Hernando High School Class of 1983
Photo's From June 6 & 7
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Hey Cheryl GREAT job Friday!! What a blast! Kecia Mercer-Holland, Jennifer Fleming-Lugo, Peggy Farmer, Cathy Ritchie, Dee Smith (in back) I have about 40 pictures do you want me to email them to you directly or go thru the website and upl
Jessie Martin-Woody and Jennifer Fleming-Lugo (Yes, Jessie is wearing the orginal '83 Leopard Growl shirt...and fits it!)
Cathy Ritchie and Bob Pepe (our DJ and class of '84)
Sean Edwards with Jill Whaley-Major
Terry Lake and Peggy Farmer
Cathy Ritchie, Kathy Cutlip-Ellinghusen
Dee Smith, Mike Yungmann and Peggy Farmer
Dr. Peggy Farmer with Dr. Troy Smith
Dale Canaday with Kim Mott
Cathy Ritchie, Paula McNeal (84) and Kecia Mercer-Holland
Dr. Art Spell and Dr. Peggy Farmer
Cheryl Knighton-Smith, David Ayers
Cheryl Knighton-Smith, With Delores Haygood-Williams
(Left to Right)John Schatzan, Cathy Lawrenson, Bob Pepe, Tracy Barbee, and Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan
Trace Scarbrough and Peggy Farmer
Brenda Millrons-O'Brien and Cheryl Knighton-Smith
The Committee getting ready for the main event Friday night at Coney Island
Ken Exum Friday night at Coney Island
Jim Elliott at Coney Island Friday, June 6 2008
Bob Pepe and Jennifer Fleming-Lugo Friday night at Coney Island
Pam Bailey, Peggy Farmer, Jennifer Flemning-Lugo and Cathy Ritchie
Sean Edwards, Cathy Ritchie, Dan Gandee, Jill Whaley-Major, Jennifer Fleming-Lugo and Kim Mott at Coney Island June 6, 2008
Jennifer Fleming-Lugo and Peggy Farmer at Coney Island, June 6
Dawn Scott-Springer with Ron Roby Friday at Coney Island
The girls are back in town! Jennifer Fleming, Peggy Farmer, Cathy Ritchie
Larry McNeal (82?) and Ken Exum
Denise Trotter-Leld, Tom Kirby, Peggy Jennings-Beyer (pink shirt), Denise Dirksen-Hall and Brad Hall ?
?, John Berke, Sylvia Berke, and Terry Lake
Sandi McNeal & Brent Bailey
Ken Exum, Cathy Ritchie and Ron Roby
Gettin' started 6/6/08 Coney Island
Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan and Sandra Ehret-Owens
Sandra Ehret-Owens...still working!
Dee Smith, Mrs. Barbara Mauel and Mr. Steve Manuel & Mr. Lou Olivares
Ron Roby, Becky Wiel-Heatherley & Brian Ball
Coney Island parking lot 6/6/08
April Lothian-Herne & Elaine Singer
Arthur Auville with Vanita Kersey-Williamson
Joe Mattingley
John & Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan and Tracey Barbee-Wood
Ken Exum, Danny Hamilton, John Piermatteo, Michelle Urso, David Goforth, David's sister, Tracie Barbee-Wood, & Cheryl Knighton-Smith
Tracey Barbee-Wood and Ron Roby
Greg Cameron (Jeannie Whitaker-Cameron husband), Wendy Peterson and Rich Baldwin
April Lothian-Herne and Melisa River-Minnie (Jimmy Minnies wife)
Kecia Mercer Holland
Chip Palko, Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan and Delores Haygood-Williams
Chip Palko and Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan
Kecia Mercer-Holland and Danny Hamilton ('84)
Michelle Harahan & Ken Exum
Donna Bodtmann, Don Bloom & Ron Roby (he got her name right without looking at her nametag!)
Donna Bodtmann
Michelle Harahan & Brian Bean, like OMG!!
Ron Roby, Danny Hamilton & Ken Exum. They NEVER caused trouble as teens...really!
Jeannie Whitaker-Cameron & Tracie Barbee-Wood
The Schatzan couple enjoying a quiet moment together.
Brian Ball & Dan LaPlaca
Art Spell & Becky Weil-Heatherly
Enjoying a chance to have a seat. Jessie Martin-Woody, ?,Vicki Knighton '82, Cheryl Knighton-Smith, Alan & Cheryl Platt
Kim Bleich-Knab, Joe Burdin '84, Sandi McNeal, Tom Kirby & Paula McNeal
Ron Roby, Trace Scarborough & Art Spell
Ron Roby, Jodi Burdin-Jones with husband Greg, Trace Scarborough, Art Spell & Sean Edwards
Becky Drummond-Klosset & husband Robert
Ken Exum
Delores Haygood-Williams with Kecia Mercer-Holland
Allison Lewie-Bailey '85, Tony Tirado and Larry Trent
John Wescomb & ?
Lynda Bronson-Swicegood with husband Carr
Patti Videyko-Matlock, Kris Piermatteo-Clements & Don Bloom
Hill Top'n
Ken Exum & Kathy Lorenson
Cheryl Holley providing a funny moment for the group!
Woo Hoo! Late Friday night at the Hill Top
Ron Roby, David Ayers, Cheryl Knighton-Smith, Kathy Lorenson and Dawn Scott-Springer
Carr Swicegood, Kecia Mercer Holland, Delores Haygood-Williams, Cindy Goforth (David's Wife), David Goforth and Bryan Bean
Bryan Bean
Danny Hamilton, Troy Smith with wife Stace
? Kathy Cutlip-Ellinghusen
Jennifer Fleming-Lugo, Peggy Farmer, Dee Smith
Hill Top round up
...Yes, that is council member Joe Bernardini doing the hustle with Ruby Norris-McGeehan Grubbs
Cheryl Knighton-Smith, Dawn Scott-Springer and Patti Videyko-Matlock
Cathy Ritchie and Bobby Pepe
Ken Exum and Jodi Burdin-Jones
?, Jeannie Whitaker-Cameron with husband Greg
Dan Gandee, Front: Ruby Norris-McGeehan-Grubbs, Donna Bodtmann and Don Bloom
? Craig and Dawn Scott-Springer with Dawn's brother John Scott
Ruby Norris-McGeehan-Grubbs
Robby Jones, Melanie Winston-Combs & husband "Coach" Billy
Peggy Farmer, Pam Bailey, Dee Smith, Jennifer Fleming-Lugo
Cathy Ritchie, Pam Bailey, Dee Smith, Jennifer Fleming-Lugo
Saturday Night Venue
Ken Exum
Kenny Smith and Donna Papa Smith
Ron and Jeanne Roby
Dee Smith and Ron Roby
Donna Papa-Smith, Becky Weil-Heatherley and Ken Exum
Back: Dan Gandee, Bob Wilson, Ray Elliott, Front: Theresa Mexiner-Young and Robert Priest
Theresa Mexiner-Young and Chip Palko
Cathy Lorenson and Ken Exum
Donna Papa-Smith, Bryan Bean and Kathy Lorenson
Ray Elliott, Bob Wilson and Jim Elliott
Bryan Bean & wife Caryl
Karen Romine...Wow what a voice!
The Gang Sandra Ehret-Ownes, Bob Wilson, Ron Roby, Bryan Bean, Donna Papa-Smith, Chip Palko, Beverly VanHorn, Don Everson (missing) Delores Haygood-Williams
Gov. Claude kirk, Guest speaker
Chip Palko and lovely assistant Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan
Military Honor: Trinia Miles-Lynch, Ron Roby, Ken Exum, Kenny Thomas, Dan Gandee, Don Everson, Bob Wilson
The Committee
Longest Married....Donna Papa-Smith and Kenny Smith *25 yrs
Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan and Kathy Lorenson
Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan and Beverly VanHorn-Bushell
Wow...Debra Hazelton-Trotter and Tony Trotter
Kimberly Bliech-Knab with Ken Exum
Donna Papa-Smith, Cheryl Knighton-Smith, Mary & Dan Gandee and Bob Wilson
Carr Swicegood with wife Lynda Bronson-Swicegood and Sean Edwards
Becky Weil-Heatherley with husband Jesse
John & Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan, Tony Tirado and Vicki Stonecipher
Delores Haygood-Williams and Tom Kirby
Tom Kirby with Kecia Mercer-Holland
Scott and Diane Butcher-Otey with Heather Hale-Walker and husband Brian
Trace Scarbrough, Dee Smith, Author Spell and Earl Nordgren
Brenda Millirons-O'Brien and husband Joe
Brenda Millirons-O'Brien and Cheryl Knighton-Smith
Stephen & Kristine Grahmn-Herrmann, Donald Bloom and Donna Bodtmann
A loving husband, John and Kathy Hinkle-Schatzan
Jeanne Whitaker, Tony Tirado, Vicki Stonecipher and Cathy Lorenson
Shannon & Dawn George-Dugan, Sandra Ehret-Owens
Bryan Bean "Surreal"
Caryl Bean (Brian's wife) and Dee Smith
Diane & David Morgan, Karen Romine, Earl Nordgren
Shaina Mattingly, Mary Gandee, Beverly VanHorn-Bushell, Kecia Mercer-Holland, (Sitting)
Sandi McNeal and Troy Smith
Vanita Kersey-Williamson and Arthur Auville
Trace Scarbrough...Wow!, Jimmy Minnie, Joe Mattingly...wow!!
"Coach" Billy & Melanie Winston-Combs
L-R David Pribil (Math Teacher), Latrelle Yungmann (Mike's wife) and Patrick Bushell (Beverly VanHorn's husband)
Lynda Bronson-Swicegood with husband Carr Swicegood
Kathy Lorenson
Ken Exum
Cheryl Holley with "Super Leopard Cape"
Theresa Meixner-Young...wow
Denise Dirksen-Hall...the woman that was voted and Ron Roby
Denise Dirksen-Hall, Ron Roby, Jim and Ray Elliott
Kimberly Bliech-Knab, Tom Kirby, Sean Edwards, Sandi McNeal, Ron Roby and David Morgan
Dan Gandee with Cheryl Knighton-Smith
Ron Roby, Cheryl Knighton-Smith and Dan Gandee
Ken Exum and Chip Palko
Ron & Jeanne Roby
Kecia Mercer-Holland
BFF's Jennifer Fleming-Lugo and Peggy Farmer
Jill Whaley and Pam Bailey (82)
Mike and Latrelle Yungmann
April Lothian-Herne and husband Ben Herne
April Lothian-Herne and husband Ben Herne
April Lothian-Herne
April Lothian-Herne
Heather Hale- Walker & April Lothian-Herne
Heather Hale-Walker & April Lothian-Herne
Mr O
Ben Herne & Dan LaPlatka
Don Everson & Wife
April & Joe Burdin ...childhood friends!
Kecia, April And Cheryl after a week-end of fun & hard work!
April & Kathy Cutlip
April Lothian-Herne, Don Everson & Heather Hale-Walker
Sisters Michelle and Andre Urso! Ola Ola ...... Cool Style!!
Kandee Salomez-Reed & Trina Miles-Lynch
Billy & Melanie Winston-Combs
Elaine Singer with Brenda Millrons-O'Brien
Trace Scarbrough and Marsha Clarke
Gina "Cookie" Hall & Trace Scarbrough
Sandra Ehret-Owens
Cynthia and David Goforth
Heather Hale and Michelle Harahan
Paul Militello, Denise Dirksen-Hall, Art Spell and Trace Scarbrough
Lynda Bronson-Swicegood Mr Steve Manuel and Terri Brewer
April Lothian-Herne & Mary Gandee (Dan's wife)
April Lothian-Herne after a great night!!
Ray Elliott, April Lothian-Herne & Jim Elliott
Dan Gandee & Cheryl Holley chatting at the bar, getting the plans down.
Chip Palko...still working. We love our Military men
April Lothian-Herne & Denise Dirksen-Hall
Kecia Mercer-Holland, April Lothian-Herne, Brian Bean & Delores Haygood-Williams
Mike Yungmann & April Lothian-Herne
Kris Piermatteo-Clements, Latrelle and Mike Yungmann
April Lothian Herne & Jeanne Roby (Ron's Wife)
The crowd at Coney Island
The crowd at Coney Island
Wow...what a crowd.
Reminds me of the circles
Becky Wiel-Heatherley & Jess with Brent & Jody Young
Bill Bon and Brian Ball
Bob and Jen Wilson
Brian Ball, Bill Bon, Jason Heatherley, William Holton (Susie Langworthy's husband)
Bryan Bean and Trace Scarbrough
Dee Smith with ?
Heather Hale-Walker with hubby Brian
Jen Wilson (married to Bob Wilson) and Mary Gandee (Married to Dan Gandee)
Joe Bernardini with Kecia Mercer-Holland
Joe Mattingley
John Berke and Jason Heatherley
Larry Trent, ? , Sharon and John Wescomb
Mike yungmann with Trace Scarbrough
Stacie Smith (Troy's Wife) with Nelson Hernandez
Sandra Ehret-Owens
Sandi McNeal, Tom Kirby, Sean Edwards and Kimberly Bliech-Knab
Terry Lake and John Berke
Terry Lake with Dawn Scott-Springer
Jim Elliott
John Wescomb...da man
Kathy and Cathy
Kathy Hinkle-schatzan and Tracie Barbee-Wood
Brad Hall, Trace Scarbrough, Denise Dirkeson-Hall
Sherry & Fred Crum
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