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Memorial Service for John Bolla

We just learned John (Jack) passed away last week.

Memorial service 12 noon, Friday, August 23, 2019 Thomson-Dougherty Mansion, 2535 Park Avenue, Minneapolis.

Visitation at 11:30am.

Thoughts from Bruce McFarland

How true, who knew?

Time has passed so quickly since the early 70's when endless horizons seemed so real. As Solomon said life is like an exhalation, it quickly rises and disapears.

Another notice of a classmates passing arrived in my Inbox today saddend me and at the same time I found myself reflecting on all those I recognize and also those I do not paging thu the "In Memory". Some passed away during the bloom of youth and early adulthood, when lifes stories should begin and not end, others thru tragedy or ill health and disease.

My father left our family when I was 12, so most days before or after school I was working, which left little time for play or other things.

Now that we are in the "Autumn" of life my hope is that we enjoy this period: the "colors, crisp air, reflective walks, meditating on life, pulling "weeds" if necessary so that friends and family can enjoy this "season" of our lives along with us.

Maybe its not too late "to save a little time in a bottle."


(I apologize for any typos. Lesson for me is do not use cell phone speech to text b4 proofreading for errors, and do not post in haste)  :-)


Bruce McFarland
Tim Bevins

Tim Bevins obituary posted In Memory section.

In order to celebrate his life, the family is foregoing a funeral and having a big ole party with the wine and people that Tim loved. The celebration will be held at Paustis Wines on March 9 from 1-5 pm. In honor of his committment to the Always Lucy Strong Foundation, there will be a fundraiser to show Tim’s dedication to the idea of “because moments matter.”

Paustis Wines: 17300 Medina Road, #100, Plymouth, MN


Kenley Merrill
Hello from Gwen (Ziemer) Sams

Hi Everyone, I'm Gwen (Ziemer) Sams, Lindbergh class of 1972.

I read all of your posts and have to chuckle at some of the memories.

I've never been to a reunion, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next.

I live in Hayward, WI now, but this was my 37th move.

Would love to hear from some of you!

Jim Schwich's Celebration of Life

A celebration of Jim’s life will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019, 1:00pm, Leslie Community Church, Osakis, MN.

Obituary posted Jim in "In Memory" pages.

Great photo!

It’s nice to see school friends still get together.

My mother in law is 88 & she still sees classmates (5) from kindergarten!

I meet friends from the seventies every other month

Take care, you all look great! Connie

Connie Merrill
Viking Get Together

Assuming this smiling image was taken before the game began.

For all those Viking fans.... Yes we are looking forward to 2019.


Happy New Year

Robert Leeds
Happy New Years, Gents.

Thanks for the picture and fond memories it produced. 

Jon Strom
Lindbergh Teammates

A few football teammates gathered to cheer on the Vikings (unsuccessful) and embellish some memories (successful)!

Back Row: Terry Timm, Bob Goodfellow, Mark Thoeny, Chip Walters

Middle: Pete Johnson, Todd Alwin, John Klancke

Front: Dan Nelson, Tom Greene, Harris White

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Hope you enjoy a terrific 2019!

Steve Iverson Obituary

Steve Iverson passed away on October 17, 2018.

Kenley Merrill
Gregg Paulson's Obituary

Gregg's obituary has been added to his memorial in the "In Memory" section.

A Celebration of Life will be held on October 23 at 1pm at St. David Episcopal Church, 13000 St Davids Rd., Minnetonka. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Alcoholics Anonymous, Ducks Unlimited or any charity of your choice to honor Gregg.

(Again, if you have an addiction or know another classmate who does, PLEASE ask for help! Let's not lose another classmate to this deadly disease.)

Chip Walters
Gregg Paulson's Service

Gregg brought a lot of laughter to many! Come celebrate his life.

There will be a service for Gregg on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 1:00pm at St. David's Episcopal Church, 13000 St. Davids Road, Minnetonka.

Great message Chip, thank you so much.

Connie Brush
Brett's Funeral

A couple of us had the privilage to represent the Class of '72 at Brett Stangeland's funeral on Sunday. Great memories, stories, hugs and tears! The family would like you to know how much they appreciate all the classmates and friends who added to Brett's life.

The family also hurts. Deeply. A daughter without a dad. A baby grandson Brett had not yet met. A grieving mom, sister, brother and others.

In their pain, they also hope Brett's story can help others. Maybe you. If you or anyone close to you has an addiction or negative grip on your life, there is hope and help. Lots of effective resources available. Brett chose to take it on by himself. He lost. The outcome can be very different for you.

So in recognition of Brett, if it is you, accept someone's offer to help (I'll do what I can to help!). Or push hard to get help for that friend/relative. Addicts become very adept at disguising their addiction. Lean harder into their lives. It may prevent another premature funeral.

Miss you Brett!

Chip and Friends

Update on Brett's Memorial Service

Here is some more information on Brett's memorial service this Sunday, September 30.

Friends may call at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, 1101 Genesee Street, Delafield, WI on Sunday. A Memorial Service will be held in the Noble Victory Memorial Chapel on the Academy's grounds at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, September 30.


Chip Walters
Will miss you Stinger!

Thanks for being a good friend when I really needed one!!

Funeral service for Brett Stangeland, Sunday, September 30, 2018, St. John's Military Academy, Delafield, WI, 2:30pm.

You can send note/remembrance to Gail Stangeland:

*Addictions can isolate people from society. If you know anyone (classmate, friend, family member, whoever) with an addiction, do not be a passive "onlooker". Step in and help them. Be a friend. See they get help. Any push-back will not be nearly as bad as the feeling of after it is too late, having done nothing. If you have an addiction, ask for help. It does not need to define your future!

Chip Walters
Celebration of Life for Gary Minion

Saturday, May 12, 1-4pm

9239 W. 22nd Lane, Minneapolis, MN

Please come join us to celebrate the life of Gary. This will be an opportunity to remember all the good Gary brought into our lives, how much he made us laugh, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

A light lunch will be provided, with some snacks. If you'd like to bring something to share, that would be greatly appreciated but not required.

No alcohol will be provided, though you are welcome to bring some if you'd like. If you do bring drinks, they politely ask that you drink responsibly.


This celebration is open to all family and friends. Cynthia, Adam, Noah, David, and Bobby would love to celebrate Gary's life with all of you!


For those of you in town, there is an impromptu gathering on Wednesday, Dec. 27 at the Gold Nugget in Glen Lake!

Drinks, stories (true and embellished) and lots of CHEER to bring in the New Year!

5pm to??? 

Stop by if you can!

45th Reunion Photos!

*UPDATE: We are having a problem with link to photos from Friday and Saturday events.

As soon as issue resolved we will post on website.  Sorry for the delay!




Fundraising Golf Event

Dear Classmates:


It was great to see a lot of you Saturday night at our 45th reunion!  Thanks go out to the organizing committee for a well planned event!

John Kallas
Hi Guys

Sorry I won't make it this time again, but I hope you all have a great time.

I'm going to try to make it to the 50th, if we have one. I'm interested to see some of you.

Best Wishes,

Curt Petersen

Curt Petersen
Teddi Wall will be missed

I know this happened last year but I just found out.  Teddi was a awesome lady and a true friend in our high school days.  I loved being around her.  We had a lot of fun.
We saw our 1st concert together, it was the Doors in Mpls.  We were in the summer after 9th grade.   We hung out a lot on and off and when we graduated I moved to Colorado and only spoke with her maybe 1 time.  But she was a inspiration to Me and kept me on track. The world will miss this beautiful woman!

Tim Russell
My Childhood Best Friend, Cathy Bertelson

I will miss Cathy greatly!!! We had so much fun skating on the Minnehaha Creek behind her house. We loved playing board games together and collecting Magic Markers. I love to organize and it was so fun to clean her closet with her. She was a wonderfully unique friend, that I will never forget!!! Sincerely, PITZA, Karlene Burrell in Denver

Karlene Dawson
Catherine Bertelson Remembered

Cathy Bertelson passed away March 7, 2017 in a car accident near her home in Ellensburg, WA.  She will be missed.  She is survived by her son Chris (21).  Thank you Laura Mienhardt for letting us know.


Mr. Kjos

For those who remember Mr. Kjos, I'm saddened to report that he died suddenly Saturday night at his winter home in Texas.

Many of us remember him as our Physical Ed teacher at South Junior High and Hopkins Eisenhower.

Mike has been my neighbor and friend for 50 years. He was a wonderful, kind man with a booming voice and passion for sports and the outdoors.

He is survived by his wife Barb, son's Bret and Ryan and several Grand Children.

Please remember Mike and his family in your prayers.


Jim Robinson    Class of 72


James Robinson
45th Class Reunion

Another 5 years have come and gone.  Time to get together again.  45th Reunion is planned for July 15th 2017 at the Edina Country Club.  Details to follow

Pat . . .

From those of us who dearly loved you and there are MANY, you will be truly missed!

St. Patrick's day will never be the same for me. (For those who did not know Pat well . . . his birthday was St. Patrick's Day.)

We love you and miss you my dear friend!


peggy mcneill carter

Rest in peace pat....he was a good friend of mine in junior high and high school..such a friendly and uplifting person..always cheery and joking around..he will be missed and remembered...jackie walsh

Jaqueline Longwell
We'll miss you Pat

I joined IHM much later and only knew Pat through HS.

I'm so sorry to hear of his passing at such a young age. He and the rest of the team had put together such a great 40th Reunion party.

We'll toast him and other classmates at our next reunion.


Scott Anderson
Next Reunion

When is our next reunion? Many THANKS to all the previous and current organizers!!!

Karlene Burrell (formerly Pitza Dawson, who moved to Colorado my
Pat Kehr's Passing

I am so sorrowful to hear of Pat's passing this Memorial Day weekend. I'm so grateful to have seen him in person at our last high sghool reunion. I'm so sad I can't affort to fly to his funeral this Thursday, as my, sister,Mar, is a good friend of his sister, Sheila!!! I will be there in SPIRIT with ALL of you that attend his funeral on Thursday!!!

Karlene Burrell (formerly Pitza Dawson, who moved to Colorado my
Pat Kehr ~ Celebration of Life Service June 2, 2016

Pat's service will be held at Faith Presbyterian Church on Thursday at 4:00 with an hour visitation before the service. 
Faith Presbyterian Church 
12007 Excelsior Blvd, 
Minnetonka, MN 55343

Gathering immediately following the service at Holly's house, Pat's sister for stories, food and toasts to Pat. Green encouraged to be part of the day!

Dawn Dunklee
A friend for life

We met in 3rd grade at IHM and remained best of friends to his last day.  A happy soul. A friend to many. A brother to me.  Mike

Mike Canning
Remembering Pat.

So sorry to hear about Pat. He was one of the old IHM kids I met in 1959 and we went through 6 grades together. Although not  close in the last 40+ years, I will remember him fondly. I know he was instumental in helping coordinate our 40 year class reunion. Thanks Pat. R.I.P.

John Armstrong
Miss you Pat Kehr!!!!

Many missing you today Pat!

You made our class and each of us better.

Heidi Ann Lager Dec. 19, 1953 to Oct.13, 2015

Please remember my dearest friend, Heidi Lager, Lindberg Class of 1972.  Heidi passed away on October 13, 2015 in Escondido, Ca.  I have not seen Heidi since our 20th reunion, but we did our best to keep in touch since graduation.  She earned a bachelors degree in English and loved to write.  She was a gifted artist and pianist. 

We were the silliest teenagers ever!  I will always remember our 12 day wilderness canoe trip in Canada and those bears!  There were those English horseback riding lessons she talked me into, "".  I still have the tie dyed overalls and leather moccasins we bought downtown.  Wonderful memories.


She is survived by her sister, Cindy Lager and father, Maynard Lager of Escondido.  Love you Heidi!!!!

Mary McLean
Sad News

Jeff Thon Passed away this past May.  Obit. is on the Memory page.

RIP David

David "Whitey" Nelson passed away early this morning with his daughters and ex-wife and still soulmate Terry at his side.  He outkicked the coverage for months holding off bone cancer. We had a nice bedside memorial this morning at the hospice.

We will plan a celebration of his life soon!


March 27, 2014

Dan Nelson
Link to Buzzer Beater

Video Link below:


March 14, 20014

Thomas Greene
Hopkins Hoops is ESPN-Sports Center's Top Play

Sweet seeing the run Hopkins gets on ESPN for top plays for Coffey's 2/3rd court buzzer beater - - - Rock on Royals Flyers and Warriors!!!


March 14, 2014

Dan Nelson
RIP Cindy Tharinger Lindbergh class of 72

Cindy passed away on Nov 21st, 2013

God Bless you Cindy,

Prayers from all your friends and classmates to your family.

Sad News on David

Whitey is being admitted to hospice of Our Lady of Peace in St. Paul today. His health went to hell in a hurry with prostate-bone cancer in the last half year.

I had a great visit with him and we talked about our Burwell-Mtka Mills days, junior highs and high schools and our time together at the U of M in the Delt House fraternity that was nicknamed the Hopkins House due to many of us from Berrytown . . . later that day, His frat brothers saluted him at the Gopher-Badger football game.

Warrior prayers for Whitey!

Whitey reminds us guys to get your prostate checked regularly.

Dan Nelson
Jim Couling

Great video and reminder from Greg.

I remember those bus rides thru Sherwood Forest from Oak Knoll to Cedar Lake Road where we lived.

Lots of fun people on that bus . . .  including Jim, Greg, Tom Mohr and many others.



Susan (Susie) Welch
Jim Couling Remembrance

Here is another short video message from the gathering celebrating Jim's life which includes a comment from our classmate Greg Malone. Greg offers some great advice for all of us:  If you learn of a classmate who has an illness or needs help, please share it with us.

Remembering Jim Couling

For those of you who knew Jim Couling, you might enjoy looking at the links.
Classmate and close friend, Tom Greene, organized a special gathering the other night to celebrate Jim's life.

This is a photo link:

Here are two YouTube videos from the evening:

Here is the slide show that was shown during the gathering for Jim:
(You will need to type in the password: couling)

While it is always sad to say good-bye to a classmate, it is another reminder for all us not to wait until "tomorrow" to track down and reconnect with an old friend, or for many, even a family member.

We miss you Jim!

Jim Couling's Tribute Wall link 

Dean Daniels
Jim Couling

Didn't make it to the reunion to see Jim, but I do remember him from school. Always the quiet one.  R.I.P. Jim.  Prayers to his family and friends.

Nancy Robinson
Friends of Jim Couling

Classmates and friends are gathering to celebrate Jim Couling’s life!
THURSDAY, February 28, 6:00pm in Private Banquet Room at Gold Nugget.
14401 Excelsior Blvd., Minnetonka (In Glen Lake.)

Jim passed away from a heart attack on December 28.
Please stop by to lift a toast and share memories of Jim.

Bring a PHOTO or write a memory!
We will compile them in an album and give to Jim’s family.

(If you are unable to attend but would like to include a note in the album, post it here on the Message Board and we will add them.)

Let’s get a great turnout on Feb. 28 to remember a great guy!

Jim Couling Passing

So sorry to hear of Jim's passing - it was good to have had a few words with him during the reunion.

He was so happy to be there!

Dean Daniels
Learning German

Oh my; like Pam, that first dialogue is truly etched in my brain!  I was missing the last three lines I guess...

Shawn, so sorry to hear about the passing of your sister.  You indeed lost a part of yourself.

Catherine Bertelson
Michelle Jarvis dies at 61


For those of you who knew my sister Michelle (aka Mitzie): she died on December 20 of ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis, at the U of MN hospital waiting for a lung transplant. The service will be later--I will post.

Wishing you all health in the New Year,

Shawn Jarvis

Shawn Jarvis
Amazing German skills!

Thanks to all of you who remembered our old dialogues (Tom and Pam!). The only line I can remember is "Wer ist denn das dort drüben?" I still have the old packet of dialogues and exercises and show it to my grad students how we learned languages!

Herzlichen Dank!


Shawn Jarvis
9th grade german dialogue

Shawn!  The dialogue if forever etched in my mind. Please forgive spelling errors.

Guten Tage, Luiza! Wie geht's?

Danke Gut! Und dir?


Wer is den das da druben?

Er heisst Paul. Willst du ihn kennelernen?

Guten Tag LuIIIza!


dialogue 2:

Kommst du mit in die Bibliotek?

Geht's du jetzt dohrtin?

Ja! Ich muss ein buch holen.


As I said, I've forgotten how to spell!  By the way, I'm the other person in the train!  Pam Gmitro (Ursella)

Pam Gmitro
It made me feel young again!

Thanks to all who organized this great night.  Great seeing everyone again.  Hoping to keep in touch. 

Debbie McGowan

Deborah McGowan
Where was Terry Schleif?

Please email or text this party pooper!!! Boy did he miss the boat!

Terry Schleif:


Jon Strom
Who Are These people???

Looks like a wonderful evening, wish I could have been there too!

These pictures are great, but I don't know who anybody is!!

Any chance names and captions will be forthcoming?

Congratulations to the organizing crew, from the looks of it, you

hit a home run!

Julie Carlson

Julie Carlson
I need a 40.25 reunion

I just can not believe what a wonderful event this was for me and Lynnie. She said she has NEVER met so many wonderful people. My feelings exactly. For all of you who made that happen, I am forever in your debt!! Thank you, thank you. I am sorry for not being able to talk to everyone. It went way to fast. We just arrived back in Colorado and Lynnie said while we were on final, "My how brown and colorless is Colorado". I am feeling the same right now. Come and visit an old man sometime!

Jon Strom
My recollection of our first 9th grade german dialog

Guten tag Reiner, wie gehts?

Danke gut, un dir?


Unsere plattenspieler ist kaput

Oh, das ist aber shade

Thomas Greene
Fixed youtube address: See yourselves from 1969-1972
Some classmates have contacted me about not being able to see the slideshows/music from yearbooks and newspapers in two slideshows I set to the hit songs of the years and put on youtube., so here are some corrections and directions if you need some computer help (we've all been there). The first slideshow is 5 min and covers sophomore year at HHS and the second is 10 min long and covers 1971-72 LHS only. Copy and paste into your browser,
one address at a time, starting with the http and thru the end of the first set of letters, for example  and then hit Enter button on your computer. Would love you to enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Please contact me with any tech issues and I'll try to get you through it.

Really loved seeing so many of you at the bar and country club after decades, super job organizers!

Jill Olmsted, Washington, D.C.

Jill Olmsted
Correct photo, after 40 years!

Somehow the yearbook committee put the wrong 12 grade photo of me in the yearbook.  I remember being so shocked to see the wrong one. But only I would even notice. So, I've got the right one is now in this website.  40 years later, it's corrected.

Was sorry to miss out on the fun at the reunion:(  Loving the photos of it--please keep them coming.  I'll be coming to MN the end of Aug., to see some of you!  Can't wait!

Cindy Austin (Ryden)

Cindy Ryden
To all those people in German!

I've posted a number of pictures of us from our ninth grade class with Frau Spar (anybody remember her?). Anybody remember the dialogue??

Shawn Jarvis
To A GREAT Class Of People

To all; These past 5 months have been allot of fun.  Too bad it has to end so quickly.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know better a great group of people.  I want to thank all of you for making this reunion a great success!! My hope that you all had a great time and had an opportunity to connect with people you have not seen or heard from for a long time and that you continue to stay in touch with each other in the coming years. 

The good thing about the end of this is, that I will be able to devote more of my time to a long held dream to pursue the improvement of water quality in our rivers, lakes, and streams. ( My new Company )  Wish me luck!! Stay in touch and keep updating your profile as your lives change.  See you in 2017.

Peace and Happiness to all;

Mike Bronkala

Mike Bronkala

Thank you reunion organizers for all your hard work to make a great 40th reunion!  The night went way too fast!  Did I hear something about a 50th?  We will really need our graduation photo ID's then!!

I want to wish everyone all the best, good health and happiness.   

Kay Rose (Bauman)

Kay Bauman

It was a great time - I was amazed how many I remembered on sight alone (without the yearbook photo)! It turns out (as I expected) that my strongest memories & friendships were all from the Westview Elementary and North Junior High years - the school split and modular scheduling really limited the opportunity for new engagements unless you were in one of the after school clubs or activities. The reunion was an opportunity to re-fire with some old faces and engage with many I only knew in passing (or fighting). A 'super kudos' to the organizers for allowing plenty of time to TALK & ENGAGE with others without the usual re-hash presentations I hear about at other reunions! THIS was truly a reunion to covet! I'll keep working on my knee rehab so I can do the GOLF next time - at the 45th!

Dean Daniels
See yourselves on youtube as we were in 1969-1972

See yourselves from yearbooks and newspapers in two slideshows I set to the hit songs of the years and put on youtube. Just copy the url into your browser (use letters from after the = sign), the first is 5 min and the second is 10 min long. 

1969-70 HHS= 
1971-72 LHS=

Really loved seeing so many of you at the bar and country club after decades, super job organizers!

Jill Olmsted, Washington, D.C.



Jill Olmsted
Flyer's vs. Warrior's Golf Champions

Craig and LuAnne Johnson are showing some of their golf mojo during the Saturday golf outing (See photo in Photo Album.). They were in a Flyer's foursome with Barbara Hopperstad and Scott Anderson that placed first in the battle between the Ike Warriors and the Lindbergh Flyers.

Craig expressed his surprise after hearing about their victory and said "We were just having Fun"!

Scott Anderson
Thank You!

Scott and I want to again tell everyone who worked on putting together this reunion what an outstanding job they did and how much their hard work is appreciated!  It was a great success and what a great bunch of class mates!  I hope that we can now stay in touch!

Connie Brush
Sometimes family comes first

Sorry I missed the reunion! It sounds like you all had a blast. Please invite me to the 45th or 50th, whichever is next. Hope to meet up with some of you soon-now that we have found each other! Isn't FB grand (at times).

Gaye (Aslesen) Winter

Gaye Aslesen
Great time

A big thanks to everyone who organized the reunion, you did an amazing job. 

Carol Perkins

Carol Perkins
Missed All The Fun

I so wish I could have attended last night but ended up with some health issues and even in ER here in Eagan in my daughter's hometown. I got here late Friday night and wasn't feeling good even then.

Will you not only post photos but statistics, like how many attended (or who), what were some of the memorable moments, what new facts were learned etc.

So will the next one be 50?

Nancy (Little) Joyner

First Reponse to Reunion Question

I attended a 15 yr reunion. I KNOW this was in 1987, because my oldest son was born in 1985, and he was almost 2 at the time of the reunion. He stayed with my folks, and my husband & I brought him helium balloons from the reunion.

It was somewhere in downtown Mpls. in a converted building. Much fun.
That's the only one I attended, so I can't speak for others.

[Downtown Location: International Market Square]

(To post messages here, please use the Message Board" linkj on the left column!)


To all those who attended the epic event on Sat. . . thanks for joining us!!  I KNOW I did not speak to everyone  . . . If I missed you, I am so sorry :(  SEE YA AT OUR 50th  xoxoxo PEG

To my fellow organizers Pat Kehr, Mary Aramajani, Roxanne Murphy, Dawn Dunklee, Jana Larson, Tom Greene, Peter Johnson and my heros Mike Bronkala AND Chip Walters . . . LOVE YOU ALL !!  IT WAS A GRAND SUCCESS :)

Sorry I wasn't there.

I have sincerely enjoyed seeing and hearing from you all again via this website.

Bruce McFarland
Can you settle the reunion debate?

There were a variety of opinions last night on how many reunions our class has held since graduation?

How good is your memory? Who can settle the debate?

No speculation. We are looking for conclusive answers, supported with specifics (year, date, location)!

Bonus points if you can name the Committee Chair for each reunion!


It was over too soon

What a great time seeing everyone on Friday and Saturday. I wish I had been able to spend more time with old friends. Thank you to all the people that organized the party at Minnetonka CC. The food was great and the beer was flowing. All the Best to everyone and lets do it again in 40 years.

John Purdum
Hi to all!

I got to town but ended up with health issues!  Hope everyone had a great time!  Feel free to email me!

Nancy Little Joyner

Nancy Little
Witness Protection and Relocation

I will be unable to attend.

Everyone have fun, and stay safe.

Curt L. Peterson

Curt (Pete) Peterson
Wishing Everyone The Best

OK!!!  Where did Jarvis get the picture of The Wizard of Oz?

You all are going to have such a great time this week-end!!  I will be thinking of you all . . . .  big hugs to each of you!!

God Bless!

Jane Robinson Neidenfeuhr (aka Dorothy)

Jane Robinson
More Photos

Paul Tower has posted a bunch of pictures taken at Lindbergh during the 71 and 72 school years on a WordPress blog.  The link is  Be prepared to spend a long time getting through all of them.  Great memories!

Evelyn Andrs
H.S. Romances

R.Greg Malone and Val Korbel Malone just celebrated our 35th anniversary in June!

Val Korbel
Shawn Jarvis as mastered her scanner!

Check out all the photos she posted on Photo Album!

Greetings from Ghana!

Dear Classmates,

This is to wish you a really fun weekend! I had hoped to attend, but sadly, circumstances dictate otherwise -- I was in New York last week for a 2-day meeting just after the 4th of July holiday, but had to fly back home to Ghana due to work-related matters.

I'm glad to hear there are plans to maintain this website; it's an amazing resource for all of us; and since I plan to return to the US later on this year, it will help me to inform classmates about my arrival, etc.

All the very best (and yes, I'm jealous that I won't be able to join in the fun)!

Mary-Anne Addo

Mary-Anne Addo
Will we keep this website?

YES!!! We hope to maintain this Class of 1972 website for at least the next five years if we can secure sponsorships.

Classmate Paul Stang has been generous to support this website to this point.

Can you help sponsor this website going forward?

If you would like information on helping sponsor this website, please send us a message using the "Contact us" tab on the left. With your help, we will be able to continue to make this website available to all classmates! Thank you for considering this special opportunity!


New Foursomes:  "Fly Wars Scramble" Deer Run Golf Club, Saturday July 14

Arrive 10:00am (Open Driving Range)

First Tee Time at 11:00am!

Please be prompt and ready for your group to go out!

1)   Pat Leizinger / Mike Dukatz

      Jon Carlson / Tom Wille

2)   Kenley Merrill / Mike Burton

      Steve Haertzen  / John Hazlett

3)   Dan Nelson / Ray Olson

      Todd Alwin / Laure Alwin

4)   Scott Anderson / Barb Hopperstad

      Craig Johnson / Luanne Johnson

5)   Beth (Olsen) Rodriguez / Pete Johnson

      Mary (Anderson) Bendzick / Carol Perkins

6)   Greg Malone / Mike Bronkala

      Dan Pernula / Doug Jamison

7)   Bryan Damerow / Dave Skold

      Dave Burgstahler / Rick Gulickson

8)   John Klancke / Steve Anderson

      Shawn Jarvis / Lynn (Dahlgren) Fergusson

9)   Steven Schmidt / Randy Morgan

      Jeff Thon / Tracy (Rowe) Rolf

10)  Robert Campbell  / Ryan LaCrousiere

      Robert Odden /  Stephen Carlson

11)  Bruce Lanners / Steve Holland

      Mike Houdyshell / Steve Severson

12)  Joe McMahon / Tom Abts



Congratulations John!

You are right . .  it IS a big deal.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments!

I have many fond memories of your dad, Russ, when he did masonry jobs for my dad, Rollie Hallquist.  I especially liked riding in the big dumptruck!

Carol Hallquist
Change of plans

Things come up and plans change. I had all the intentions of making the weekend in Hopkins work out. A couple of weeks ago I found out that I was chosen for the Winona County Fair "Hall of Fame" which is a BIG deal. I will be tied up with the honor thru the weekend and am going to have to bow out of a trip to the big Cities. If interested you can go to Winona County Fair, click on Hall of Fame, click on my picture and get my biography. I wish the best of luck to everyone.

                                       Untill we meet again! :-)

                                             John Martinson


John Martinson
Mini Fly-Wars reunion in 2010

Check out this YouTube link for a preview of fun times reunion-style back in 2010:

Hate to miss out this year - will miss everyone :(

Nancy Caine
music suggestions...

Some music ideas-many evoke specific memories for me!...whole lotta love + living, loving maid(led zeppelin), eight miles high + turn, turn, turn (the byrds), incense and peppermints (strawberry alarm clock), itchycoo park (the small faces), san francisco (scott mckenzie), white rabbit + somebody to love (jefferson airplane), strange days (the doors), it's my life (the animals), your song (elton john), suite: judy blue eyes (crosby, stills, nash),subterranean homesick blues (bob dylan), we ain't got nothin' yet (blues magoos), you really got me (kinks), sunshine of your love + white room (cream), fire and rain (james taylor), cinnamon girl (neil young), purple haze (jimi hendrix).....

kay bauman rose
Larry lost his home :(

God bless you Larry. . . I am so sorry you lost your home in the wild fires.  You are a strong man and you and your wife are safe, that's the MOST important!  You will come back bigger and stronger!


One week ago, on 6/26, the Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado Springs rushed down the mountain into our Mountain Shadows sub-division.  Kim and I got out 10 minutes before a "wave of flames" went over our house and into our neighborhood.  Our house and all the houses in our neighborhood were burned down to the ground.  In all, 346 home were lost that afternoon and evening.

The folks we are staying with went to Lake of the Ozarks for the 4th of July week.  Since we are homeless, Kim and I decided to join them and worry about a house next week.  I also will be attending the reunion.  I'll be easy to spot.  I'll have the cardboard sign with the wording: HOMELESS---NEEDS BEER.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.  Larry Martin 

Larry Martin
Mike Taylor Update

Mike Taylor sends his regrets, he can no longer make it back, he's needs to be home for his son's 7th birthday!

Dan Nelson

Beach Boys, Loving Spoonful, Grass Roots, John Fred and his Playboy Band (Judy in Disguise With Glasses), Blues Image (Ride Captain Ride), Curtis Mayfield, Tommy James and the Shondells, Gary Pucket/Union Gap, Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass, Santana, Seals and Crofts, Four Tops, Left Banke (Walk Away Renee), Dion, O'kaysions (I'm a Girlwatcher), Drifters, Dionne Warrick, Temptations, Dave Clark Five, Four Seasons, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Chicago, Tony Orlando/Dawn, Sergio Mendez/Brasil, Englebert Humperdink, Jackie DeShannon, Alive and Kicking (Tighter, Tighter), Gordon Lightfoot, Vanity Fair (Hitchin' a Ride), Association, Doors, Edison Lighthouse (Love Grows), Gary Lewis/Playboys, Tom Jones, Foundations, Bad Company, Ten Years After, Badfinger, Barry White, Delfonics, Bettye Swan, Bee Gees, Booker T/MGs, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fats Domino, Cowsills, Classics Four, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, Dusty Springfield, Crispin St. Peter, PLUS The Crystals, Franki Valli, Chiffons, Critters, Ronettes, Tommy Roe and Andy Kim (for Shawn Jarvis ;>)...NEED I GO ON and ON? *sigh* so many - I've got them ALL and much more on MP3's but all of various quality but certainly no worse than the static AM-Radio boxes we heard them on! Then of course there is the Big Bands...and Disco (which was yet to erupt shortly after our exit from Lindbergh.

Dean Daniels

I remember struttin between classes in 10th grade to Green Onions by Booker T. and the MG's.  I might add we looked darn good doing it too.  

Steve Carlson

I'm for some dopey songs like "Love Potion Number 9" and "Leader of the Pack:. I'd also like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Brown Eyed Girl", "Wonderful World" (Don't know much about history, don't know much biology, don't know much about a science book, ... But I do know that I love you..."

Shawn Jarvis
music to be played

Anything from the Rolling Stones! if Mick and Keith are still going strong why cant we?  Satisfaction, You cant always get what you want, Wild Horses to name a few!

Tom Dornfeld
Sensory Challenges

Can we request large print on our name tags and lower the volume on the music!!!

Patty Ralph
Music Requests

Keep those memory lane tune requests coming, so far so great! Tom Greene's request for Football locker room music-Credence Clearwater's Born on the Bayou, and Lorri (Owens) Peters recalled Ike's mod change tune by the Beatles, Here Comes the Sun...and Carol Hallquist's request for Crosby Stills and Nash's classic, Teach Your Children Well (How did we do with that with our kids?)

Bonus - Who can top High School Sweathearts (since 9th grade!) Mike Canning and Nancy Caine/Canning?

Dan Nelson

Mike Canning and Nancy Caine - coming up on 39 years!

Val Korbel and Greg Malone - how many years for you guys?

Nancy Caine
Romances - Is that what it is called?

Shelley Tupper ( Arndt ) is celebrating "her" 40th Wedding Anniversary this November.   I may attend  but only because she may happen to be there.  We will just have to see how that goes.

Scott and Connie Congrats..... I always thought you two were as crazy as us. 

Dan Tupper

OUR Hopkins Baseball team got past Wayzata, and is going to state! (remember when the Trojans were cupcakes in the Lake conference sports?) Thursday, June 14th 10am at Midway Stadium. . . .We could not get past Richfield in districts at Parade Stadium, even though we lost we found fond memories!,mn)/baseball/home.htm

Dan Nelson
H.S. Romances

Scott and Connie LaBoda are still together!

Connie Brush
Music for Reunion

Lorri - I remember that!!  And also the Crosby Stills "Teach your children well"

Carol Hallquist
Familiar Music at the Reunion

It was suggested that we request music for the reunions' main event so here's mine.  I'd love to hear "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles, it was played over the intercom system during mod changes at Hopkins Eisenhower and one of my favorites.

Lorri (Owens) Peters
H.S. Romances

Might be fun to find out how many H.S. romances we have in our class. So far, I discovered  that Jon and Ann Kilgore are together, but that's it.  Who else?

Cindy Ryden
Our teachers

Does anyone know anything about any of our teachers?

Cindy Ryden

Cindy Ryden
1972 Lindbergh Yearbook

I lost my yearbook during the 1979 flood in Grand Forks, ND and would love to have one.  Does anyone have a spare or one they would be willing to share/relinquish?  Nancy (Little) Joyner

Nancy Little
Mike Taylor's coming all the way from Destin Florida

I flagged down Mike "Road Dog" Taylor, and he's coming!

Mike and I have a gas recalling the Ike - Lindbergh football game our senior year. I got to look into Mike's special revved up eyes, he at Middle Linebacker and me at QB running QB sneaks right at him, play after play. My GOD he hit hard! Shout out to my offensive line for keeping me alive, John Klancke, Pete Johnson, Todd Alwin, Mark Thoeny, ++ . . . do not succumb to Mike's requests to re-enact the game in the parking lot at the reunion! Dan Nelson


Dan Nelson
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