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East Bakersfield High School Class of 1971
40-Year Reunion Pics Page 4
Cindi McFarland, Melinda Walrath and Debbie Williams
Dereck and Lorie Webster-Holdsworth and
Donna Williamson-Aal and
Mark Wooley and Dave Mask
The Morelocks Dancing the Night Away!
Disco Fever Finally Hits!
Dancing to the Oldies!
Just Three More Times!
Ron Hunter MC's the Drawing
MC Rick Kreiser Reminds Us of How It Used To Be!
Two Wild and Crazy Girls! (Claudia Crichton and Mary Gutierrez Kennedy)
MC Rick Kreiser Continues the Story...
Rick Kreiser Whoopin' it Up!
Don Larwood and Diana Bahr Gordon Remember When...
Jim Rodriguez, Michelle Munschy, Rita West Williams, Danny Williams and Mrs. James (Lenita) Morelock!
Donna Williamson Aal and Robert!
Just Another Sock Hop to Make Everybody Smile!
James Morelock Getting in Trouble!
Uh Oh!
The Ashbecks say...All You Need Is Love!
Dinner is Served!
Class Panoramic Pic (Left)
Class Panoramic Pic (Right)
Thee Majestics Played All of the Old Songs!
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