Robbinsdale High School Class of 1966
School Song and Cheer

You better practice singing this between now and September 17, 2016, because we are going to sing it on Saturday Night. 

Cheerleaders, get ready to lead us.


  "There's a yell from the students and teachers

     as the team goes marching by,

   There's a cheer from the stands and the bleachers,

     as they play to do or die,

   At the half you can tell why the gang came,

     we've a team that cannot fail,

   Who's the winner of this ball game?

     It's good old ROBBINSDALE!!"



Mighty Robins Cheer


Everywhere we go, people ought to know

Who we are, so we tell them,

We are the Robins, the Mighty, Mighty Robins,

We are the Robins from ROBBINSDALE!!


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