Saturday, April 22, 2017
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Posters that Bruce Gary had made.
"Please don't take the decorations, we are passing them to the Class of '68"!
Finding name tags.
Libbie Ruysenaars Stinson and Ottie Walker (class of '66) making sure everyone has a badge.
Nancy Budd Pattie taking money and passing out drink tickets.
Beth Segree
Kelly Eliassen, our Master of Ceremonies
Peggy Pate Meredith (class of '68), Donna Jo Anderson, Mary Basye Paule, Kris Conley Walsh (class of '68)
Jan McCauley Reddell, Diane Perkins Graham, Maureen Oge Jones
Hal Miller, Steve McAdams and Chip Carlisle
Dennis Young and Tommy Hogan
Ricky Corbin and Suzy Poole Haws
Jim and Sherry Baker Sewell
Kaye Randall Anderson and Gary Anderson
Nancy Driver Hillman and Larry Hillman
Bill and Trisha Allbritton Crabb
Dan McAnulty and wife, Maria
Prissy and Rodney Sheffield
Peggy and Frank Rao
Wendy and Pam Meaux Nance
Becky Smith Waterfield and Joe Waterfield
John and Beverly Hebert Parigi
Sally Hunt Mooneyham and John Mooneyham
Allison Cambre, Artie and Brenda Shaw
Susan and Chip Carlisle
John and Judith Wynn
Terry Tilley Quick and Michael Quick
Lois Aldridge Brown and husband, Clint
Janet Darcy Luker and husband, Leo
Frank Smith and Ida Smith
Brenda Cartwright Longnion and husband, John
Gary and Ceci Gatlin
Tim and Lisa Middleton
Darrell and Donna Tyler Toups
Tammie and Laurence Smith, Sue Lockhart Faifer and Steve McAdams
Betty Rogers Mitchell and David Kelley
Juno Mulder Bishop and Mary Dodd Mitchell
Patsy Yard
Jerry Rials and his sister, Judy
Darrel Chelette and wife, Terri
Ricky Corbin and wife, Mary Beth
Beth and Steve Lastovica
Tommy Hogan, Bennie Beuhler and Sharon Williams Lewis
Nancy Budd Pattie and her husband, Joe
Maureen Oge Jones and husband, Gary
Diane Wilson Lacy and husband, Larry
Bruce Gary and Donna Jo Anderson
Diane Wilson Lacy, Rodney Sheffield, Jimbo Nichols, Jerry Rials, John Metoyer
Raymond and Susan Barefield, Randy Trybus
Carlene Cady Weikel and husband, Bill
Diane Perkins Graham and husband, Danny
Barbara Weaver Smith
Patricia and Robby Martin
Hal and Carole Miller
Chip Raumaker and Geren Raumaker, Mary and Roy Gunn
Linda Hornsby Holtkamp, Karen Day White, Charlene Barclay, Sandra Golding Palmer
Carolyn Clark Mallett
John and Jan Nycum Ray
Adrian Kirby
Donna Jo Anderson and Tommy Ardoin
Jimbo Nichols, Peggy Rao and Laurence Smith
Suzy Poole Haws, Peggy Pate Meredith (class of '68), Kris Conley Walsh (class of '68)
Debbie Landry Ridgway, Allison Cambre, Donna Jo Anderson, Bruce Gary, Kelly Eliassen
Cynthia Knight McCartney and husband, Ron
David Kelley, Darrel Chelette, Chip Carlisle
Libbie Ruysenaars Stinson, Sherry Baker Sewell, Debbie Landry Ridgway, Mary Basye Paule
Sue Lockhart Faifer, John Metoyer and Sharon Garcia, Wendy Nance, Donna Jo Anderson
Trisha Allbritton Crabb and Janet Darcy Luker
Pam Meaux Nance, Bill Crabb, Charlene Barclay
Nancy Budd Pattie, Mary Basye Paule, Beverly Hebert Parigi
Terry Tilley Quick, Patsy Yard, Kaye Randall Anderson, Diane Wilson Lacy, Debbie Landry Ridgway, Juno Mulder Bishop
The beautiful, bouncy, bodacious Buffalo Belles!
Allison Cambre, Dennis Young, Tim Middleton
Dan McAnulty's and Bill Crabb's head obstructing our DVD.
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