Welcome PC North Class of 1998                                                      

            1998-2018  -  20 Years to Celebrate!!

                 Save the Date - July 13 & 14



To Navigate the Website here are some Helpful Tips:


Events:  Provides a breakdown of each night; venues with pictures, times, food info, dress codes, etc.  


Classmates:  This is where you will provide a short bio of yourself.  You can update your info for the last 20 years or since the 10-year reunion.  The site suggests a “then” picture and “now” picture but you can choose what you want to do.


Missing Classmates:  People we have been unable to find.  We need your help in locating them!  


Photo Album:  Please upload as many pictures as you can to this area.  We will also use these pics for our slide show at the reunion.  They can be pics from high school all the way to present – the only two stipulations are that it is High School related and keep it classy.  ;) 


Favorite HS Memory:  Go down memory lane and share a fun story and you can even attach a picture.


In Memory:  If we have missed someone please let us know.  


Sponsorship:  If you have a business you would like to promote our class is accepting a $50 donation for that promotion on the website.  This site will stay up for 1 year.  The money raised from this will help to make this event even better, plus its opportunity for your classmates to support your business.  


Sponsors:  This is where you post a picture and a short description of your business.  Please be sure to donate the $50 before adding to this portion of the page.  Let us know if you have questions! 


Attending:  Classmates who have paid and plan to attend.


Contact Us:  Puts you in touch with the reunion committee.  You can also go directly through our email – pcn98reunion@gmail.com.

The Reunion Committee Members: 

Lyndsey Shirazi (Holman) 

Julie Kirk (Scarbrock)

Lyndsey Wade (Williams)


*Bookmark this website so that you can return to check out what’s new with your class, what events are being planned, see what your classmates have posted, and stay connected.


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