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Sima Gordon Drucker and Laura Hodes Drexler have a happy accidental meeting at the Laurel Diner Nov. 2!!
Yet another reunion (of sorts)! Janie Samuels Sills, Susan Propp Teitelbaum, Harriet Katz Schenk in rain-soaked CA having a wonderful lunch!
While visiting DC, I took this picture of the Viet Nam wall where my Step brother Eddie Bruno's name is.
Great excuse for a weekend getaway! Joe Josephs had the distinction of displaying his art at a gallery in Cambria, CA where he spends a lot of time photographing beautiful scenery when he isn't in New York doing the same thing. I love his work so I asked my husband if he'd like to go to Cambria for a weekend so we did! It was great! Joe & Helen showed us around & I kept seeing sites that I recognized from his photos!
Mini Reunion at The Met: Irwin, Sima, Elliot
Nancy Miller Asselin and Debbie (Mrs. Irwin) Feinstein
Mini Reunion, Elliot and Cathy and Freddie Fink in background
More MIni Reunion
Mini Reunion, Metropolitan Museum, 5/15/16
Mini-Reunion, Central Park, 5/15/16 Joey Josephs, Ellen Spier, Sima Gordon Drucker, Irwin Feinstein, Linda Brown, Barbara Gans Russo, Cathy Ruth Brodsky, Eliot RIng,Nancy Miller Asselin, Freddie FInk, Stacy Fink, Morty Landowne
German night with some buddies: Barbara Sanders, Brenda Piacente, Adrienne Rose, Renee Pollack.
Janis (Manhattan Beach), Janie (Chicago) and Donna (Sacramento) having lunch in beautiful Laguna Beach CA in January.
New kitten (tortie tabby) after losing 2 of 3 in the April house fire. Her name is Cici and she is 2 months younger than the calico tabby (Cali) who was the sole animal survivor of the fire
Ellen, Joey, and Barbara with their mates having a lovely pre-holiday lunch in NYC
Nancy, Cathy, Linda, Ellen, Barbara, and Sima have a wonderful NYC lunch, 11/23/15!
Notice the blue hat? Thanks , Carol Spry!
Ms. Quinn (Gym), Carol Spry and Michelle Leffler Lips
Joel Robins, Joey Joseph's & Michael (Piggy) Stein enjoying a stroll on the boardwalk.
Mother's day. Maddie and her family
Mother's Day with Sima and her boys!
Early reunion! Sima and DeeDee
Last week, with two of my sisters, Laura and Judy. Some of you may remember them. [From Deborah Meyers Coccoli]
Scene from the 20th reunion includes from left Eileen Nad, Ira Nordlich, Maureen Sullam, Charlotte Boozer, Donna Franklin and spouses
Charlotte Boozer Shaffer and Donna Franklyn Berger at Long Beach Lions Club Ft. Lauderdale reunion 2010.
Donna Franklyn Berger and Ivy Schifrin Moses On one of their journeys around the world in Maui.
Ronnie & Rayna
Cheri (Gould) Alexander with husband Allen
Joey Josephs with Fran Agovino Crystal and Kate Remo
NY Agr & Tech Inst., Class Trip, May, 1960-- at right-Phyllis Ostrov, at left Marcia Meyers (?) and who has her hands in her pockets? (my guess: Wendy Malcolm)
Class trip to NY Agr. & Tech. Inst. @ Farmingdale (now, SUNY College), May, 1960--Mrs. Strassenreiter and Mr. Cohen
Class trip to Hyde Park, NY, May, 1959 --left to right: Margot Caven, Phyllis Ostrov, FDR, Elyse Bank, (?--please identify)
Harriet Katz Schenk, Janie Samuels Sills and Susan Propp Teitelbaum, Laguna Beach, CA - February 2015
Cruising 2015. Adrienne Rose, Marlene Kalin, Diane Spiegel (head shot), Elyse Goodstein, Ruth Siegel, Elinor Levitsky, and Sandy Friedman (class of '63).
Long Beach reunion in Delray Beach: Lois Lang, Ruth Siegel, Cathy Ruth, Alan Sherman, Lauren Kaliko
Miss Kelly's central school kindergarten graduation play
Fran and Jay Murphy (Yurman)
Top: Lynn Peltzman, mystery girl ? (anyone know who it is ), Dotty Puletz, Bottom: Gail Schanker and Diane Nelson
Roxee Graziano, Lenore Hornig, Barbara Gans, Gail Schanker - the dude ranch trip 1960's (anyone remember the name of the ranch?)
Marleen Krieger, Cheryl Straus, Laurie Miller, Roxee Graziano, Diane Nelson
Top: Diane Nelson, Cheryl Straus, Joan Goldstein Bottom: Cathy Ruth, Barbara Gans, Roni Siperstein From Roxee Graziano
Top: Sima Gordon, Dina Elbaum, Barbara Gans, Gail Schanker Middle: Sandy Erptsein, Wendy Malcolm Bottom: Joan Goldstein, Erma Bender From Roxee Graziano
At Too-Jays in Coral Springs for some decent deli. 11/14 Iris S, Marlene K, Adrienne R, Ruth S.
Roxee Graziano Lore and husband John, Gail Schanker Rosenberg and husband Michael cold State College, Pa November 2014
Kindergarten friends having lunch in NYC, 10/14: Cathy, Ellen and Barbara
Eddie Chin, Dee Dee, TC
Barbara Gans, Ellen Engel and Joey Josephs Entrance to the Appalachian Trail - Kent Section
The actual Miss Quinn, high school gym teacher and cheerleading coach, with Sima, 9/14!!
Joan Goldstein Gerstein, Francine Yurman Murphy, Susan Propp Teitelbaum meeting for lunch at Dana Point Harbor.
Greetings fellow classmates. The years have been good to me but I should mention that because of some vertebral compression, I am a bit smaller. Allan Eisenbaum
Fran, Irwin & Sima August 31, 2014
1st day of kindergarten, East School, age 4 1/2 Susan Propp Teitelbaum
Anita Schaer, Sweet 16
East School, 2nd grade, Mrs. Dougherty, "Peter Rabbit's Garden
East School, 6th grade, Mrs. Pierre, "The Taming of the Shrew"
5th grade, East School, "The Pilgrims' Three Homes," Mrs. Kilgallon
July 2014 Gail Schanker Rosenberg and Piggy (Michael Stein) State College, Pa
David Beller's Memorial Service 2007: Bottom l to r: Joel Berman, P J Rose, Barbara Gans, Cathy Ruth, Ellen Engel, Piggy, Billy Crystal, Ellen Rubin, Cindy Beller (David’s sister) Top l to r: Joey Josephs , Sima Gordon, Big Mickey Schwartz, Mark Rothstein
Joel Robins with one of his childhood idols, Stan Freeberg in LaJolla, CA
November 17, 2009 Backstage Dallas, 700 Sundays Play: submitted by Phyllis (Levine) Catrucco
Third grade play, Central School
Deborah (Meyers) Coccoli writes: I don't remember whose bat mitzvah this was, but, it was the only one I was ever invited to. I was not part of the "popular" crowd. I recognize Sima Gordon, and Dorothy Icove.
Joey Josephs at work
The L.A. version of Joey Josephs and the girls, this time with Fran Agovino Crystal and Kate Remo
Sept. 2004 in DC. Elyse (Goodstein) Jensen, Adrienne (Rose) Wynn, Michelle (Leffler) Lips, Barbara (Sanders) Lieberman and Diane Spiegel
Mr. G from the Tide, 6/11/65
Joseph Giasi, Charlie Forscher, Morty Landowne, Ron Gertz, Danny Aronzon, Bruce Kampfer, Bernice Robbins, Michael Cohn, Jessica Borzilleri, Laura Hodes
Susan Propp Teitelbaum's Sweet 16 & friends:
Linda Rosenberg Epstein, Ellen Cohen Lipson, Elly Levitsky Shafranek, Renee Pollack Hurson
Carol Sills Zuckerman, Barbara Deitel, Maddy Dorfman Nordell, Helene Reitman
L to R: Laura Hodes Drexler, unknown (sorry!), my younger neighbor, Linda Tarasuk
Steven Lazar's Bar Mitzvah - Top Row - Mickey Zisser, Larry Smith, my sister's friend Cindy, Myself, my girlfriend Eileen ( not from Long Beach ), Ricky Lipton, Cathy Tash, Lower Row, Mark Roffe, Cathy Ruth, my sister Amy, Piggy Stein, Rosemarie Barrera, David Gabriel
Steven Lazar's Bar Mitzvah - Top Row - Ellen Engel, Nancy Miller, Big Mickey Schwartz, Myself, Stuart Fisher, Steven Schatz, Gary Levitz, Second Row - Billy Crystal, Cheryl Straus, my cousin Gary, PJ Rose, Sherry Sutton
Ellen, Joey, Barbara - Kent, CT May 2014
Susan Propp Teitelbaum & Francine Yurman Holl at the Seal Beach, CA classic car show after we discovered that we live in neighboring cities! What fun after a lull of 49 yrs! Thanks to this website for the info that made this reunion possible.
From left to right: Nancy Miller,Ellen Engel, Barbara Gans, Sandy Erbstein, Cheryl Straus, Roni Siperstein, Joan Goldstein, Shared by Beryl Krietzberg
Sima Gordon and Barbara Sarrel, shared by Roxee Graziano Lore
Connie Stevens a/k/a Laurie Miller, Elizabeth Taylor a/k/a Roxee Graziano Lore, Natalie Wood a/k/a Gail Schanker Rosenberg
left to right: Gail Schanker, Beryl Krietzberg, Barbara Sarrel, Joan Goldstein, Judy Parks Charotte Boozer. Shared by Beryl Krietzberg
Ellen Engel and Alan Glinkenhouse
Sima Gordon Drucker and Irwin Feinstein, April 2014
Top row: Barbara Michiel, Roxee Graziano Middle row: Cathy Ruth, Gail Schanker, Jane Tell, Barbara Gans, Lenore Hornig, Roni Siperstein Sherry Sutton Bottom row Phylis Ostrov, Nancy Miller
Barbara Michiel, Barbara Sloan, Lenore Hornig, Gail Schanker, Richard Braham.
Top row: Stuart Fisher, David Beller, Allan "Zach" Fener, Bottom row: Steven Schatz, Richard Janowitz, Alan Dunefsky. Does anyone recognize the boy in the front on the far left? Use the message board to share your answer. Photo from Beryl Krietzberg
Gail Schanker Rosenberg with husband Michael, and Carol Spry with Bobby Viola lunching in Coconut Grove, FL April 2014
Ira Nordlicht with wife Helen, son Donny and daughter Jenny
Sue Rosen Eisenberg and Sima Gordon
Sherrie Sutton, Barbara Gans, Ellen Engel - such fun!
Beryl Kreisel (Krietzberg) and Gail Rosenberg (Schanker) meeting up for a wonderful visit in California, March 2014.
Cathy Ruth, Linda Brown, Barbara Gans, and Sima Gordon, LB 2013
Cruising in 2013: (Top row l-r: Diane Spiegel, Iris Stearn, Lois Lang and friend, Elinor Levitsky, Adrienne Rose; Bottom row l-r: Sue Propp, Ruth Siegel, Marlene Kalin, Elyse Goodstein.
East School play 2nd or 3rd grade
East school play The Tempest, Miss Raffle, 5th grade
East School 4th grade-Marco Polo?
East School 6th grade Mark Twain--Miss Farr
Ellen Engel, Sima Gordon, Cathy Ruth, Linda Brown, Barbara Gans - DInner before Billy's book signing in NYC, fall 2013
In front of the Laurel Luncheonette, 2012: Sima, Cathy, Barbara, Nancy, Ellen
Joel Robins, Alan Dunefsky, and Bobby Cohen in West Palm Beach - February 2014
Elyse Goodstein Jensen and husband Curt. Taken in a pub in Ireland last August
Our favorite place, circa 196?? Top Row: Dorothy Icove (dec.), Sherrie Sutton, Mark Rothstein, Alan Glinkenhouse. Middle Row: Cathy Ruth, Linda Brown, PJ Rose, Jane Tell, Sima Gordon. Bottom Row: Richard Janowitz, Mickey Schwartz, Joey Josephs, Louis Janowitz. Taken by Barbara Gans
Billy C. and Murray Schwartz (AKA Little Mickey) after a performance of Billy's show, Dec. 2013.
Precious memories: Barbara Gans found this in her grandfather's wallet.
Michelle (Leffler)and husband, Ron Lips cruising in the British Virgin Isles 2014. Also, visiting old classmates and friends in Florida.....
Ruth Applebaum (Siegel); Marlene Carron (Kalin), Iris K (Stearn) and Michelle Lips (Leffler) 2014
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