Robbinsdale High School Class of 1966
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Henderson, NV
Denis billmyre looking to see if you served in a civil affairs unit outside pleiku viet nam in 1969
Lee alsop
View profile »Karin Gustafson (Berglund)
Maple Grove, MN
Having had classes (and high school fun!) with many of you, I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the All-District 281 reunions.
Ham Lake, MN
It's been a long time. Working on the 45th reunion with the committee and it seems to be going well. Hope to see all of you there. Get a copy of my latest novel on entitled File 871, authored in my pen name of deMichael Myer. Let me know … more »
View profile »Michael Gellerman - Cooper
Port Wing, WI
HI Bill,

While there will be others who haven't seen you in 50 years, I haven't seen you in 52 years. We were in the same gym class. You challenged me to a race to prove you were faster, and being on the track team, you won. I won in grade school. S… more »
View profile »Linda Ballou (Jeronimus - Cooper)
Eden Prairie
View profile »Nancy Brown (Schlosser)
Tucson, AZ
Collecting feedback from alumni about creating great class reunions!
View profile »Terri Neby (Thompson)
Plymouth, MN
Hi! I was a lowly sophomore when you all were Seniors but I admired you all so very much! I ended up being the 'Bird' & Pep Club President my Senior year & just chaired our 50th Reunion Fall 2018. We're having a 70th Birthday Party 9-11-20 that's already o… more »
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