Hernando High School Class of 1983
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Debbie McKean

As many remember, I dated Dwayne Selph through High School than in 1985, we married. In '87 we had our first incredible daughter, Chelsea and in '91 we had our second incredible daughter, Staci. The end of '91 we moved the family and raised the girls in the rural town of Trenton, Fl (18 ml) out side of Gainesville (Go Gators). The end of '06, that chapter came to an end and in June of '08, I started my final chapter with my adoring husband, Rod Warner.  My daughters have yet another wonderful family to love them.  Rod and I live in Newberry, Fl (12 ml) from G'ville and are both employed with the Alachua County Public School System and members of Destiny Community Church where we love and serve the Lord.

Debbie McKean
Robert Tippin

Worked around Brooksville for a while.  Played drums for a couple of bands.  Joined the United States Army in 1987 and was a combat engineer and paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne.

Left the Army right after Panama invasion and moved to Georgia.  Enjoyed civilian life for a couple of years until I found the woman of my dreams, Stacey.  We have two children: David Timothy, 8; Jessica Celeste, 5.

Went to college for Business Administration and Mathematics.

I work for IBM as a software engineer, but don't let that fool you...I am not a total geek.  It pays well and keeps my family in clothes and a house.

I am a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church, International.  Anyone that remembers me from the old days probably fell out of their chairs right about then.  But God has been faithful to me, so I am doing my best to do the same for Him.

Alaska - The Cannon's

Just celebrated our 25th anniversery in August 08.  Still working in construction.  We have 3 children....  4 granddaughters and 1 grandson.  Live in Franklin, NC.  Ray Cannon

Ray Cannon

Hi to all, Time goes by to fast for everyone. I am happy to see a great web site and to catch up on so many different people. I have been very busy over all the years, I was also working when in high school and still work 6 and 7 days a week. I graduated from Saint leo with a B.A. in business in 1988. I worked in finance, retail and large business organizations. I am now the business owner of my printing division "Force Gear" I created it in 1997. I also own a motorcycle shop and last year started a Fund-Raising business for schools, "Walk-A-Thons" I have a great wife and two great girls. Alice is my wife and is a schoolteacher at Motion Elementary in Brooksville, Fl. My 1st. daughter is Kaylee Rose my 2nd. girl is Danielle. Kaylee will be 14 in July and Danielle will be 10 in Sept.  My family is the best thing in my life. I have been very blessed in many ways. I have many different hobbies. I had my own rock band for 2 years and we played out allot in Florida. I am not doing that any more. I still race motocross almost every weekend and I am in the practice of MMA for the last couple years. Yes, I have suffered different broken bones from my hobbies. God bless you all.           

Joe Mattingley & Shaina

This is Joe and Shaina Mattingley's Company along with J&J Equipment located in Perry, FL

Terry Lake

After HS I got an AA degree from PHCC then went on to the Unv.of Central Fl and got a BA in Psychology. My wife Tina and I have been married for almost 20 years now. Our daaughter Courtney is 17 and Junior in HS. She has been involved in gymnastics, cheerleading, and track and field. I have been involved in the healthcare field since 1988, primarily in management, marketing, and business development. I am currently Dir of Business Development for a company in Portland, OR called MedCure that provides cadaveric specimens to medical researchers and educators in the United States and around the world. We have lived just outside of Portland since 1996 and love the Pacific Northwest, but do miss family and friends in Fl.

Ken Exum with Daugher Beverly and Son, Gene
Diane (Butcher) Otey

I married my high school sweetheart, Scott Otey, in 1985. After highschool, I went to work for SunTrust Bank aka Hernando State Bank and Scott worked for Swift Mud. In 1989, we moved from Brooksville to Naples, FL and have lived here ever since. I was able to transfer with SunTrust and Scott started a new career in the construction industry going to work for a roofing company. In 1993, we had our first child, Joshua and in 1997, we had our second child, Jordyn. When Jordyn started kindergarten, we decided that I needed to be a "stay at home" mom. I've been "home" ever since. Scott (and 2 partners) now the own the roofing company (West Coast Florida Enterprises) that he went to work for about 18 years year ago. When my son started middle school, we made the huge decision to start homeschooling. It has been the best thing we've ever done. I love having my kids home with me all day. Our life is so full of blessings!
Diane (Butcher) Otey

Linda Bishop-Tew

Married for 17 years, no human children.....lots of furred and feathered children. Worked for the Fl. Department of Corrections for 18 years. Currently a Senior Probation and Parole Officer. One of my co-workers is also a former classmate...I had no idea.

Lori Ann Hess-Uber

My biography since high school has been pretty simple -- I hung around Brooksville for a few years, then moved to Temple Terrace in 1986. I was single, working at Busch Gardens for awhile, then Publix for awhile, nothing meaningful, until 1989- when I met my husband to be, Ted. We started dating, and married in January of 1992, and had our daughter, Kayla Rose, in fall of 1992. I chose to stay home and raise Kayla, working part-time selling Tupperware. In 1997, we had Kyle Richard. I started back in the workforce in 1999. Raising 2 beautiful children is a blessing - they, as well as my husband, are the loves of my life. Kayla has become quite the vocalist - and is on her way to preparing for a National competition for a Vocal Solo performance, we are VERY proud of her. Kyle is proud to be her brother, picking on her every waking moment! Kyle has found his place in the music world, playing guitar, drums and hip hop dancing, we are VERY proud of him. As we prepare for one of the busiest summers ever, we are saddened to say that we can not make it back for this festive reunion, but parenting comes first, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I know that I have been called to raise these children, and be the support to my husband - and I love what I do! I am starting a consulting company in the fall, laying the legwork now, and I plan on returning to college, via the internet, to earn my degree in Ministry, Marriage & Family Counseling. Ted and I have been very blessed in our lives, and I want to share what God has taught me in the area of Marriage and family. I pray for a safe night for everyone - Blessings, Lori-Ann

Pamela Cantrell-Taylor

I attended PHCC and got married November of '83 to Tommy Black (HHS Class of '82), and with working full-time and then having a child, I did not obtain my degree. We were married for 17 years and have 1 son. I have remarried a wonderful man and live in Bushnell, FL (just 1 county to the east of Hernando). I worked with Paso Fino horses from 1989-1993 which I loved. I lived in Ohio for a couple of those years, but then moved back to FL. I worked for Sumter County's public transportation dept. for 12 years. I am currently taking a course online to become a medical transcriptionist and work from home.

David Rupp

...has been pretty busy since last we met. Here's a brief(?) timeline:

1987 -- Graduated from UF with a degree in computer science. Moved to Miami to work for System One, the computer reservation system for Eastern Airlines (remember Eastern Airlines?).

1989 -- Hated Miami. Eastern Airlines mechanics went on strike, jeopardizing my job. Moved to Denver, CO to work for United Airlines instead. Performed in numerous musical theatre productions, including at some regional professional theaters. Sang with the world-class semi-professional choir, the Ars Nova Singers in Boulder. Saw some of the world, courtesy of flight benefits: Germany, New Zealand, Hawai'i, England, Scotland.

1994 -- Loved Denver and UAL, but wanted a change. Returned to Gainesville and UF to study music.

1995 -- Ran out of money for school. Returned to work for US Airways in Winston-Salem, NC. Beautiful city; shame about the smoking.

1995 - 1997 -- Worked for Worldspan (Northwest Airlines, TWA) in Kansas City, MO. Awesome barbecue; shame about the baseball team. Moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to work for Air Canada. Beautiful city; shame about the (now-defunct) basketball team, eh?

1997 -- Moved to Baton Rouge, LA to work for Louisiana State University. Beautiful university; shame about the hometown. I call this period of my life "The Nadir".

1998 -- Returned (finally) to Denver and United Airlines. More theatre, this time as director. More music, this time as composer.

2000 -- Left United Airlines to modernize my career as a Java / Internet programmer. Various jobs.

2002 -- Married the love of my life, including her four kids.

2005 -- Welcomed the other love of my life, my son Alex.

2008 -- Working at a pretty cool startup, http://www.stratavia.com. Completed my Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Colorado. In negotiations to begin my doctorate. Wondering what happens next. Loving what happens now.

David Rupp
Chris Flamard

I know I didn't graduate with everyone, but I still look at classmates from time to time to see old faces.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. My son the drummer (16) and daughter the lead singer (17) are in a classic rock band and will be playing in northern Arizona during the weekend that the reunion will be going on. If you wanted to visit their website it is

Just a little update on whats been happening with me:

I joined the Marines and went to boot camp while everyone esle was graduating.
I've traveled to many different places, Hawaii, Philipines, Korea, Japan, Canada, and Germany.

I am now active duty in the Army National Guard and live in Arizona.

Looking forward to seeing pictures on the reunion.

Chris Flamard Send me an email: chris.flamard@us.army.mil

Paul Militello & Melisa Joiner Militello

Melisa and I have been married for almost 16 years and have lived in Ocala for almost all of that time.  We have two great kids, Sam 12, and Molly 9.   We love doing things as a family, and have been busy the last year with a move to a new home.  Lately we seem to spend alot of time driving around the state on weekends going to karate tournaments that both kids really enjoy.  See you all at the reunion

Paul Militello
Catch of a Lifetime

Hello class of 83. In 85 I married the love of my life, Jeanne Johnson (Jim's sister). In August of 1986 Jeanne and I started our parental lives with a wonderful baby girl. Her name is Bobbie. I also joined the Air Force in 86. We moved to California. While we were there we bacame the proud parents of our bouncing baby boy. His name is Glen Alan. He goes by Alan to cut down on confusion around the house. After 5 1/2 years there, we moved to Tokyo, Japan. During our 3 years there, we enjoyed all of the culture, food, and lifestyles of that beautiful country. We finished our Air Force career with 3 years in Washington, DC.

Jeanne and I decided to settle down in Newberry, Florida. We love it here. I knew that we would always return to God's country (that's what I have always called Florida). Bobbie graduated from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fl in Dec of 07. Alan graduated from the Detention Officer Academy and is working for Alachua County Sheriff's Department. Jeanne is working for Oakview Middle School here in Newberry as a Media Specialist. I built a small boat factory for Hunter marine. We build sailboats and ship them world wide. Hunter Marine is one of the biggest sailboat manufactures in the US.

Life is quiet and good here in this small town. Everything, including the home of the Florida GATORS, is withing minutes of driving time. I still fish alot, but almost never hunt anymore. I got away from hunting while in the military.

Glen Stanley
Time...(Alan Parson's Project) by David Morgan

Hello classmates! It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since we roamed the halls at Hernando High. A lot has changed for all of us...and some things remain the same. It's interesting that I'm writing this just after reviewing my own daughters' high school yearbook. Our oldest, Brittany, is going to be a junior at Springstead High this fall (I know...rivalry and all, but what are you gonna do?), and she was part of the student team that put their yearbook together. So what's the same for me over time?...if you're interested, I'm still happily married to Diane (21 years now), my favorite lady, I still work for the most financially stable company in the business world (Publix Supermarkets Inc....people gotta eat) after 27 years and I'm currently a Store Manager in New Port Richey. I'm still the biggest Denver sports fan ever (go Broncos!) and can die happy after seeing them win back to back World Championships in the 90's (and you all thought it would never happen). What's changed...We have two beautiful and very different daughters (aformentioned Brittany, 16, and Megan, 9). Both are definite gen-x'ers and display those characteristics daily. While our kid's generation is probably strange to us, I believe they will eventually change our world beyond what we ever thought possible...and they'll do it together within a network of diversity that we've never seen on earth. I can't tell you how proud thay all make me, or how much they have all changed my life and outlook. Fortunately, when I was still young and stupid, I did make a few great choices for my life, and I wouldn't change a thing. Diane owns and operates a dance studio (Just Dance) in Spring Hill where we still live...nice to do something that's a passion and get paid for it (kinda like it would have been if I played for the Denver Broncos). Anyway, that's what time has brought to me in life...and I love every minute of it. 'Til the reunion...take care all of you, and ENJOY! 

David Morgan
Lisa Shiveler

I am currently living in Macon, Georgia.  I have been here for 9 years.  After high school, I received my A.B. in History/Political Science with a minor in English from Wesleyan College in Macon.  I returned to Florida after college where I worked for a variety of government agencies from the District Attorney's Office, the Rape Crisis/Spouse Abuse Center to a stint as the County's Recycling Coordinator. During that time, I completed the coursework for my Masters in Counseling and Education from the University of South Florida. 
After moving to Georgia to take a position as a Director of a 10-county mediation and arbitration program for the state, I completed my Masters of Business Administration from Wesleyan College in 2002.  My class was the first to graduate with their MBA degrees.  It was exciting to be the first group!  A month later, I joined the staff of Wesleyan College as an International Student Recruiter.  I held that position for nearly 5 years.  In August 2006, I became the Director of Admissions at Gordon College, a public college in the state university system.  It is located in Barnesville, Georgia south of Atlanta. 
I am active in the Wesleyan Alumnae Organization and Mulberry Street United Methodist Church.  I travel often on business and for pleasure.  I have been to Russia, Europe, and Trinidad as well as throughout the US.

Lisa Shiveler
Karen Cline

I am living with my daughter Victoria (age 11) in Costa Rica right now for the next four months and then we are going on to the jungle of Peru. I have been a missionary for the last 4 years. We lived in Venezuela in the jungle before where I ran a one room school house for missionary children grades 1-7th. I will be the director of the missionary school in Pulcallpa, Peru. We are looking forward to the new challenge and all that God is doing.

Keep in touch and feel free to share my info. with our classmates. Also, pass on my email to them should any of them feel led to write. Blessings!

In His Hands,
Proverbs 11:24-25
Karen Cline Email: KCvictoriousinjc@juno.com

WHAT UP from Nashville from Trace Scarborough

Hey everyone! Apologies to Cheryl and the gang for taking so long to respond.  I'm still not sure I can make it but I'm gonna try! The 20-year was a great time and this one's shaping up to be great, too.

It looks like everyone's married with kids except me and one other person...and at least she's got some dogs.  I had a close call with marriage a couple years ago but it ended up not being right. The one before her was THE ONE...but then she dumped me (and wasted a damn good bottle of wine doing it).

My career has been kind of whacko. I was a producer/writer in the 'biz' for 7 years following college. Produced several record projects for Warner Bros. Christian label (Warner-Alliance). Nominated for a Dove award in 1992 for Rock Song of the Year "I Will Not Be Shaken" by Vince Ebo. Produced Michael W. Smith's "Outa This World" for his Change Your World project.  Had a songwriting deal with Sony in LA.

Then around '94 I transitioned from the music business to launch a ministry in Nashville called The Foundry along with a few friends. It's located in an inner city area of town just a few blocks from downtown Nashville. The Foundry is still going strong 14 years later. It's a coffeehouse as well as an outreach primarily to the surrounding neighborhood formerly known as the Jo Johnston projects. There's a strong emphasis on reaching kids and supporting single mom's.  It was a complete walk of faith to get it started.

After walking by faith for a couple of years with The Foundry, I was practically broke.  Through a twist of fate, I became a residential mortgage loan officer with Signet Mortgage and then Norwest Mortgage. The whole 'sales' thing wasn't working out. I was a complete failure. Just kidding. It wasn't that bad, but I didn't really enjoy it.

I then landed a job with one of my best friends who had built a business called The Zeal Group. They were primarily a reseller of Great Plains Software, now owned by Microsoft. I was the lead graphic designer for them.  Everything was going great there for a couple of years until my friend's partners formed a coupe (should that have an 'e'?) and forced him out.

I followed him to his new venture called Copyright.net, which was a web-based business focused on protecting intellectual property...mainly music.  Copyright.net developed technology that could serve legal notices to thousands of Napster users that their illegal downloads of music were copyright infringements. The software actually logged who had downloaded what for free. ISP's were served notices and were required by law to disconnect music-sharing persons from the Internet.  At Copyright.net I was the graphic designer and Flash developer. It was a great gig, but they ran out of money and had to close.

Around that time I had an idea for a college football related product and launched my own business called The Braggin Rights.  (thebragginrights.com is still live but you will see some date references that say '02 or '03.  It's been dormant for a while, but I don't want to lose the domain! LOL)  My main product, The Braggin Rights Calendar, never got produced, but who knows. Someday it could still happen.  If you're curious about it, just check the site. I won't bore everyone with describing it here.

Around that time I was broke again and landed a great job developing Flash for 1800GoGuard.com, the Army National Guard's website. The company, ioStudio, has the National Guard's contract for all their web design as well as a Guard magazine called GX-The Guard Experience.  I was with them for 3 years. It was a really challenging position and kind of rewarding (and ego-stroking) to see my work every day on the Guard's homepage and throughout the site.

But during my third year there, I had started helping one of my friends with his lawn business on the side. I don't know how to explain this really, but I like being outside mowing lawns and operating a weedeater more than designing Flash animations on a computer screen all day.  I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I left ioStudio to go into the lawn service biz. I've now been at it for 5 years.  At one point, the two of us were mowing 120 yards/week.  That's really too many for 2 guys to keep up with.  Now we're maintaining some commercial properties and around 60 residences.

I've recently started writing music again and hope to get some stuff happening with writing and record production again eventually.  It looks like I've gone in a big, 20-year circle.

Things I like doing these days: hunting, mountain biking, eating, cooking out, tailgating.

This was probably more than you wanted to know. I got on a roll.

Hope to see everyone in June! Hope you like the pic!

trace scarborough
Terry Lake

After HS I got an AA degree from PHCC then went on to the Unv.of Central Fl and got a BA in Psychology. My wife Tina and I have been married for almost 20 years now. Our daaughter Courtney is 17 and Junior in HS. She has been involved in gymnastics, cheerleading, and track and field. I have been involved in the healthcare field since 1988, primarily in management, marketing, and business development. I am currently Dir of Business Development for a company in Portland, OR called MedCure that provides cadaveric specimens to medical researchers and educators in the United States and around the world. We have lived just outside of Portland since 1996 and love the Pacific Northwest, but do miss family and friends in Fl.

Dee Smith

Hello Class of 83.... A lot of people thought I was in the class of 82 because I took mostly classes a year ahead of 83. Now the reason for this is not because I was smart it was because when I moved to Florida from the state of Maine I had already taken the classes and passed them so H.H.S. in 10th grade put me in 11th grade classes.

In 1983 when we all parted I was engaged to be married to a blonde headed green eyed man, that lasted for about 4 months after  graduation. That was the first and the last time I had a ring on my finger, still single today. Mr. Right has not presented himself and for those of you who knew me, know I do not settle. I made a life chose not to have children so no little Dee's running around. For those of you who knew my parents they have both passed away. My Mom (Sharon)passed 11 years ago and my dad (Frank)passed 4 years ago.

In 1991 I moved to Clearwater Florida and for the past 2 years have been living in Cumming Georgia. Some of my laundry list of work includes but not limmited to; a singing telegram company, teaching ballroom dancing, Private Investigations, Insurance Adjuster, Childrens Entertainer (Harmonie T. Clown), Marketing consultant, and now I own a Roofing Company. See no Hubby and no kids more time to work at life.

In Janurary I was almost added to the class mates that have passed. A gallbladder stone ended up in my intestine and they said in an other 24 hours and I would have been dead. I will be at the class renioun, see you all there.

OK all  you smart 83 students, I can not spell check this thing so no laughing at my spelling, giggle. Holly or who ever is supporting this web site fix my spelling!!! Susan Smith sat behind me in English and correct all my spelling...... Susan where are you?  

Dee Smith 

Dee Smith
Mark Creighton

I hung around the house 5 years after school. Moved to Tampa in 88. I started working for Natural Designs and been with ever since. Married for 11 years and divorced for 1. Have my own place in Shadyhills.

Jodie Burdin-Jones

Hi all still here is the area never left work 10 year in the safety field and then in the denist field for the last 10 year I have stayed home and rasied my children. I have 2 daughters Brittany and Stephany and I have 2 stepsons. And to add to the mix I have a 3 year old grandson who is the light of my life. And I have another grandchild due  in Nov. I have been married this time around for 10 years but we have been togeather for a total of 15. He is Mr. wounderful to me.. I have traveled and done alot of fun things in the last 25 years but life is great.  and I am very happy and hope everyone else is also. I currently live in Spring hill but I am moving back to brooksville the first of next year as soon as my house is finshed... can't wait

Jodie Jones
Jeannie Whitaker Cameron

Life after 1983, I'm still working at Papa Joe's. I signed a life time agreement, so it seems. I've been with the restaurant for 26 years,and I love it. I am the GM (and the
chief bottle washer), time gets the best of you when your having fun!!
I am married with 3 children. My husband is Greg Cameron
we've been married for 12 yrs. My kids are Jason 21(first
marriage) Colin 7 and Sandi 4.
What a blessing the Lord has given me with a wonderful
I wish the same blessings for each one of you!!
Keep life simple and remember to stop and smell the flowers!!
Jeannie Whitaker Cameron

Richard Hobbs

My wife Julia and I recently celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. We were married in 1989 in Spring Hill and moved to Anchorage, Alaska a few months later where we have lived ever since.

I went to school at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and studied Architectural and Engineering Technology. I work as a Civil Designer and CADD Supervisor for a civil engineering firm in Anchorage. Most of the work we do involves pipeline design for the North Slope oilfields.

Julia (HHS Class of 85) is a secretary for a church, and we have a terrific 12-year old son, Elias, who is active in Boy Scouts. We enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and all of the great outdoor things that Alaska has to offer. We love Alaska, but miss all of our family and friends in Florida.

Sleeping in Seattle by Valerie Fannin-McGraw

After graduating, I got my AA from PHCC and moved to Saint Petersburg where I met my husband.  Trent and I met in a bar and got married less than 3 months later.  We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this December.

We moved to Seattle, WA, the following year and have loved living here.  Until recently we camped and backpacked regularly.  Now we spend most of our vacations in Las Vegas.

I am a Project Coordinator at Nintendo of America and love working there.  It's very exciting with the Wii system being so popular.  Trent is disabled so he gets to be a house husband and has become a very good internet researcher.  With no children or pets we have a very relaxed life and spend many of our weekends at Mariner and Seahawk games.

Valerie Fannin
Bob Wilson
After graduation I enlisted in the Marine Corps for six years working as an air traffic controller. I spent a year in Japan and after that returned to the U.S. stationed on the east coast with Dan Gandee. I deployed all over the U.S. spending a lot of time in the mid-west (mostly Illinois and Wisconsin). After my tour was up I returned to Brooksville. I completed my degree in nursing, and also became a paramedic. While taking my prerequisites I met my wife of fifteen years (Jen). We lived in Spring Hill up until five years ago. We now live in a western suburb of Chicago. I work as a fire-medic for a growing suburban fire district. Jen works a manager for a community bank. We do not have any children, just a senior citizen Lab named Max who still thinks he is a puppy.
Robert Wilson
Gary Harris
After high school, I went to Belmont College in Nashville, Tn. A couple of years later I returned to Florida. In 1989 I began working in law enforcement for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Tampa, Fl. I have been there since. I am currently working as a detective in the Criminal Investigations Division, working violent crimes against persons.

This November I will be celebrating my eighteenth year of marriage to my wife, Lynette. We have a ten year old daughter named Sydney. I have a new found appreciation for Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Vera Bradley. God help me.
Dale Canaday

After school I moved to St. Pete and went to TTI while working construction jobs.  I came back to Brooksville in 1984 and started my own Tree Business, bought some property in Srping Hill and got married.  We had a beautiful daughter,  Chantel. My hobbies then were racing motor cross dirt bikes but had a bad spill and tore my ACL in my knee so I quit racing to pick up jet skiing. In 1988 I won West Coast Championship.

Right after that I got divorced and moved to Inverness where I lived on Lake Henderson for about a year. Then moved to Ocala FL where I started a new career in the Orthotics and Prosthetics. I worked in that field for over 17 years where I became a State Certified O&P Fitter. While in Inverness I learned to fly a UltraLight plane (that was very cool) and while in Ocala I learned to skydive.  After that I learned to Scuba Dive.   I have played softball for ther past 5 years and won State NSA Championship and went to Worlds.

My daughter Chantel, graduated from HHS IN 2005 and she currently works at Papa Joe's. Last year I became a grampa. He is such a joy in our lives. 

I met my wonderful wife, Rebecca while living in Ocala.  We were married and moved to Wildwood Fl in 2001.  We have a 15 year old son who will graduate in 2011 and plans to join the Air Force.  He plays football for Wildwood High and enjoys snow skiing. We were introduced to snow skiing about 5 years ago and now we go every year around Valentine's Day.  We got the " love bug".

 I still do tree work for family and friends (some things never change) but I am currently taking a different career direction. I just passed my state exam for Health, Life & Annuity's.  And I work for Aflac, you know, the one with the great duck commercials. My wife and I hope to semi-retire in about 5 years and move to the mountains, somewhere in North Carolina. (unless my wife changes her mind)

I thank God I am still breathing air. Thinking back,  I should have been gone along time ago. I quess I still have work here to do. My motto is this    " Life is like the ocean waves..lots of ups and downs..we learn from the downs and cherish the ups until the day we can walk on water with our father"

Dale Canaday
Trina Miles-Lynch
I have been in the military for 14 yrs now.
We are Getting Married...Brent Young and Jody
Jody and I will be married on the 26th of this month. And then on the 27th we leave on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We are coming to the reunion.
Brenda Millirons-O'Brien
I am Happily Married Finally to my current husband of 10 1/2 years. I have a 21 year Old son who is in the Airforce in England. I am a Real Estate Agent(however I am taking a break at the moment) . We live outside Albany Ny near the Vermont & Mass. state line. We love the outdoors! We also enjoy short trips to the coast whenever we can for fishing and surfing-and of course Lobster! We also have 3 Dogs that are like our children!
Gina Hall
B.S. Degree- Bethune Cookman College(University, Daytona Beach, FL Mathematics
M.S. Degree-University of Phoenix, Curriculum and Instruction
Currently, teaching in Marion County Public Schools
Previous employment:
Adjunct Instructor: Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, FL & Southwest College, Tampa, FL
Cartographer with Department of Defense, Washington, DC
Education Manager with Head Start Program
Teacher - Pasco and Hernando County Schools
Enrichment instructor for the Developmental Disable
Jim Kersey
I have been in the in the National Guards for the past twenty-six years. I am currently located in Ft. Riley Kansas doing training, getting ready to go to Afganistan. I am now Married to Marci Sikes.
Vanita Kersey-Williamson

After graduating from high school, I had a little boy who is now 24 years old. Met a man from Inverness and moved up there. Had another boy 6 years later, who is now 18. Got married after fifteen years. Got divorced after 5 years and I am now living in Floral City with Arthur Auville (83 classmate). A high school sweet heart of mine for many years. He has two kids (18 and 21) that live up north. Life has been very good to us. And even better now. I have a 1 year old grandson. He is so special to me. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I can't believe it's been 25 years.

Vanita Kersey
Tracie Barbee-Wood
I am happily married to my wonderful husband Bob Wood. We have 3 beautiful girls Jennifer, Tera and Erica. We have also been blessed with 6 wonderful grandsons and a gorgeous grand daughter. Boy! Do I feel old. HA!
As you already know I was not fortunate enough to graduate here because we moved to Tn. However I am posting my info here because this is my home and I want to keep in touch with my friends.
We had the chance to live in Chicago for 1 year, but BURRR to cold so we moved back. My husband and I now reside here. We own a very successful business and have been very blessed. Thank God ! Gives me more time to spend with my grandchildren! Yikes! Did I say that? LOL!
Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless each and every one of you! 7TH GRANDSON WILL BE HERE JUNE 14, 2008!
Tracie Barbee
Peggy Jennings Beyer
Well, I never left Brooksville.  I am married to Mark Beyer (HHS class of 1984).  Mark and I will be married 20 years on July 2nd.  We have two children, a daughter Heather age 17 and a son Bryce age 15 they both attend Hernando High.  I still work for Hernando County Board of County Commissioners in the Technology Services Department.  I have been with the County for 25 years.  My daughter is in the band so that keeps me active during football season as I am an active member of the Royale Regiment Band Boosters.  My son is a freshman and hasn't really decided what he want to do other than play computer games.  We also have a dog and a cat.
Peggy Jennings
April Lothian-Herne
After graduation from HHS, I went back to school and obtained a degree in Computer Science & met hubby #1 there, as well. At graduation, he was hired by IBM in Manassas, VA so….... in 1985 we got married and off we went.

I worked for Virginia Power as a Customer Service Engineer designing & establishing the service to residential homes. I never really liked the job, it just wasn‘t “me“. During that time (age 20) I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (what do you mean I can't have M&M's any more?!!)

We lived in VA for about 18 month until IBM transferred us to Winston-Salem, NC. I went to work for a Cable TV company & after about a year I transferred to the Accounting Dept where I was happier (and I HATED MATH ALL through school)!!

I ended up divorcing but, did not want to leave NC because, I loved it there and still do. I dated for a while & got married again (mistake). I left the Cable company and went to work for a Large 4 doctor Veterinary hospital and fell in love with my job!! I began raising Maltese dogs which became my children. We have 5 right now along with 3 cats. I never had any human children of my own only my 4 legged kids. After a few years I divorced again, and made the decision to move back to B'ville in July of 2001.

WOW………!! What a change Brooksville was!! I dated for a while & got use to all the changes to my hometown. In 2002, I met Ben Herne and found the most wonderful man!! We married in 2004!! I only wish I had met him 20 years ago but, I guess everything happens for a reason. I do have a wonderful step-son , David, courtesy of Ben.

Ben does custom modifications & rear-end/differential design work for the Honda S2000. He is involved in the St Pete Grand Prix (April 4th - 6th) and has been since 2005. It's a hectic week running all over Tampa/St Pete for all the promotional events leading up to the race.
Becky (Weil) Heatherley
After high school I met my husband Jess Heatherley.  We have been married for 22 years.  We have lived in the Countryside area for the past 7 years.  We have two boys Heath (he will be turning 14 in a couple of weeks) and Haden who is 11.   They seem to keep us both very busy between football and baseball.   It is hard to beleive that it is our 25 year reunion.  I look forward to seeing everyone.  
Becky Weil
Theresa Meixner-Young
I graduated with an A/B honor in Business and was one of the few females that was on the soccer team. I was proud to graduate the last of my class do to complications in my life...I did graduate with the class!

I have goals in finding and looking up some friends I knew I had and hope to find I had more friends than I can remember.

I have two beautiful children. I am divorced and single again. I am proud to have raised my children on my own and never regret the choices I had to make in my life.
Elaine Singer
I'm living in Spring Hill and working as a Budget Management Analyst for Hernando County Board of County Commissioners. I have a son, Chase, from a previous marriage. After high school I continued my education and obtained my Bachelors in Accounting from Saint Leo University. I'm currently engaged to Don Ellison, who is originally from California.
Ray Elliott

I graduated high school and started my degree in data processing; booring!  I was on vacation in New York City when I saw some guy with a knife wound on the ground.  Firefighters and medics were working on him and thats when I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I have two degrees; an A.S. in Emergency Medicine and an A.S. in Nursing.  I am now a Captain, Paramedic, Registered Nurse for Spring Hill Fire Rescue. I've been in the fire service for 22 years and I'm also a charge nurse at Hernando Kidney Center. I've been there for 20 years.  Enough about me.  I have a beautiful wife named Beth who has put up with me for 10 years. She has her degree from USF in Elementary Education  We have two beautiful children.  My son's name is Hunter and he turned 8 on Valentines Day.  My daughter's name is Kylie and she turned 3 on 12/14/2007.  I'm very proud of them!  When I'm not working, my brother Jim and I spend  time coaching my son in soccer, baseball, and football.  We go boating and fishing as a family and we also follow  supercross and motorcross; my wifes nephew races professionally.

Ray Elliott
Beverly (VanHorn) Bushell
My life since high school has been rather "typical" in many ways.  I met my wonderful husband, Patrick at the drive through of SunBank 21 years ago.  We've been married 19 years.  God blessed us with three wonderful children.  Our daughter, Chelsea, is now in heaven and her two brothers Jacob and Seth still manage to keep us grounded.  I honestly don't think I would have gotten through the past year and a half (since Chelsea died) if it hadn't been for this community (Brooksville)!  I know growing up we all wanted to get the heck out of Dodge - so to speak, but look where I am now - 25 years later and I love it!  I'n addition to being a full-time mom and running the boys to variuos practices ie. Soccer/Tae Kwon Do, they're also active in their school activities as well.  By the way, I currently am teaching 8th grade - U.S. History at West Hernando Middle School.  I LOVE TEACHING!  I LOVE BEING AROUND THE KIDS!  Patrick and I have truly embraced the concept of not just spending time with the people you care about but making the time that you spend with them meaningful!  So, we're planning a family vacation to Scotland over Spring Break!  Yeah!  We're all getting excited. Stay tuned - you may yet see some photos. :)
Beverly Van Horn
David Glenn
I'm 43, married, have two teenagers, one is a girl, who's sixteen, and a boy, who's 14. We now live in Lake Butler, Florida, but we work in Gator Country, which is Gainesville, Florida. We've been married 17 and a half years, and lived in Lake Butler for 11 years. We have a cat, Angel who is a beautiful orange tabby. I am a Master ASE Technician, having worked on cars for over 28 years. Some of the places I've spent time in are Ford, Chrysler, and most of the time independent shops. I'm currently working for one of the US' largest auto service chains, Midas Corp. as a Shop Foreman/Assistant Manager. My hobbies include computers, first person shooter games, movies (my favorite being the Matrix trilogy), and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.
Pamela Yevett Loder
Hello, my name is Pamela Yevett Loder. My maiden name was Pamela Yevett Elliott. I am an Instructional Leader - Assistant Principal at Fox Chapel Middle School. This is my 20th year in education. I love my job and I work with an outstanding group of people. Working with children is extremely rewarding. I look forward each day to making a significant difference in the life of every student that crosses my path. I know that I can, and do make a difference. I have two children. My daughter's name is Kierra Luttece Loder. My daughter is 18 years old and she is currently in her first year of college at Florida Agricultual and Mechanical University in Tallahassee, FL. She is majoring in Computer Engineering. My son's name is Cleo Richard Loder. Cleo is 15 years old and currently attends Central High School. He is a member of the football team. I have an older sister,Belinda and an older brother, James. My mother still works as a custodian at Hernando High School. She has worked there for over 30 years. I have a large family because my mother is 1 of 10 siblings. I enjoy spending quality time with my children, family members, and my friends in my spare time.
Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan

I am happily married and still residing in Brooksville,
I currently work for the United States Postal Service and have for the past 12 years as a Rural Carrier and I love it!!!
My daughter will be 25 years old this year I have a son who will be leaving for Korea in 2 days and another son who is 16.
 I spend my spare time with my horses or on my Harley.
I love the outdoors and cannot wait to see all my classmates.

Art Spell

Pediatrician in Charlotte, North Carolina for almost 14 years.
Married to Kristin for almost 13 wonderful years.

Three kids - Hannah, age 8 years, 2nd grade
                  John, age 5 years, TK
                  Ben, age 3 years, and lucky he's made it that far!

Gaby Uribe
I am a single mom of a beautiful 17 year old daughter.  I manage a small orthotics & prosthetics company here in St. Petersburg.  I am currently going back to school to finish my business degree.  20 years ago I moved to Phoenix but I missed the Bay Area and am so glad to be back.
Cheryl Holley

I Went to work for the Republican Party of Florida and ran House of Representatives races as a Field Director, then off to Governors race which include candidates Jeb Bush and Tom Gallagher.  I was the central Florida advance person for President George H.W. Bush, Dole-Kemp Campaign and then George W. Bush. In 2000 I adopted my son and I started Yelloh Marketing a packaging Company (clients: Smithfield Foods, NASCAR, Paula Deen, Tyson Foods)

Achievements: City of Brooksville HUD Member, Woman of Achievement, Outback Bowl Committee, and appointed as Commissioner, for State of Florida on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.  I am involved with legislation, Women's Hall of Fame and other women’s issues. I am in the process of changing laws regarding adoption and the process of adoption, which will be known as The Holley Family Law. Activities: Politics (Republican Party) campaigns, Child Advocate on Fostering and Adoptions. 

Cheryl Holley
Married for 17 years, no human children.....lots of furred and feathered children.  Worked for the Fl. Department of Corrections for 18 years.  Currently a Senior Probation and Parole Officer. 

After graduation I went to Florida A&M University.  My undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice.  I got married been married for 15 years and have a 12 year old daughter. I have been living in Maryland for the past 15 years. In 2004 went back to school got my MBA.  Currently work for the Federal Government as a Program Analyst.  My husband and I also own a landscaping business. 

I also do some consulting on the side. I do life-coaching for adolescents and group coaching (Life Skills, Money Management, Self-Esteem etc)

After graduation from HHS I waited for several months before deciding to join the Marine Corps. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. When I made my decision, I enlisted for 6 years during which I worked on the A-6 Intruder. It was a carrier and land based attack bomber and I maintained some really cool electronic equipment. Learned allot of stuff. I loved the Corps and everything that it stands for.

I met my wife Jeanne while we were both going through electronics training in Millington Tenn. She had enlisted as well from her little town in New Jersey. I was awe struck the moment I saw her, and I can still remember that day as clear as it was yesterday. We were married just two month later. From Tenn we were sent to southern California, stationed on a Marine Air base in the suburbs of L.A. Talk about culture shock! We refer to that area as “the land of fruits and nuts.” There are some real characters out there!

My squadron was attached to the aircraft carrier USS Ranger, which took us to sea numerous times including two 6 month cruises through the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It was during the 2nd cruise when our son Chris was born. The little fella was 3-1/2 months old the first time I saw him. While I loved what I was doing, that was enough to convince me that I didn't want to miss anymore. When my enlistment ended a year later, we packed up and I brought my Jersey girl and our California kid back home to Florida.

I had hopes of putting my avionics experience to work with one of the commercial airlines, but when Eastern Airlines and some others folded under it forced us both to regroup. I got a job at Florida Crushed Stone (with some help and a good word from Ken Exum) and worked for them until 98. I wanted a bit more than I was getting there, so I took a job which uprooted the family again and we moved here to the Dayton Ohio area that year and have been here since. I've work for Cemex as a maintenance supervisor and system administrator for 10 years now. Jeanne has been able to maintain her job with Aetna through each of our moves and has 18 years with them. Jeanne and I have been married 23 years already. Wow...time flies

Our son Chris is 19 now. It's been such a joy to watch him grow and become a young man. Through the last few years I've seen so much of myself in him. Some of the things he's said and done I can clearly remember trying to pull off with my parents. He wrestled and played football in jr. high, and played baseball and football through high school. He lettered 10th through 12th grades playing football, and his team achieved more success during his Jr and Sr years than they had in the previous 20. I was one proud papa, and we didn't miss a single game. He's finishing up his freshman year of college this spring, aiming towards a computer science major.
I just moved from the great state of Florida to Franklin, TN just outside of Nashville.  I love it there, but miss my family greatly!  Well, I have basically done everything backwards including marrying very young, giving birth to my daughter Erica, accepting my first real job and then attending college graduating with a bachelors in business administration.  I must confess though, I never really enjoyed being a student in either arena but do realize the importance of higher learning.  I have built a career in the healthcare field since 1988 and currently work for the corporate office of Community Health Systems who owns 130 plus hospitals throughout the US which brought me to Tennessee where more than likely will remain my home!  My daughter, Erica graduated from UCF and just accepted her first teaching job and resides in Orlando, Florida - our home for 12 years. 
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