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Prayers for Marla Preston Yoho and her family

Sending prayers up for classmate Marla Preston Yoho, who's husband Trevor passed away June 28th. A celebration of Trevor’s amazing life will be held on Friday, July 7th at the Brenny Funeral Home, 31283 Front St, Pequot Lakes, MN. Visitation will begin at 11AM with a service at 12 noon. A luncheon will follow. 

Jim Christoferson

We want to make sure everyone knows that if we have your email address, you will only receive your reunion information through email.
We have only mailed packets to classmates for whom we do not have an email address. By using email where possible (193 classmates), we saved over $110 in postage alone, not including the cost of copies, envelopes and labels.

Class Photo Opportunities Additions

Correction: Forgot to include Homecroft and the all class photo on the list

Marla Preston
Special table top decorations for the Class Mixer and Dinner/ Dance

Be sure to check out the "Welcome Page" for new information on the 56th Class Reunion!

56th Reunion Questions & Answers

With an ever-changing COVID situation, is the reunion actually going to happen?

Great question. We're proceeding as if it WILL happen, but common sense tells us to keep an eye on the issue.  Since a reunion, even one that is scaled back a little, requires plenty of time to ramp up, we do have a date in mind that will serve as the deadline to pull the plug. We'll have to make that tough call well before the event to allow out of town classmates to properly prepare.


Scheduling the reunion during the middle of the week is good but will we have the option of attending both days or just the date most convenient for us?

Classmates can pick and choose whatever event(s) they would like to attend.
In June we will provide an opportunity for classmates to register for the reunion. They will be able to register and pay online at the class website or with a check and on a paper registration form. Of course, classmates may pay at the door, but we will ask for pre-registration, so we know what size of group to plan for, especially for the Wednesday night dinner.  Each event, Tuesday night Class Mixer and Wednesday night Dinner/Dance will be priced separately, with the option of registering their spouse as well. There is no need to register for all events. We will not ask for a pre-payment for the Thursday morning breakfast, since that will be ordered off the menu and billed separately by the Social House. We will ask for a show of interest for the breakfast so we can advise the restaurant how big of a group to expect so they have the proper number of servers. Any other events, such as a proposed golf tournament will be pay-as-you-go.

Are we organizing other activities? No, but as venues in Duluth start posting their summer/ fall schedules, we will share a list of events that may be of interest, such as the Vista King boat ride, train rides or festivals.
Arlette DeGrio has proposed organizing a golf tournament.  If you have an interest, please contact her directly at:


During the 50th, we enjoyed a tour of the old Central building. Will something like that be available?

Our beloved old Central has been sold and is being turned into apartments. The new owners will no longer allow access to the tower.


Can I make a donation to help reduce costs?

Absolutely. As The Temptations sang back in that wonderful year of 1966 ... "Ain't Too Proud To Beg!"  Send any amount to Marla. (11491 Gull Lake DR SW, Brainerd, MN 56401)


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Please “Follow” our Facebook page at: <span style="mso-s

We're ready to share the preliminary plans for our 56th Class Reunion!

You'll find most of the information on the Welcome page of this website. In addition, you may have already received your information digitally if we have your current email address in our records. If we only have your mailing address, then the packets went in the mail on Saturday (January 22nd) and you should have them in the next few days. 
If you don't hear from us soon, please let us know!

We have two email addresses: and

Aside from that, you can send us an instant message on our Facebook Page: DCHS Class of 1966      OR

send us a message via this website. If you would like to access your profile to update any of your information and you can't remember your access password, just ask us. Your access information for the website is tied to your email address, so if you have changed your email within the last 6 years, you'll need to let us know and we will walk you through the process.

As you read through your reunion information, you'll notice that we asked if anyone wants to help defray reunion expenses by making a donation. Unfortunately, the bottom line was left off the address, which is: 
Duluth Central Class of '66
c/o: Marla Yoho
11491 Gull Lake DR SW
Brainerd, MN 56401

We're looking forward to September and we hope you are too!!!

Yes to 55th

If we're healthy and Covid has been tamed, that's worth celebrating 

Howard Barnes
Looks like we'll be seeing you in 2022!

A couple of weeks ago we posted a poll asking when it would be best to hold the next class reunion.

Over the last two weeks we have accumulated the responses from all of our class sites: the website, the DCHS Class of 1966 Facebook page, the Duluth Central Class of 1966 Facebook page and the email account.

Based on those responses, it looks like as though we won’t be holding our 55th reunion in 2021.  
Over 80% of the classmates responding would prefer that we wait until at least 2022 for our next reunion. Many classmates voiced their concern about waiting until this health epidemic is more under control, and as the committee well knows, it takes time to put everything together... phone calls, searching out information on class members as they have retired and moved around the country, raising funds for deposits, booking venues, arranging for food, putting together a budget, ordering printing, mailings, etc., etc., etc....
Some classmates are on social media, but many of them can only be reached via USPS mailings. (Our lists do not include cell phone numbers and only a partial list of email addresses.)
Waiting until 2022 will allow all of us that time!

I need to voice my opinion...

I would like to have a 55th Reunion... However, as one of the committee members I must voice my opinion.

In the past it has taken us about one year to put everything together... phone calls, obtaining information on each class member, booking venues, booking all the other stuff, putting together a budget, ordering this and ordering that, meeting several times to find out what has and has not been done, printing, mailings, etc., etc., etc....

Considering the way the world is right not with the Covid Pandemic... I think we would be wise to put off everything until September of 2022.

Regarding the Zoom reunion this year... I vote no. I am involved with zoom meetings at least once per week. Everyone walks on each other while speaking making it a frustrating experience. A Zoom meeting is by far not the answer to a face to face class reunion.

There you have my opinion...

I have voiced my thoughts...



Thanks for reading... Greg

Greg Nimmo

I could do 2022. A zoom meeting would be so confusing with so many people.  I have done it with my family and everyone seems to talk over everyone else. So, next year works if you decide that. Plus more time for planning.


Dianne Forsberg O’Keefe
Co: reunion

I concur with Steve N.  Have a zoom reunion this year and be safe.  


If we have all been vaccinated I say go for it. I know the are working on a booster shot for the fall too. Just like the flu vaccine. We will complete ours in 11/2 weeks. Look forward to seeing everyone and catching up.

Dianne Forsberg OKeefe

Dianne O’Keefe

I'm in, either way.

Greg Ronnback
55 Class Reunion

I really wish we could get together this year.  I am willing to help.  

There is concern by Dr. Fauci and other Medical Doctors about the South African Strain this summer. 

Google in Dr. Fauci  South Africa variant.    Danger Lurks.   

There is a lot of work and expense put into putting a reunion together and we have to know if it is a wise thing to do.  We do NOT want anyone to get the Virus at a Class Reunion.  

Our Annual Park Point Art Fair 50 year,  which is held outside has already been postponed for another year.  I am not on the committee

We as seniors now have to be extra careful.   

Both my Boyfriend Don and I are still waiting for the First vaccine.  He goes to 

Duluth Clinic and I go to St. Lukes Doctors.   

Why don't we talk this over in a few weeks  Listen to the Doctors and see what they are saying.  

One of my favorite sayings  It is Best to be Safe than Sorry.   In this case  Very Sick or even worst.

I have talked to a few classmates, they are not going too far from home.  I want to have a reunion when we can see each other not behind a Mask.  


Charlene Shimmin
From Gyneth

What Darlene said....

Gyneth Slygh

If we have all been vaccinated I say go for it. I know the are working on a booster shot for the fall too. Just like the flu vaccine. We will complete ours in 11/2 weeks. Look forward to seeing everyone and catching up.

Dianne Forsberg OKeefe

Dianne O’Keefe
55 Reunion

I think we should hold the zoom meeting this year and then have a 56 reunion next year.  This will allow all of us to get our two shots and have things calm down with regards to the virus.

Steve Nordberg

Steve Nordberg
Should we have 55th Reunion in 2021?

I feel if we're still asking the question whether we should gather for our 55th reunion because of the pandemic, better to wait 'til 2022.  Things should look closer to normal then. 

Eileen (Petaja) Hargrave

(Thank you for all you do in organizing the Reunion) 

Eileen Petaja Hargrave
Yes to 55th

If we're healthy and Covid has been tamed, that's worth celebrating 

Howard Barnes
2021 reunion

I say hold the reunion this September as planned. 
Who knows what the future will bring. 
Look forward to seeing everyone. 

Darlene Anderson Brown
55 Class Reunion

Let's wait until 2022,  as I stated on FB.    I was just hearing on the National News about the virus,  Not good this summer.  

I think we should have a ZOOM gathering maybe twice a month.   

I highly recommend having our Reunion at Pier B   Silos.   I have been there for a number of activities.  I even had my Don's birthday party,  there for over a 100 people.   I suggest asking if it should be one of 2 nights?  

For now, let's do ZOOM or Google time together.

Charlene Shimmin (McKeever)


Charlene Shimmin

Early last year your Class of 1966 Reunion committee posted a reminder that our 55th class reunion was scheduled for September 17-19 of 2021.

Little did we know then that the coming year would bring us confinement, cancellations, and casualties. No need to go into all of that here since the pandemic has affected each and every one of us in so many ways.

Many of us have already received the first dose of vaccine, while the rest of us know we should be getting it soon. That gives us all hope that our lives will be getting back to the “new normal” soon. But the question is, how soon will that be? How soon will we be comfortable traveling and meeting in large groups again?

Your reunion committee is ready and willing to start re-kindling plans for our 55th class reunion, but we only want to do that if we know when everyone will feel comfortable being together.

We are asking for your input on the timing of our next reunion. Please share your opinion on how we should proceed.

- Should we hold the reunion in September of 2021, as originally planned, but on a smaller scale?

- Should we wait until 2022, when everyone feels safer travelling?

- Should we not hold a 55th (56th) reunion at all and wait until 2026 for our 60th?

We are posting this question on our Facebook page as well as on the class website. It’s important that we hear from every one of you. 
Either post your opinion on the Message Board on this website, or send an email to:

As soon as we have a consensus, we will let everyone know.

Marla Preston
Great person to know...

Saddened by the passing of Ralph. Great classmate to know.

Greg Nimmo

PS I sure hope we can make the 2021 reunion workout... who knows with this Covid thing?

Greg Nimmo
Ralph Bowen information from Bill Andres

Ralph Thomas Bowen

February 26, 1948 - July 6, 2020

Ralph Thomas Bowen, 72, of Apache Junction ,AZ passed away July 6, 2020 in Apache Junction, AZ. Funeral arrangements entrusted to At Seasons End Mortuary 480-982-7721

Published on July 29, 2020

Bill Andres

It's hard to believe, but the Duluth Central Class of 1966 50th reunion was over 3 years ago!

That reunion was unforgettable!
At the end we made a commitment to meet in 2021 and create new memories and adventures for our 55th...  but in a more relaxed locale.

Plans are already in the works for a week-end full of fun and easygoing events to give us time to talk and reminisce.

Now that the holidays are over, you've probably started filling in the empty blanks on a brand new calendar. It's amazing how fast the days and weeks get filled in. 
We know it's still over a year away, but we want to remind you to  block off the weekend of 
September 17-18-19 on your 2021 
calendar for another memory-making reunion!

Thanks for sharing, Ruth.

He was such a great guy. 

Jim Christoferson
Obituary notice for Jan Simonson

found this notice from Rochester Post Bulletin 2011. 

Ruth Mallon Smith
Mrs. Rogina has passed away


Myrtle C. Rogina
Myrtle C. Rogina, 94, lifelong area resident, died Saturday, August 25, 2018 at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth, MN.  

She was born in Duluth,  November 15, 1923, the daughter of Carl and Caroline (Moller) Halvorson. 

Myrtle was a graduate of Denfeld High School’s class of 1942 and went on to obtain her Bachelor’s degree from the Duluth
State Teacher’s College in 1946, and her Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Superior in 1964. 

She was united in marriage to Joseph Rogina, June 14, 1947 and together they made their home in Superior in 1955. They celebrated fifty-five years of
marriage before Joe’s passing in 2003. 

She retired from teaching American History, English, and advising on the school paper at Duluth Central High School in 1985 after thirty-seven years
of teaching. 

She was a member of Faith United Methodist church and the United Methodist Women. She was a member of, and served as president of, Beta
Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma, Chapter E, P.E.O. Sisterhood, St. Mary’s Medical Center Auxiliary and St. Mary’s Hospital Superior Auxiliary. Other
memberships include the Duluth Area Retired Teachers Association, Democratic Party and the Duluth Woman’s Club. 

Myrtle is survived by her sister, Joanne Hagen, Duluth, MN; nieces, Linda Halvorson, Centennial, CO, Kim (David) Kelso, Circle Pines, MN, Karen
(David) Johnson, Duluth, MN, Kathryn (Rockne) Johnson, Duluth, MN, and Kirstin (Kerry) Leider, Duluth, MN; nephew, Robert (Melanie) Halvorson, Oak
Park, IL; and several grandnieces and nephews and great-grandnieces and nephews. 

She is preceded in death by her beloved husband Joe; parents; and brother, Robert Halvorson. 

Visitation will begin at 10:00 AM, Saturday, September 8, 2018 at Faith United Methodist Church, 1531 Hughitt Avenue, Superior, and will continue
until the 11:30 AM Funeral Service with Pastor Joel Certa-Werner officiating.  

Burial will be at Park Hill Cemetery in Duluth. 

Should friends desire, memorials may be made in Myrtle’s name to Faith United Methodist Church, or the Humane Society of Douglas County, 138
Moccasin Mike Rd., Superior, WI 54880, or the Duluth Central High School Alumni Scholarship Fund, 222 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802.

The Downs-LeSage Funeral Home, 1304 Hammond Avenue, Superior is assisting the family with arrangements. To leave a condolence or sign the
guestbook, please visit our website at www.

Class Get together


Hope everyone is doing good. For those that aren't on Facebook this message is for you.    Somehow I got on with the Class of Duluth Central 67.   They had a reunion last night at Clyde Inon.  40 Plus showed up.

How about if we get together maybe the first week in October?   Many hands teaming up emailing and calling I think we can do it.  

Feel free to message on this page, call me (218-722-6828) leave a message. My email address is  

PS  My Don Class get together every year.  They have been doing it since their 50th.  It is held the last Wed of September.  St. Cloud Cathedral Class of 1961. 

Charlene - (McKeever) Shimmin 



Charlene Shimmin
1990 Classmate Looking for Pop Concert Music ...Can Anyone Help?


Hello, I’m in process of obtaining & digitally archiving all DCHS music from 61-91. This includes all Pop Concert & any other music in any format (reel to reel, tape, vinyl) then digitizing. I will then supply Old Central Museum with a free library of our music history since they have none. I will then make available to all alumni all years through a website since grads are all over the world.


I need your help in obtaining the last few Pop Concerts I don’t have. 68,69,70,72. I’m told there is no 67. I have every other year from 70s and forward and earlier from 61-63 Dr. Clayton Hovda. Please help me locate these albums so our music history can not only be preserved but played. The website will be designed to bring all classes together in a music community rather than individual classes. I can be contacted at 218-348-3792 and I’m doing this at my own cost for what Central has done for me. I am in FB and my page is dedicated for this purpose alone. Respectfully, Michael Bryant class of 1990.


Marla Preston
Bob LeFavor

Our classmate, Bob LeFavor, passed away on July 20th, 2017. His obituary has been posted on the "In Memory" Page

Jim Wagner

Our classmate, Jim Wagner, passed away on August 8th. His oituary has been posted on "In Memory" page.

DCHS Class of 1967 could use some help!

The class of 1967  is still trying to locate some of their classmates for their 50th reunion. Contact information for the classmates listed below is still missing. If you happen to know the whereabouts or have contact info, please contact Phil at 218-348-2718 or email Bonnie at

Kathy Agre (Schweitzer)
Mary Anderson
Ed Andler
Lila Battleson (Kallberg)
Chuck Baumgarner
Charlene Benton (Bodin)
Arlis Berg (Twaddle)
Doug Berg
Jeff Birchland
Barb Blais (Hamilton)
Steven Bloomquist
Marlowe Bodin
Beverly Burke (Clark)
Elizabeth Burns-Koivisto
William Byers
Claudia Campanella (Lindberg)
Bruce Campbell
Gary Carlson
Colleen Chambers
Hal Cloutier
Janet Cunningham
Trent Dakan
George Dale
Robert Damsten
Leslie Deal (Griner)
Judy DeLawyer (Hall)
Kay Eletson
Terry Elmore (Pickrell)
Barb Engstrom (Tuck)
Loretta Erickson (Negaard)
Ronald Erickson
Joy Esterbrooks (Koivisto)
Ralph Fairbanks
Chris Filozi (Blais)
Charles Fleming
Allen Fralich
Dennis Garden
Susan Garth
Mary Garvey (Derryberry)
Carol Gerads (Skare)
Donna Gilbert
Donald Gilleland
Edward Gilmore
Beverlee Gorney
Steve Granger
Clyde Hamilton – Sacramento CA?
Sharon Hansen
Roger Harning
Roger Hietala
Dan Hoffman
Christine Holt
Ralph Honeycutt
Jane Hudson (Whetzal)
Donald Jackson
Linda Jackson
Catherine Jensen
Elizabeth Johnson (Miller)
Kerry Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Mary Johnson (Cozzi)
Dianne Jonassen
David Kenyan (Kenyon?)
Barbara Kephart (Christiansen)
David Kern
Sharon Kirsh (Ackerstrom)
Greg Kundert
Cheryl Kunza (Davis)
Mary Kyrola
Joe Latondress
Janice Lavamaki (Anderson)
Cheryl LeClaire
Karen Leone (Howard)
Richard Lindberg
James Linge
Jeannette Lombardi
Michael MacDonald
Agneta Malmquist
Julie Marchand (Kromschroeder)
Steve Martinson
Maxine McKinley (Glapa)
James Miller
Stanley Miller
Larry Moe
Liz Mohn (Bittner)
John Molberg
Patricia Morrison
Steven Morrow
Bill Morterud
Steve Musolf
Keith Myhre
Ann Namur
Susan Nelson (Lindberg)
James Nordberg
Betty Norton
Roger Novak
Vernon Noyes
Ruth Nygaard
Jane O’Dell                                          <span style="line-height: 115%; font-fami

Inez will come back to Duluth...

Inez, based on your heartfelt comments about Duluth as well as you and your husbands experience at our 50th Class Reunion... It is a GIVEN that you both will be back to share another Reunion. WE NEED BOTH OF YOU HERE...

We will forward the next Reunion Plans to you as soon as they are developed.

Thank you for being here this fall...


Greg Nimmo
Thank You Inez

Inez, it was great speaking to you on the phone before the reunion then getting to really meet you and your husband.  I am so glad you enjoyed being in Duluth again.  i wish you and your family a healthy New Year.  Arlette

Arlette DeGrio
Merry Christmas to all classmates and their families.

What a wonderful time of celebration. I have always thought of Christmas as a very magical time you can feel it in the air around you with all the lights, hustle bustle of the shoppers, the smell of making cookies, Christmas music, families coming together even the ones that do not see each other all the time, sharing of gifts and the great meaning of the season. Not just the idea of Santa but also when the greatest gift bestowed on mankind was sent to us on earth.  How could I not feel this overwhelming joy that takes me over. This Christmas wish comes from our home to all of you and your families may the new year bring you all peace, joy and great blessings. I was sadden to hear of classmates that have pasted away in this year they all seemed so young and had so much more living to do. Our condolences to all of their families in this time of their loss. I would also like to give my great thanks to all of the people that took so much time and effort  to make our experience of the 50th reunion a memory my husband and I will always treasure. He was so impressed by the city of Duluth, the surrounding country side and especially Central High and all of its history. We both visited areas that I wanted to see and just to walk about the housing area of Aspenwood (aka:Capeheart) base housing was amazing. It was like being in a dream of time that had past for me. The time I spent in your beautiful city, attended Central High and made wonderful friends so many years ago will always be dear to my heart. I probably will never go there again but I will always have wonderful memories that I think of so often.

God Bless,

Inez Salas Lavery and Michael Lavery

Scottsdale, AZ

Inez Salas Lavery

I was so excited to see so many classmates this past Fall in Duluth.  We have been blessed with so many wonderful miracles of life, families, travel, friendships.   I just wanted to wish all of  you the best and most wonderful holiday season in 2016.   To all of you that our paths cross our lives intermingle it's such happiness and memory making for me.  If you are ever in the Big Lake, MN area (near St. Cloud) stop to refresh and say hello.   Merry Christmas and a very Blessed Happy New Year.

Sharon (Hayes) Robinson
One of the Greatest Student Teachers we had...

So very sorry to learn of Brian's, (Mr. B's), passing. I met Brian and one of his sons a few years ago at a job site. Low and behold, he remembered me. It is tough to loose classmates as well as Student Teachers. He was an awesome person... So Sad...


Greg Nimmo


Brian P. Blatnik, 76, of Duluth, Minn. died unexpectedly Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016 at his home.
Brian was born Oct. 31, 1940 in Winona, Minn. to Frank and Dorothy Blatnik, and they moved to Duluth when Brian was a child. He graduated from Duluth East and went on to UMD, where he received an educational degree in biology and a master's degree. Brian taught biology, anatomy and physiology for 35 years at Duluth Central High School, where he was known as "Mr. B.", retiring in 1997. He married the love of his life, Janet Klein on Aug. 19, 1961 here in Duluth. He began working in construction during the summer breaks, and had projects going throughout his life, including building his home. Brian loved being at the family cabin he helped build on Island Lake, spending time on the pontoon, walking with his wife and the dogs, enjoying time with friends and family.


He was preceded in death by his parents Frank and Dorothy.
Brian is survived by his wife Janet; their children Stephen (Ann Marie Curtin) Blatnik, Mark Blatnik, Chris (Lori) Blatnik and Andrea (Brett Wist) Blatnik; grandchildren Billy, Frank, Brandon, Stephanie, Jamie and Kelly; sister Barbara Blatnik; and his brother Michael Blatnik.


VISITATION: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27 in the Dougherty Funeral Home, where visitation will continue 1 p.m. until the 2 p.m. service on Monday, Nov. 28.


Very sorry to hear of Scott's passing.

My thoughts and I'm sure those of our other classmates are with you.

Henry Djerlev

Henry Djerlev

Scott's brother, Mark, just posted the following message:

"Informing you all that Scott Martin Overland passed away on October 9 2016 in St. Mary's hospital."

Scott has been in the Bayshore Nursing Home for several years, occupying the room next door to classmate Carl Peterson. Al Eastman has visited him during that time, and the day after our Reunion Henry Djerlev visited and brought a copy of our Class Memory Book.  

Mark Overland (brother)
DCHS Class of 1966 Donation to Fight Pancreatic Cancer


If you were at our 50th Class Reunion Dinner/ Dance on Saturday night, you know that we held we held an auction with the goal of donating all of the proceeds to cancer research. We auctioned off class memorabilia, Duluth mementos and even a new laptop computer, all donated by classmates and family and friends of classmates.  
The enthusiastic bidders opened their hearts and pockets to raise $940.
With the help of one of our classmates, we were able to make a direct connection with the a group who are doing dedicated research on pancreatic cancer ... a cancer that affects both men and women.  
We rounded those auction proceeds up to $1,000 and made a donation in the name of the Duluth Central HS Class of 1966.

We just received the following message as a "Thank you":


Thank you, Duluth Central, for making a life-changing gift today to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. You’ve just helped create a brighter tomorrow for pancreatic cancer patients.Your support allows us to continue to provide comprehensive information, resources and hope to patients and their families, bolster our community outreach, enhance our government advocacy efforts and contribute to scientific research by funding grants. With your help, we will reach our goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival by 2020. Thanks to you, we are able to Wage Hope every day.



Endion and Jefferson Elementary Student?

I've posted some photos on the "Elementary School" tab.  It would be great if folks could try and identify the students in our class photos.  We've got a few identified, but there are many more that need to be!   Thanks

Henry Djerlev


We want to thank the many classmates who made generous donations to our 50th Class reunion!!
Those donations helped us put on a very special celebration, and allowed us to provide "scholarships" for classmates to participate who might not have been able to afford to otherwise. 
We have paid all of the bills and made the donation to cancer research, leaving us with a balance of $83.26 in the checkbook. That money will be used to support this website for another year.

We offer up a rousing Trojan Thank You to all who donated and attended !!












Hello from Joe (Jose)Waldemar

Hi everybody,

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the 50th reunion. I have mentioned how much I loved the 45th, when I came with the Kozlows, my host family. In fact I have attended the 10th, the 30th and the 45th. Book me up for the 55th! This time someone else should receive the prize for coming from the farthest spot. My wife and I have five grandchildren and are lucky enough to spend lots of time with them. I still working part time as a child and family psychiatrist, also teaching at the post graduate level. I have all the pains and arthritis as everybody, but functionally I am fine. I have to repeat again how important was my senior year with you for all my life. I have a son who lives in Paris now and is a french citizen as part of my international curricullum. Have fun and see you next time. I am enclosing a recent picture with my wife, Olga.


Jose (Joe) Walemar
Henry, Marla Regarding Carl Peterson:

Henry, Marla

Regarding Carl Peterson:

   I also remember Carl. My name is Larry Peterson and I spent a lot of time in home rooms and standing in line by alphabetic order with Carl, I thing it all started across the street at Washington Jr. High school.

  After graduation I entered the Army, and headed for Germany and later Vietnam.  

  I came home to Duluth and I happened to run into Carl again in 1972, at the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Superior. Carl was smart and always helpful. We were both interested in electronics and after 2 long years we earned an Associate Degree in Electronics Technology.

  It is strange the things that one remembers just musing about the past. The first integrated circuits (very primitive) had just come out on the market, and the 1972 presidential election was just getting underway. There was a small auditorium at the school and a candidate for president showed up to make a speech; New York City Mayor - John Lindsay.

 I’m starting to feel my age. Does anyone remember “Clap your hands; Stomp your Feet, Central High School can’t be beat.” At one of the home coming pep rallies in the auditorium the “Stomp your Feet” part caused the plaster ceiling in the Cafeteria below the auditorium to collate and hundreds of pounds of plaster fell off the ceiling. Fortunately, no one was hurt. After that no more “Stomp your Feet”, but I did wiggle my toes in my shoes.


   Larry G Peterson

Larry G Peterson
Thanks for those memories of Carl!


I enjoyed your memories of Carl Herbert Peterson.  I grew up in his neighborhood and we all called him "Herb".  Your ri ght he was very smart and in my opinion had a photographic memory. I recall that he could resight the bore and stroke of every engine made by an American automaker.  He was also a self taught WWII history expert and had served in the Navy during Vietnam.

Along with you comments I also recall sitting in the Central Auditorium for study hall and having rain falling into 40 gallon garbage cans in the asiles.  The Janitors would empty those cans more than once in a 1 hour period when it was really raining.

Are you coming to the 50th?

Thanks Again


Henry Djerlev
50th Reunion

I have never attended a reunion before but I was hoping to be able to attend this one.  It is with mixed feelings that I say I cannot attend. Mixed because I am fortunate enough to have my 96 year old mother still alive and living with me and my husband.  But since I am her full time caregiver, I am unable to leave her to travel from Florida to Duluth.  

I hope the reunion is a huge success and look forward to seeing the photos posted afterwards. 

Jane Mickelson Merzwski

Jane, We're so happy you still have your Mom with you and so sad that you won't be able to join us!
We will definitely post many pictures and will know that you are with us in good old Central spirit!!

Jane Mickelson Merzwski
50 Years - Today!

Just a quick note to celebrate 50 years!  It was Wednesday, June 8, 1966 that we graduated - and here we are Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Congratulations, Trojans!  See you at the reunion in September

Tom Blomstrand
Looking for old home ec recipe

Does anyone ( girls most likely ) still have recipe cards from Home ec class?  Need recipe for ginger creams. Thanks for any help 


Janice Maki: I might. I'll look. I have many of the recipe cards:).  If I didn't want the school recipe I flipped it and used the back of the card  :)


Janice Maki: I found it!

Ruth Mallon:  Thank you Janice  !  Much appreciated ! 😊



A copy of the ORIGINAL recipe card is attached but is a little blurry. For clarification, the recipe ingredients are as follows:
1 c. sugar                      1 c. shortening
2 eggs                           1/2 c molasses
3 c flour                         1/2 t salt
1 t ginger                       1/2 t cloves
1/2 t cinnamon              1 t soda
1 c lukewarm water





Ruth Mallon Smith

I was so looking forward to attending our 50th reunion since I've never made it to one before.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to make this one either.  I'm really disappointed but our finances aren't going to allow me to spend the money on airfaire, motel, food, transportation, etc., plus my hubby will not be able to take care of my cats so I'd have to pay a petsitter to come in and take care of them.  I will really miss seeing everyone and don't know when I'll ever make it to Duluth again.  Unless things change drastically for me, I won't make it.  I've been doing a lot of soul searching and have decided this is the best thing.  I'm so sorry but hope everyone has a very enjoyable time.  

Sandy Breeden

Sandra Niemi

Bonnie Thorseth Niven got together with Sue Lundin Brown when I was in town September 19th.  This is the first time we have seen each other since 1967.

Sue Lundin Brown
Classmate in Duluth News Tribune - 09/11/15


Nice article about our Classmate - Alan Decker:

One of my "Home Room" mates also!


Henry Djerlev
Carl H. Peterson


Of course with 'alphabetical home rooms' that would place you with Carl!  Just to let you know-  Carl's "mellow humor" continued throughout his life.  I'm still hoping to find some older photos of Carl that I could post here.


Henry Djerlev
In Memory of Carl H. Peterson (Class of 66)

Yesterday I attended the funeral of one of my closest childhood friends.  Carl "Herb" Peterson lived less than one block from my house in the Central Hillside Area and we attended school together over the years.  Our Birthdays were only 3 days apart and we had many of the same interests.

Herb suffered from many medical issues, but always kept his head held high and complained little.  He was one of the smartest people I had ever met and he held his friends close.

The service was very emotional, but at the same time uplifting.  Family, friends and workmates related their memories and I've seldom attended a memorial that had the sparkle of Life.  Thanks to the Pastor and Family members that made it VERY special.

Henry Djerlev

I'm so glad to know that you were at Carl's funeral. For all our years in junior and senior high we were in the same homeroom, and I always enjoyed his mellow humor and ready smile.


Henry Djerlev
July 23, 1971

How many of you were at your 5 Year Class Reunion on this date?   It was the  All School Reunion and our class and the Class of 1965 jointly had theirs together.  Does anyone remember where?   I remember but do you?  More to this story tomorrow.

Charlene McKeever Shimmin
Hear hear

I absolutely concur with Joanne that the reunion committee deserves recognition for their efforts.  None of this would happen without them, and then I'd never have a good excuse to get back to Duluth.  



Greg Ronnback
Thank You!

I'd also like to thank Marla and the reunion committee for their efforts.

How about some fund solicitations to offset these early costs?

Henry Djerlev

Hibbing, MN


Henry Djerlev

Thank you Marla and the reunion committee for all the work you do in setting up our reunion. The rest of us don't realize how much work is involved and that the venues have to be set up and paid for so far in advance.

Joanne Nordstrom
50th reunion

Thanks Gary for checking on the rooms. My inquiry was also personal since I still have done 18 of the last 19 inline marathons, and hope to do it this year and next year with the reunion. my other thought is if we had it during the week the venue and hotel rooms would be cheaper as well as cheaper air fare and not as crowded in Duluth. Since most of us are retired or have seniority to take time off Could it work?

Joanne Nordstrom
Hotels and reunion

A good question was raised regarding the dates of our 50 year reunion being held at the same time as the North Shore Inline Marathon.  The concern was for the availability and cost of hotel rooms.  I have spoken with a half dozen managers of hotels in Duluth and have found that the marathon does not fill all the rooms in Duluth.  In addition there are new hotels in the process of construction that will be opening soon adding to the inventory.

I also found that the cost of rooms is about the same (outrageously high---(gouging?) from June through September so no matter when we have the reunion during this four month period we will pay the price.  As you all know September is a beautiful time of year in Duluth so the rooms traditionally are in high demand because of fall colors. Perhaps all the new rooms will make a difference.  

I am trying to negotiate a "hold" on some rooms with a discounted price.  I'll keep you informed as information becomes available.  

I hope to see you all in 2016.  Hurrah for the Red and White!





gary doty
Hello to all

I have not been on this website before and just want to say that it is great.  Good job to all of you who have done the work.

Looking forward to actually being able to attend a reunion next year and reconnecting with old friends (no pun intended).

Alice Davis Olmschenk

Alice Davis
Coach Hastings passes

A great man passed away over the weekend. Coach Jim Hastings is gone at the age of 90. The link below takes you to a story appearing in the Duluth News Tribune. Reprinted with permission.

"Duluth basketball coach influenced decades of players"


Jim Christoferson
Wow... Lots to catch up with...

I have to learn to take some time to do the things that matter... I should have been on here a long time ago...Sorry for my delay.

The site looks awesome... Nice job to Jim, Marla, Gary, etc... I don't know if I missed someone.

I look forward to being on here a lot.

Gloria, Sorry to learn about Red's passing and Great to learn that you finally have a computer. It is a lot of fun.

Now I have to get used to the facebook thing.



Gregory Nimmo
Great Site!

This site is great. To everyone who helped to put it together, thank you.

Margie Wass

Thanks to the organizers.

What a great resource for our Class of 66.  Thanks to all involved!


Henry Djerlev

Henry Djerlev