45th Photo Album Reunion Weekend
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Two fun days!

Lots of laughter, stories, conversations about health issues, familiar faces (well, at least names) and many memories!


Special thanks to our photographer, Allen Taylor Photography, www.taylorperspectives.com

Thanks to Mainstreet Bar & Grill for hosting our group!
Pat Kehr's wife Sue was welcomed with hugs and tears. Pat was there in spirit!
Steve Jensen, Pete Johnson, Dan Makey
Bob Munson, Tom Greene
After Minnetonka CC closed, we found a great choice close by!
Welcome Team! Jana Larson, Mary (Armajani) Peters, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich, Roxanne (Murphy) Martin
We miss our classmates who are deceased.
Rick and Cookie Hosfield
Lou Quinn, Patty Raymond
Allyson (Ronbeck) Weber, Dan Swanson, Jana Larson
Patty Raymond, Dan Makey
Peggy (McNeill) Carter, Tom Greene
Jim Robinson, Joan (Jondahl) Carter, Linda Reinhardt, Pat Lezinger
Jim Robinson, Joan (Jondahl) Carter
Jack Donnellan, Peter Johnson, Larry Janke
Jan Larson, Roxanne (Murphy) Martin, Barbara Barnhart, Brenda (Carmichiel) Anderson
Carol Brunzell, Randi Rood, Shawn Jarvis
Marilyn Reichman, Robert Reichman, Maureen (Russett) Sandgren, Maureen (Russett) Sandgren, Carol (Kirchgessner) Boole
Allyson (Ronbeck) Weber, Sher (Bennis) Van Fossan, Brenda (Ehrlichmann) Ferrens, Mike Bronkala, John Klancke, John Kallas, Micki ("Flash" Behring) Kallas
Peggy (McNeill) Carter, Patty Raymond, Kathy Reynolds, Susan Buchholz, Debbie Land, David Lang, Mike Persons, Dan Pernula
Tom Thaxton, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich
Jana Larson
Dan Tupper, Cindy Monturiol, Marilyn Reichman
Mike Bronkala, Jim Olson, Lori (Johnson) Olson
Mike, Jim, Lori
Lori (Johnson) Olson, Mikce Bronkala, Jim Olson
Roxanne (Murphy) Martin, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich, Mary (Armajani) Peters, Jana Larson
Susan Buchholz, Beth (Olsen) Rodriguez, Roger Harvey
Joan (Jondahl) Carter, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich
Mary (Armajani) Peters, Tom Thaxton
Jon Kilgore, Val (Korbel) Malone
Val (Korbel) Malone, Greg Malone, Ann "Roseborough) Kilgore
Shawn Jarvis, Ray Olson ("Shawn, you're absolutely positive those German classes were necessary?")
Greg Malone, Linda Reinhardt, Ann (Roseborough) Kilgore
Jon Kilgore, Kirk Meintsma
Patty Raymond, Tom Greene, Randi Rood, Carol Brunzell
Randi Rood, Carol Brunzell
Sue (Stransky) Lawrence
Scott Walcker, Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson
Mary (Conover) McMahon, Laurie (Kuipers) Saari
Val (Korbel) Malone, Kirk Meinstma, Roxanne (Murphy) Martin
Brenda (Ehrlichmann) Ferrens, Greg Malone
Jim Olson, Lori (Johnson) Olson, Dan Nelson
Tom Greene, Susie (Schwartzman) Simon
Jim Olson, Dave Saari, Lori (Johnson) Olson, Rick Hosfield, Barb (Apple) Sullivan, Vickie (Swanson) Vogel
Brett Johnson, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich, Paul Stang, Carol Stang
Susan Buchholz, Kathy Reynolds
Mike Bronkala
Jim Robinson, Paul Romportl
Jim Robinson, Paul Romportl
Jim Robinson, Paul Romportl
Jim Robinson, Paul Romportl
Jon Kilgore, Ann Kilgore
Allysoin (Ronbeck) Weber., Bob Weber, John Kallas, Micki (Behring) Kallas
Jana Larson, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich
Jana Larson, Shawn Jarvis, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich
Jana Larson, Shawn Jarvis, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich
Jana Larson, Shawn Jarvis, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich
Dan Nelson, Peter Johnson
Dan Nelson, Peter Johnson
Dan Nelson, Coach Wayne King, Peter Johnson
Patty Raymond, Dan Swanson
Patty Raymond, Dan Swanson
Shawn Jarvis, Beth (Olsen) Rodriguez
Shawn Jarvis, Beth (Olsen) Rodriguez
Allyson (Ronbeck) Weber, Sher (Bennis) Va Fossan, Mike Bronkala, Brenda (Ehrlichmann) Ferrens, Micki (Behring) Kallas
Allyson (Ronbeck) Weber, Micki (Behring) Kallas
Allyson (Ronbeck) Weber, Micki (Behring) Kallas
Ann (Roseborough) Kilgore, Mary (Armajani) Peters
Pat Leizinger, Dan Makey, Barbara Barnhart
John Kallas, Micki (Behring) Kallas
John Kallas, Micki (Behring) Kallas
John Kallas, Micki (Behring) Kallas
Barb (Apple) Sullivan, Laurie (Kuipers) Saari, Susie (Schwartzman) Simon, Beth (Olsen) Rodriguez, Lori (Johnson) Olson, Vickie (Swanson) Vogel, Mary (Conover) McMahon
Vickie (Swanson) Vogel, Mary (Conover) McMahon, Roxanne (Murphy) Martin, Laurie (Kuipers) Saari
Kirk Meinstma (See you at 50th!)
THANKS FOR A FUN NIGHT! Roxanne (Murphy) Martin, Peter Johnson, Dawn (Dunklee) Rennich, Mary (Armajani) Peters, Jana Larson, Tom Greene, Mike Bronkala
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