Photo Album At or around WPHS, high school years

We are especially interested in shots of you around the high school or in White Plains or whereever. 

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Stephanie Diamond, April Klimley, Cindy Evans, Judy Tabibian, Marianne Thomson, Sherry Holland via Arlene Gould
Arlene Gould and Barbara Trencher, sometime in high school
Alene Gould's home, with Andy Austin, Sidney Kreutzer, circa 1960. Hanging out in bathrobes after being drenched in rain; clothes in dryer. [Hmm, a likely story? Where the hell is Sid?]
The Mighty Tigers Football Team, Fall 1961. This and the next 5 images submitted by Obie - Bruce Obrentz
Cheerleaders, Fall 1961
Tigerettes, Fall 1961
The big game on Thanksgiving Day.
The BIG Election. (Still have NOT found Corky)
The high school prior to 1961 in planning, also the inside cover of the 1961 Oracle.
Sr Prom at the Copa June62, clockwise from upper left, John Rohrbach, Janice Jackson, Barbara Trencher, Bruce Obrentz, Judy Zauderer, Mike Lowenkron, Need the names
Westchester Town House Dance, 2011. Bruce Obrentz, Doug Bradburd (dazed?), Harry Rothmann, Barbara Trencher, Robbie Richter, Lynn Radtke
Parker Stadium, fall 1961, 'old' HS. From left: George Rainey(brother of classmate Earl Rainey), Andre Francis, Roger Kaufman, Earl. Some of the fabulous '61 football Tigers, led by “The Train,” Charlie Jenkins. From Andre's archive.
Tigerettes Felice Marbach, Dorothy Kriegel. Thanksgiving 1961. Do NOT miss the update in the Photos Pretty Recent page.
Several alumni review the "Orange" that first Homecoming after graduation.
Bill Barish and Dave Gingold of the undefeated soccer team riding in a parade. For those who still have their yearbooks, take a look at page 157.
Party at Gary Rich's house, Arlene Gould
Gary's house, Faith Frankel
Gary's house, Eve Ellen Himoff
Gary's house, Dave Mundel and Susan Wolf
Gary's house, Louise Richman
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