Bonita Vista High School Class of 1990
Randy Stoker going big in Otay-po
Dan Giles' back, Matt Sherard, Chris Wilson, Matt Gibbs, Moises Cohen, Brad Knudsen and Brian Knudsen 1997
Matt Gibbs, Matt Sherard, Chris Wilson, Brian Knudsen, Pablo Ornelas, Casey June, Dan Giles, Gus Castaneda, Brian Clark 2000
Pablo Ornelas and Matt Sherard 2001
Dan Giles, Brian Clark, Casey June and Pablo Ornelas 2002
Dan Giles and Pablo Ornelas, Fire Olympics 2009
The truck
Me (Pablos Ornelas) with my fiancee, Lori
Studied for an MBA at UT Austin - Hook'em Alejandro Cuadros
Can't wait to see everyone. I wonder how many Tiffany Tigers will show up. Alejandro Cuadros (Champagne 2009)
Thanksgiving'08 Debra (Edge) Everhart, Chad, Gavin, and the dogs Lucky & Maverick
Christmas'09 Debra (Edge) Everhart, Chad & Gavin
Pearl (Gil) Hibsman and hubby Ted at a fundraiser last summer.
Pearl (Gil) Hibsman and son Zachary (5 months old) searching for the Great Pumpkin!
Pearl (Gil) Hibsman and her fave heart throb from the BVJ/Tiffany Elementary days.....John Taylor (Duran Duran)!!! Hubba hubba! Wish you were there Marissa, Venus and Amie!
Zachary, Pearl (Gil) Hibsman's son, 5 months.
Melissa, Ethan (4), Allison (13) and Erik (16) Fuson, Mike Fuson's Family
Allison and Melissa Fuson Mike Fuson
Ethan Fuson at the Pumpkin Patch Mike Fuson
Erik Fuson (center) during his Eagle Project Mike Fuson
Ethan Fuson on the slide. Erik Fuson built what you see here as part of his Eagle Project. The original was demolished and completely rebuilt. Mike and Melissa Fuson are very proud of Erik!
Marissa Piceno (Rivera) with husband Greg
At Mira Mesa music performance, my children, Brendan (10) and Meighan (12) - (Marissa Piceno (Rivera))
Aime Razi (Abarca), Irene Zdunczyk (Perez), Fabiola Jejjoni (Paredes) Painting the town in Beverly Hills. (1991)
Selina Flower (Pontecorvo), Aime Razi(Abarca), Bonita Vista High School
Aime Razi(Abarca), Forutan Razi, Fabiola Jejjoni(Paredes), Heiko Jejjoni, Frank Paredes and Lena Paredes(Gomez) New Year's in San Diego, Gaslamp 1994
Aime Razi (Abarca),Fabiola Jejjoni (Paredes),Irene Zdunczyk (Perez), Having a good time with friends.
Irene Zdunczykb(Perez),Fabiola Jejjonib(Paredes), Aime Razib(Abarca) at Senor Frogs
Aime Razi (Abarca),Fabiola Jejjoni (Paredes), Heiko Jejjoni 1994
Jason Flower,Selina Flower(Pontecorvo),Aime Razi (Abarca), Irene Zdunczyk (Perez) Senor Frogs 1997
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