Dear Class of 1962,

                                                                                  October 3, 2012

Eighteen months ago we started making plans and doing surveys ...
  Twelve months ago we booked the hotel and started our classmate search ...
    Eleven months ago we planned the weekend events ...
      Ten months ago the website went live ...
        Eight months ago tickets went on sale ...
          Four months ago we anguished over the food and decoration choices ...
             One month ago we were good to go on our contracts ...
                ... and two blinks ago the reunion is over.
I hate that it is over and will miss my committee mates.  I love that it is over and there is no more "oh, no, we forgot ...". I will savor the moments of the weekend for quite a while and cherish the friendships I made or remade along the way in both the planning and being an attendee.  I also breathe a sigh of relief that it went so well.

Thanks to all the classmates who attended and brought such spirit to the weekend.
Your smiles and enthusiasm where the real reason the weekend was great and the payback for me.   Regrets to the classmates who were unable to join in with us and share in the celebration of ourselves and our lives.  I missed you even if I didn't know you.  Most of all, thank you whether you were at the weekend or not for the many cherished memories I have of high school.  I unabashedly admit I loved high school.  I had such a good time and strongly believe it was because of being able to be there with all of you.
Nicki Morelli

What all of you should know, is that Nicki and Barbara Trencher Obrentz were my main "go to gurus" to wordsmith a LOT of what you read in the reunion emails and on the web site.  Nicki's thoughts above perfectly express my own.  Many many thanks to them and to the others on the committee and the volunteers whose efforts below only scratch the surface of all the work they did. (In case you didn't hear the awarding of the diplomas on Saturday night).

Barbara Doernberg Card was there at the inception, started classmate contact on other web sites, was a main liaison with high school staff, was our financial conscience, and provided much event experience.

Barbara Trencher Obrentz is a marketing genius and supported the committee in a variety of ways, editing, web site formats and graphic design among the foremost.

Bill Barish was tireless in his efforts to find an incredible number of you.

Doug Bradburd was like a set of bookends; he helped set strategy early on was 'da main man' in putting the Oracle 1962 Gold Edition together.

Ed Rosenberg did an incredible job with the memorial program, and was and is an email and web site behind the scenes force, as well as an IT technical sounding board.

Ida Wright did media research and provided her considerable experience with volunteer organizations.

Jacquie Gabbe Goldman was a tour de force social engineer with the hotel, the food and decorations, and a ton of phone calls and personal persuasion.

Jeff Fink made countless phone calls, was our insurance expert, and provided and provides web site and email support.

Judy Zauderer Moureau was one of our sets of local eyes and ears; many hours were spent digging through the WP Library and Board of Education archives for the memorabilia displays.

Nicki Morelli, a chairman's right arm if there ever was one; editing, handling countless hotel, food and decorations details, and her instincts on a good party were unerring.

A very special thank you goes out to our classmates who early on provided the seed money to get it all 'off the ground.'
As for me, a career in project management finally paid off big time.  It taught me that with a talented crew, just get the hell out of the way.  I can only reemphasize that it is ALL of you who helped make it such a FABULOUS weekend.  Sometimes words get overlooked, but without great classmates, there just isn't a RE-Union.

Neal Zimmerman

p.s. The Tiger you gave to me has a place of honor in the bedroom our kids use when they visit.  Whenever I'm feeling grumpy, I go in and take a look.....  and smile a big smile.  Thanks.

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