Post a Favorite Highschool Memory! 

Senior Trip

I have so many good memories, but one of the best was the senior trip over spring break when we went to Cancun. That was such a crazy experience getting to hang out with my friends in Mexico where it seemed the rules did not apply. What a fun time!

Julie Kirk
Pep Assembly Gone Wrong

As Spirit VP of SUN(that’s PCN Language for StuCo), I had the privilege of planning the pep assemblies. On one particular pep assembly I had planned a multi-stage class relay with one of the stages requiring that a student from each class chug a gallon of Tang(That’s right, TANG!). 

Evidently Weston Graff had somewhat of a reputation for excelling at chugging “beverages” so he was nominated to be the Senior class Tang-Banger. When the time came, Weston locked his lips around the Tang-filled milk gallon container and didn’t let a single drop leak out and he killed that gallon of Tang like a freaking champ. 

Its at this point of the story that I’ll add that later that week Mrs. Allred in Ecology informed me that the normal human stomach only has the capacity for a quart-quart and a half of fluid max, so a little lack of planning on my part. Could have used Google back in 1998....

Back to the pep assembly... It wasn’t but a few moments after Weston had finished chugging 2 1/2 - 3 times of the normal person’s stomach capacity that he got an uncomfortable look on his face and then proceeded to harf orange liquid all over the basketball court hardwood. And we’re talking a ton of vomit here, and keep in mind this was in front of the entire school and faculty!

TC Hardesty freaked out and dispatched Jeff Guerts and Mike Beckham to run out there and clean it up and one of them(Guerts I think) jumped over the puke first but I’m pretty sure Beckham tried jumping over it too and stepped or fell in it!

Everyone was a good sport about that one, especially Weston. 

Chris Wheeler
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