that placed first place!
A WHOLE gang of tormentors (of little boys)!
Jim Rodness with two Westview elementary school tormentors: Denise Dennison (Hamlin) and Dana Sheehan (Johnson).
West 9th Grade Halloween party: Connie Brush and Barb Eck (?) Who can identify the rest?
West 9th grade Halloween: John Weiser, Janna Larson (?), Nancy Caine (?), John Brandenburg, Debbie Day, Chip Walters, Pete Aubrecht (?), Jackie Longwell, Carol Brunzell, Twylla Erickson, Dawn Dunklee and ?
All you German fans: here are pictures of our ninth grade variety show, with Todd Alwin as the Bösewicht and dancing Dan Nelson and Pete Aubrecht!
West 9th grade German skit: Todd Alwin, Kirk Meintsma, Gail Karash, Kyle Maser, Ruth Thiede, Deb Mc Gowan, Dan Nelson, Twylla Erickson, and Shawn Jarvis on the floor. Teacher: Frau Spar
West 9th grade German skit: Todd Alwin, Dan Nelson, and the train! Shawn's still on the floor...
West 9th Grade German skit: Pete Aubrecht, Ruth Thiede, Shawn Jarvis and Dan Nelson
The Keebler Elves, aka Pete Aubrecht and Dan Nelson doing the Schuhplattler in the German skit. Shawn Jarvis twirls away in the background looking for cookies.
Todd Alwin manhandles Shawn Jarvis
Hopkins Girls Hockey Team Class of '72. How many team members can you name?
Well I imagine this has all been painted over by now, but we tried to leave our mark. (And no, we didn't beat up Brenda Carmichael, she had an accident).Top row - Steve Barnier, Galen Schrick, Johanna Ashkar ('73), Todd Carlson; middle - Connie Merrill, Me
old friends
Laurie (Kuipers) Saari, Susie (Schwartzman) Simon, Barb (Apple) Sullivan, Mary (Conover) McMahon. Great folks (minus the old man@)
1972 Lindbergh Cheerleader Squad
9th or 10th grade photos--embracing the digital world! I've been going through old photos and found these. Anybody know what school year? ?, Pete Aubrecht, Debby Day, Carol Bronson
More 9th or 10th grade photos: Dawn Dunklee, Sue Stransky, Tom Greene, Chip Walters
More 9th or 10th grade photos: Connie Brush, Nancy Caine, Twylla Erickson, Lisa Thompson
Todd Alwin, Pete Johnson, Dan Nelson, John Brandenborg
7th grade photos: Jim Tagney, Nancy Caine, ? Eugenie Tsai
1967--?, ?, Leslie Iverson, Jody Laughlin--sorry can't recognize others from that far back!
1967 school photos: Dawn Dunklee, Barb Olson, Chris Alstad, Joann Hondlik
More 7th/8th/9th grade photos: Barbie Olson, Lori Johnson, Laurie Palm, Carol Bronson
7th/8th/9th grade photos Eugenie Tsai, Mary Anderson, Jackie Longwell, Debbie Elander (but maybe it's Mary's graduation photo.)
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