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Lido School "Angelo The Naughty One Cast". From June 1954. We were at the "Annex". Regards Monte Ganis
Lido Elementary School from class 1B June 1954 Program cover "Angelo The Naughty One" Cast is next...Photo. Regards Monte Ganis
Treasured possession from cheerleading uniform.
Varsity Sweater
Tassel and Ring
Blue and White
Basketball Team
I think this is from one of our senior fundraisers
For those 1959 Lido Elementary School graduates I came across my autograph book. Many of you signed ..... (cont. in following photo)
.... but I knew you would all recognize this name.
Boardwalk one month before Sandy hit.
Long Beach, Fall 2013 (from Gail Schanker Rosenberg)
Long Beach 2005: from Janie (Samuels) Sills
Long Beach 2005: from Janie (Samuels) Sills
Long Beach 2005: from Janie (Samuels) Sills
From Nancy (Miller) Asselin
Long Beach 2014: from Nancy (Miller) Asselin
Laurel Luncheonette 2013: from Nancy (Miller) Asselin
The Laurel Theater: from Nancy (Miller) Asselin
The LIRR Station 2013: from Nancy (Miller) Asselin
The Library 2013: from Nancy (Miller) Asselin
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