Bonita Vista High School Class of 1990
My Family Christmas 2009 - Hanne (Aubuchon) Venables
Brenda Gold
Brian and I at Joshua Tree Beth (Zwolinski) Rice
Veunus (Ang) Jacobson Family Vacation - Maui 2010
The Veunus (Ang) Jacobson's in Washington State - June 2009
Veunus (Ang), Billy, Liam and Jackie Jacobson - December 2008
Veunus (Ang) and Billy Jacobson - September 2009
Jackie and Venus Jacobson (Ang) - Mother's Day 2010 at Isabella's Cantina in Pacific Beach
Jackie, Venus (Ang) and Liam Jacobson - America's Finest City Half-Marathon 2010
Venus Jacobson (Ang) and Archie Palencia at club Basic in downtown SD - August 2010
BVJ days
BVJ days
BVJ days
BVJ days
Okay had to put this in there -
Venus Jacobson (Ang) the short one towards the middle - after completing her first triathlon with Team Disney for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Jackie, Venus (Ang) and Liam Jacobson - Cast Member Christmas Party 2009
Molly and Heather Graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cake was yummy!
MGibbs, Devo, Raimee, Marnie (DEC 1990)
Dan Giles looks for a PROM date????
Brian Knudsen always "scamming" on the underclassmen!
A bunch of people (Jason Garcia CENTER of attention as always!) (We LOVE you Jason!)
The Baron SENIOR "leaders" practicing hard for yet another 5-5 season! (Jason Garcia, BOTTOM middle #27!!!!!!!)
PINK must have been the NEW red back then????????????? R.I.P. Jason (and all others we LOST way too early....Pam H.; Ryan A.; Sarah T.; Diana C.; Chris F. and any others we missed!)
I'm in the big SQUARE on the right, 1st row, 8th seat in (MGibbs)
Of course Jeff Yakubik is the only one with the YELLOW "sash" for HONOR Roll. Casey left his in the football locker room???
Yana and Heather standing (Molly on the right sitting down???) Pablo, in back, trying to be seen!
Two words.............O.M.G.
If these two didn't win King and Queen.......they should have?
From Left: Gibbs, June, Clark, Giles, Dauz, Sherard, and..................number 33????
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