East Bakersfield High School Class of 1971
40-Year Reunion Pics Page 3
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Bruce Bunch
John and Carolla Enriquez
Glen Fong
Diz and Barb Francisco
Claudia Crichton and Mary Gutierrez Kennedy
Abel and Cece Hernandez
Fred and Lisa Hrenchir
Richard and Barbara Hughes
Ron and Tracy Hunter
Don Larwood
Kathy Lindley and
Doug Martinez-Weldon
Linda Mather
Jess and Nancy Morelock
Cheryl Moses Lane and Terry Baxter
Cheryl Moses Lane
Michele Munschy-O'neal
Abe Oliveras
Stan and Bobby Riggs Scrivner
Jim and Norma Rodriguez
Bill and Gail Romley
Terrie Vekas
Joyce Walling
Mather - Hash - Ashlock et al
John Campbell and Diana Bahr Gordon
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