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Arroyo High 50th Reunion
Class of 1970
Missing Classmates
If you can help us contact a missing classmate from this list, please click on their name:
Jeffrey Abraham     
John August     
William Bates     
Katherine Beck     
Christina Beebe     
Al Borba     
Billie Burnside     
Lucilia Cabral     
Rosalina Campos     
Dave Carrera     
Renee Crabtree     
Rodney DeVoll     
Jane Dujardin     
Blake Edwards     
Bill Eliseuson     
Robert Flores     
Ronald Foster     
Gary Gallagher     
Charles Gaylord     
Mike Goodwin     
Roland Groves     
Lance Haglund     
Cal Honda     
Montegue Kalama     
Robert Kump     
Chris Landers     
Kathy Lynd     
Colleen Mahoney     
Sherry Martinez     
Douglas McPhee     
Richard Miller     
Mike Murray     
John Nordhavn     
Alan Petrash     
Nancy Phillips     
Don Reed     
Cheryl Rose     
Gary Rose     
Marilyn Salleng     
Ruben Sattui     
Ronnie Silva     
Luann Silver     
Ben Smith     
Sheldon Stein     
Karin Thomas     
Douglas Thomsen     
Peter Tooley     
Brenda Wentz     
Paul Willis     
Linda Wynkoop     
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