Bonita Vista High School Class of 1990
Kelly, Yana, Molly & Heather (and their dates, prom or Baronial?)
Campus Life trip to Ensenada
Baronial senior year
JV Cheer
Campus Life Ensenada!
Linh Nickell & son, Logan @ the Star Wars exhibit, Forth Worth Science & History Museum.
My son, Alex when he was 1 year old Johanan Veinbergs
Hannah and Alex when they were little still Johanan Veinbergs
Alex and Hannah when they were little Johanan Veinbergs
me with my kids Johanan Veinbergs
my wife and I in Paris France Johanan Veinbergs
My newest photo....Does anyone have P90x that I could borrow....By the way is it a buffet at the reunion...just wondering!! Casey (Where are the doughnuts?)June
Linh Nickell ~ My gorgeous son and I... my mini me :D
My Family!!! Selina Flower (Pontecorvo)
Disneyland 2010 Selina Flower (Pontecorvo)
My Flower Bunch! Selina Flower (Pontecorvo)
I had the good fortune to spend 3 summers in Italy where the people, language, food, land and fashion stole my heart. Of all my travels it remains my favorite place on earth. Venice, 2001. Elsa Martinez.
Greencastle, Northern Ireland 2006. I eloped last year and continuing my love-of-everything-foreign, married an Irishman so I'd have an excuse to visit his beautiful country every year... Elsa Martinez
Machu Pichuu, Peru 2006. A truly magical experienc was camping and hiking the 5-day Inkan Trail in the Andes of Peru. I highly recommend it to my fellow Outdoor-lovers. It is challenging and the altitude is extreme but it remains one of the most amazing th
Death Valley, 2009. Elsa Martinez with my Irish husband, Patrick. Although I am passionate about foreign lands, I can also be found locally with my fair Irish husband throughout the year camping, hiking and shooting photography in the desert
Marnie Purvis, Erin Gannon and Yana Aldridge at graduation
Yana Aldridge's daughter Ella (2 yrs old)
Yana, Regina, Pablo and Marnie in the ASB office
Yana and Brady Aldridge
Ron Allen and daughter Lauren
our little girl Lauren! Ron Allen
nobody can do the '2hr nap' like DAD and Lauren, though... Ron Allen
Ron Allen and daughter Lauren
Ron Allen and daughter Lauren
My wife Jodi and daughter Lauren Ron Allen
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