Pictures from Elementary School and our Past
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Elementary School

Kenwood Elementary Grade 1 1954
Kenwood Elem. Grade 1 1954 Seating Chart
Kenwood Elementary Grade 2-3 1955
Kenwood Grade 2-3 1955 Seating Chart
Kenwood Elementary Grade 2-3 1956
Kenwood Elem Grade 2-3 1956 Seating Chart
Kenwood Elementary Grade 3-4 1958
Kenwood Elem Grade 3-4 1957 Seating Chart
Washburn Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Munger Elementary
Nettleton Elementary
Park Point Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Kenwood Elementary
Lakewood Elementary
Ensign Elementary
Grant Elementary
Cobb Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Nettleton Kindergarten 1954
Nettleton Grade 1 1954
Nettleton Grade 2 1955
Nettleton 3-4 1956
Nettleton Grade 4-5 1957
Nettleton Grade 5 1958
Nettleton Grade 5-6 1959
Nettleton Librarians 1956
1958 Kenwood Gr 4-5
Kenwood Grades 4-5 Mrs. Specht Seating Chart
Homecroft Elementary 1961 7th Grade
Homecroft Elementary 1957 4th Grade
Homecroft Elementary 1965 3rd Grade
Kenwood Elementary School Patrol Names
Kenwood Elementary School Patrol 1960
Kenwood Elementary 1960 6th Grade 1960
Kenwood Elementary 5th-6th Grade seating chart 1959-60 Kenwood 1960 6th Grade Seating Chart
Kenwood Elementary 5th-6th Grade 1959
Kenwood Elementary 3rd-4th Grade 1958
Classmate Peggy Prahl pictured with her book "Dear Auntie, Why Me?, A Duluth Woman's Story of Cancer
Endion 1st grade 1954-55// this is in the new addition
When Jefferson School first opened its doors in 1893, it was called “undoubtedly one of the finest ward school structures in the country.” The Neo-Classical Colonial structure cost $84,000 and boasted toilets (or “water closets” at the time) with “automatic flush.” After closing in the mid-1980s, the school was converted into the Jefferson Square Apartments (many boasting lake views); it also houses the Jefferson Children’s Center. -
Jefferson Elementary - Grade 6, 1960- Teacher: John W Lewerence A little older group and I recognize a few more. Henry Djerlev (myself, in the front, really!), Greg Bean, Chris Pappas (?), Greg Beyers, Carl Peterson, Anola Ness (?), Louis Foss (?), Sandy Fellbaum, Despina Regas, Linda Ripley. Please, I need help with others in the photo/s and any corrections!
Jefferson Elementary - Grade 5 - 1959 Teacher: Mr. Richards OK, I need everyone's help on this one also). Again Henry Djerlev (in the way back. . . again!), Stanley Green, Despina Regas, Janice Maki, Mary Washnesky, Lizzy (Elizabeth) Moen, Sandy Fellbaum, Jerry Falk, Carl Peterson, (?).
Jefferson Elementary - Grade 4 - 1958 - Teacher: Liby Milavetz In this one I recognize Henry Djerlev (myself again in the back), Ross Saarela (?), Stanley Green, Despina Regas, Mary Washnesky, Marla Preston, Sue Rocklin, and maybe Lizzy Moen (Elizabeth).
Endion Elementary - Grade 1 - 1955 - Teacher: Eleanor Johnson I can only identify Henry Djerlev (myself in the back) and Greg Bean. Let's get some help from our other Jeffersonian's so we can fill in the rest of the names!
Jefferson School Police Certificate - 1960
Early Photo of Endion Elementary School
1960 Jefferson Elementary - Crossing Guards (b to f & l to r) Henry Djerlev, ?, Peter Austin, Soren Shamblott, Greg Bean-Jay Rud, Louis Foss, Stanley Green, John Anderson, Gary Johnson- Janice Maki- ?, Carl Peterson, Gary Johnson, Jerry Falk, Greg Beyers.
Franklin School, Grade 5-6, 1959 (From Bill Vincent)
Judy Tervo and her Mom 5/2014
Sandra Niemi, Bette Peterson, Ralph Talerico 5/2014
Bonnie Thorseth Niven & Sue Lundin Brown visit. 9/2015
Senior Class Play "Look Homeward Angel" Feb. 1966
10 Year Class reunion in 1976! Hard to identify everyone behind the facial hair!
I still have the hatchet!
An authentic re-enactment of the first Thanksgiving! Grant School, 1957. Left to Right: Ken Pearson, ?, Michael Johnson, Tom Blomstrand, Daniel Savor, Kurt Haldorsen,Brian Eklund, ?
Travelin' to the 1986 All-Class Reunion in Style!!
The other Half of the Class Picture at the 25th Class Reunion in 1991
Half of the Class Picture at the 25th Class Reunion in 1991
25th Class Reunion: (Back Row) Marla Preston, Sharon Hayes, Patty Johnson, Marsha MacIntosh; (Front Row) June Gee, Lynn Duytschaever, Terri Peterson, Bill Chadwick
From the 25th Reunion! The lovely Arlette DeGrio receives a corsage from the charming Ron Abernethy.
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