Hernando High School Class of 1983

Top Ten Reason To Attend Your Class Reunion by Cheryl Holley

10.  To humor the reunion committee...they are a bunch of deluded die-hards who think everyone should show up to appreciate their efforts! 

9.   If we don't get enough RSVP we will have to relocate the reunion to "The Country Kitchen".

8.   Some of your classmates have traveled long distances hoping to see YOU!

7.  Time is short, life can be hard, but friendships can renew you.

6.   Get to know the people you didn't know in high-school, you have a lot more in common than you think. 

5.  You don't really see everyone you want to "all the time".

4.   It's a night out, that happens once every decade. 

3.  Rebuild lost friendships. 

2.  Studies and statistics have shown that those who were initially hesitant about attending a reunion discovered it was an event they wouldn't have wanted to miss.

1.  And Finally, if you don't show...we'll say you're doing hard time in jail and post a mug shot of you. 

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