East Bakersfield High School Class of 1971
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Cherie Moses, Connie Carrillo, Joanne Ley and CynDee Walton
Cherie Moses, CynDee Walton and Joanne Ley
Cherie Moses-Lane
Cherie Moses and Joanne Ley
Cherie Moses and Joanne Ley (again!)
Abe Oliveras and Robert Ante
Bobby Riggs-Scrivner
Becky Smith and Cherie Moses
Becky Smith, Bobby Riggs and Cherilynn Morgan
Becky Smith-McClure
CynDee Walton, Joanne Ley, Dave Williams and Lori Webster
CynDee Walton and Joanne Ley
CynDee Walton-Street
The Walton-Street's
Rick Weathers (Class of 1972)
Lorie Webster-Holdsworth
Rita West and Dave Williams
Rita West and James Morelock
Dave Williams and Rick Kreiser
Mark "Buffett" Wooley
Mark Wooley and Dave Williams (backs to camera)
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