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Arroyo High 50th Reunion
Class of 1970
In Memory

Don Ashworth

Linda Borrello

David Brokaw

Roy Brooks

Paul Burbank

Kathleen Caruso-Ippolito

Mike Christensen

Marjorie Crews-Lozano

Dave De Garmo

Fred De Polo

George Doran

Randy Dunn

Robert Eatmon

Richard Edwall

Kathy (Kate) Fairclough-Maney

Alma Farris

Michelle Folks

Val Frantz

Brenda Galli

Deborah Gobel

Thomas Hart

Kenneth Hirsch

William Hoigaard

Franklin Houston

Glenn Kouts

Larry L'Hommedieu

Susan Leimbach

David Marston

Joyce McCauley

James McConnell

Robyn McDonald-McNary

Eddie McKean

Steve Monzo

Eric Nelson

Charlotte Nicholas

Anne Nolting

JoAnne Oliver-Ferdinand

Patricia Panian

Jeffrey Pepper

Natalie Pepper

James Peterson

Judi Pinson

Dottie Povey-Morris

Susan Pulido

Daryl Ragusa

Renée Rebiejo-Bucke

Leonard Sanchez

Craig Schwoyer

Dorothy Silva-Williams

David Smith

Richard Smith

Doreen Sobbe-Ibarra

Noreen Swenson-Ackerman

William Taylor

Roger Trimble

Edward Trujillo

Kevin Tulley

Donald Vallejo

Veronica Vargas

Redmond Walsh

Jean Zambic


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