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Sharyl Glader (Walla)...Spending time with family members, Brant, Tate, myself and Lindsey. This photo was taken in our back yard by Rapid Creek.
Melinda Loy (Schleve)... Helping my mother, Marian Schleve, celebrate her 105th birthday are my daughter, Chris, granddaughters, Tessa and Chloe, and niece, Kim.
Melinda Loy (Schleve)... Celebrating my mother’s (Marian Schleve)105th birthday 01/22/2020. My Mother with myself, sister, Marvel, and brothers, Jim and Marshall.
Ned Leonard - My son Andy and I onstage together for the first time in 20 years in the Metro Players' production of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap." Andy had a lead as "Sgt. Trotter" and I was in a supporting role as "Mr. Paravacini."
Paul Crosmer... Our oldest son Jonathan and wife Kathleen. He's really a violist but his day job is computer programming.
Paul Crosmer... Detroit Symphony cellist Jeremy
Paul Crosmer... Our C-130 pilot 1LT Annalisa
Paul Crosmer... Daughter Charlotte while touring with Barrage8.
Paul Crosmer... Our latest fad when Christmas rolls around.
Cathy Hansen (Warner)...Jerry & I with 2 of our 3 grandkids.
Cathy Hansen (Warner)... All our grandkids together last Christmas in Sioux Falls.
Robert Wiedrich... No longer thin and good looking but still enjoying a good ride.
Robert Wiedrich... Can't put the granddaughters on the bikes. Had to get them a different ride.
Robert Wiedrich... There have been some changes at our home. Granddaughters.
Ned Leonard... The Leonard family grew by one, this weekend (July 28) when Red Dowdell married Deb's and my daughter Jane in Lexington, VA. That's her brother Andy on the left.
Reed Christensen ...All the grandkids during the annual Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpas’.
Reed Christensen and my two sons rock fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.
Price Shearn... Hawaii
Mel Killian... I got to fly a plane today with my daughter.
Mel Killian... Royal Gorge my son and daughter and i
Mel Killian..... Clear Creek advance rafting 2018
Mel Killian...My Son and me rafting trip 2018.
Rick Robinson and daughter Alicia Carpenter on her wedding day. You will be missed...
Connie Waddell ... Sledding with my grandson, Eric
Deb, Jane, Andy, and Ned Leonard
Brian Yeoman with daughter Brianne
Mel Killian and family white water rafting.
Mel Killian and family sky diving.
grace mickelson w daughter judy
MJ Obrentz (Forte)... Oct 2017, with my younger daughter, Lauren, at their farm in Ledbury, UK
MJ Obrentz (Forte) ... Dec 2017 in UK with grandchildren Annabelle (5) and Matthew (3)
MJ Obrentz (Forte) ... This Christmas in France with my elder daughter, Lisa, who lives in Vienna with husband, Ghislain, and children Tristan (6) and Daphne (3)
Mary Tjeerdsma (Bowlby) ... Christmas one year ago. Me with 4 of my grands, Kayla, Avery Kate, Graham, and Alex Typical pic of Graham AKA Gman!
Mary Tjeerdsma (Bowlby) ... Me with two of my grands..Kayla and Alex
Bill Frost ...This is what we live for. Christian, Samantha, & Aidan.
Disney Cruise in 2006 when our grandchildren were VERY YOUNG! Denise Oldach (Rueffert)
My son, Scott Anderson, daughter-in-law Kimberly McCarron, me - Rose Klix, and hubby Rob Klix at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC
Michael Rueffert- With two of my four granddaughters, Jayden age 9 and Mackenzie age 4.
Mike Rueffert... My wife Caroline with our Great-granddaughter, Felicity.
Oh, a happiest day at the happiest place. The family of Jan Campbell Steichen
Kris and I in the roadster. Jim Beaird
Kris and I with our three sons and grandkids. Jim Beaird
Eileen Ohlsen family photo from July 2015
This is a family reunion from a few years ago... Pat Muldoon (Countryman)
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