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Arroyo High 50th Reunion
Class of 1970
Reunion Dinner/Dance
Phil Bigelow1
Ed Branco2
Edward Branco2
Terri Stowers (Bufkin)2
Terri Stowers (Bufkin)2
Barbara Shrikishun (Curtis)2
Adeline Kanae (Dias)1
Kevin Donovan1
Cindy Evans1
Cynthia /cindy Evans1
Stephanie Ferreira1
Victoria Freitas1
Michelle Pestana (Goodrich)2
Stephen Heuer1
Tina Wilder (Hunziker)2
Arturo Laines2
Ray Lewis2
Tony Lizotte2
Kim Lloyd2
Don Marshall2
Cathy McConnell1
Sherry Wray (Meredith)1
Gary Pezzi2
Kathy Soller (Potts)1
Kathy Soller (Potts)1
JoAnne Revelli (Rodrigues)1
Richard Rogers2
Pandy Line (Sconyers)1
Pandy Line (Sconyers)1
Robert Scott2
jeffrey seideman1
Claudia Shaw2
John Silva2
Eileen Heuer (Skinner)1
Dave Stapp2
Patti Windsor (Tehero)2
Dianne Lee (Ullom)1
Jim Wagner1
Kim Rowe (Wales)1
Darlene Gillham (Wardlow)1
Patsy Cheney (Warren)1
Carol Power (Weber)2
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