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Sherry Baker Sewell 4/24/2017

Someone told my daughter-in-law awhile back that I was "Eclectic".  I wondered why she would describe me that way and realized that it was probably my clothing style, layered top, hoop earrings (yes, I finally got my ears pierced three years ago after I conveniently did not make Carol Lillard's ear piercing party all those years ago) paired with my rolled up jeans and white converse.  Maybe my choice in clothing comes from raising a teenage girl or working with youth the past 10 years, but it's my style, my Happy style. 

As I have read the many wonderful bios of some of you who are still married to your High School Sweethearts for 40 years and my heart is so warmed when I think of your commitment and your lifelong stories of family and friends!  I hear your stories of graduating from college and that you retired after 25 + years from your career choice and some of you are even traveling in your RV's!  I see pictures of your aged parents who are in their 90's and love seeing and hearing of your many blessings. Most of you are enjoying tons of grandchildren and life is so full and wonderful! 

I have learned to love the thought of being "Eclectic" and as I have been thinking about my life, it is a perfect description of my life story!  So thank you, Kristen, for that description of  me to my daughter-in-law, you have given me a gift!   

Now to my personal story!  I was blessed to have loving Christian parents, Liz and Gerald Baker, who were active in church and taught us that going to church and worshipping our Lord and Savior was not an option. To this day, church and my faith family are not an option but a privilege and a blessing to all of my family.  Oh yes, over the years there were times that I enjoyed some worldly ways, but have always continued to have the faith that God would get me through whatever obstacles   "I " put in the way of my journey. 

Upon graduating as a French High Buffalo Belle, I went to Lamar for a year, thinking Secretary Science should be my major; I found that a secretary I am not!!  So I moved into Home Economics and that was not for me either!  I do not measure!!  I don't follow recipes, but love to experiment with different flavors adding a pinch of this or that and I continually taste test!  Two classes that I loved were Sociology and Speech, although I was afraid to speak in front of a crowd. "Go Figure" so I left Lamar and went to work for Sears making $300 a month and preparing for their management training program which I was a part of for two years, one in Beaumont and another several months in Dallas;  back to Beaumont where I worked in their Audit Department. During that time, I had a failed marriage, but was given a beautiful daughter; remarried and moved to Temple for another 13 years when that marriage failed.  But God gave me two Wonderful sons in those 13 years.  The end of that marriage was very difficult and within a month from that divorce, my mother suddenly got ill, which, if she were to survive, would need years of constant care, so I moved my 3 children back to Beaumont so I could help take care of her. Within two weeks of my move, she left this world on May 15, 1986 and resides with the Lord, having passed at the age of 62. 

After a difficult year in Beaumont I moved the kids back to Temple in 1987 where I have lived in that area ever since, all 3 children graduating from Temple High School.  For 17 years, I was blessed to work in property management, working for Chappell Hill Investment in Temple; I had my own catering company and did specialty and Wedding Cakes.  Also, I  did seasonal decorating for area residents.  I was active in my church in children's and youth ministry, helped develop the first contemporary worship service and praise band, as well as began a Spiritual formation group and was a part of a communion ministry to Homebound and those in nursing homes. I also had a 'single again' ministry where I helped newly divorced women get through those tough times of being on their own as a single parent.  My children were active in sports and dance and my life was full.  As a single mom, in 1996, I was given an opportunity to move and work in Colorado with Young Life Ministry.   My youngest son,  a high school junior, and I moved to Buena Vista, Colorado, where we lived and I worked at Trail West Lodge.  He went to BV High School where they started their first golf team and he became the number one golfer and held the lowest score at the area golf course. We won State  and my son was 14th in the State.  We loved the mountains, snow and incredible skiing.  It was a huge life changing spiritual experience, which molded our lives forever.  Having downsized positions at the lodge, we could not afford to stay in Colorado and moved to Salado in 1997 where my son graduated from Temple High that year.  I was given the opportunity to work for area bed and breakfasts, managing and catering and continuing in the wedding business, as well as owned a cafe in Salado for a short time.  I even went back to school after 30 years taking Religion Courses, psychology, Sociology and Speech, and at the age of 52 I was required to have a      P. E. Course so I took golf!! I lack 3 hours of having my associates!!! 

 Then God had some new and different plans for me!!  He gave me Jim. We married on February 7, 2003, in the chapel of Salado United Methodist Church.  He had a house on a street that I had only dreamed of living on!  He and I shared the two most important goals in a marriage: Faith and Commitment, and we both wanted to be in Church together.  Three years later, we were given my three year old granddaughter, Maddy, and at the age of 5, when her mother gave up her parental rights,  I adopted her and ...(Cont'd below)Sherry Baker

Sherry Baker Sewell (Cont'd)

and we were a family. She is now an 8th grader, faithful, smart, beautiful, gifted and talented with aspirations of having a golf scholarship to a major college. Our blended family is blessed to have 5 grown children, and 10 grandchildren ranging from 3 months to 17 years. Our life is full and very busy! 

Over the past 10 years, I have worked as Children's Ministry Director and now finishing up a year and 1/2 stint as Interim Youth Director at our church. Jim is still doing some Lobbying for a large Commercial Contractor specializing in building schools which keeps him busy during Legislative years. Our travels consist of following Maddy in her Junior PGA tournaments but we do try to sneak away to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico when possible. 

I'm not sure what else God has in store for us but whatever that is, we are ready for what comes next! 

Eclectic? You bet, and I wouldn't have it any other way! God is Good! 

Always a proud Buffalo Belle! Sherry Baker Sewell 


Greetings From Florida - Patricia Allbritton Crabb

Bill and I have been married for 36 years, second marriage for both.  Two children each. Six grandchildren and 1 great grand child and another on the way!  We are Corvette enthusiasts, and have owned 9 from a 1963 to a 2008.  We support the Tampa Bay Bucs, Rays, and of course the Florida Gators.  We stay active playing golf, racquetball, and walking.  Love to travel and spend time with family as they all live near us. Looking forward to seeing everyone, as it has been 10 years since I have been to Texas.

Patricia Allbritton
John Wynn 4/18/2017

After attending Lamar for two years with a major in partying and girls and a GPA of about 1.00, I decided the smart thing to do was marry a smart girl.  So in 1969, Judith Wheat and I married.  Now over 47 years later we live in Round Rock, Texas.  We have both retired although I work part time so I can stay out of Judith's hair and wear a badge and gun.  As you can see from the picture, we have a beautiful family consisting of 2 sons, 2 daughters in law and 4 grandkids.  I must give credit to Libbie Stinson to our picture.  I have been looking at her beautiful families beach pictures for years and decided we needed to do that.  I have no idea how she pulls it off with her large family as getting ours done with the 4 grands was a zoo.  As we approach our 50th reunion fron FHS, I have been reflecting fondly of our 3 years together at FHS.  I look forward to seeing you guys again in a few days.

John Wynn
Allison Cambre - 50 years

After graduating FHS, I set off for Iowa State and earned a BS in Telecommunicative Arts and minored in Computer Science, in 1971.  I then went to the theology college at SMU and earned a master’s and doctorate (1975).  42 years ago, I was the youngest person to have ever received a doctor’s degree from the theology school, and that record has never been broken.

I married a Dallas girl, Jane, and we had three boys—Aren, Micah, & Leigh.  Aren is married (to Jennifer who has a PhD), has the two grandsons, works for SMU and also has a doctorate.  Micah lives in Los Angeles between jobs, and Leigh lives in New York City operating as CEO of the Cambre Company—a firm that vets and supplies waiters to catering companies in NYC.  All three boys got through college and are off the payroll!

After 21 years of marriage, Jane decided she wanted a different future and left.  I continued to raise the boys as a single parent.  7 years later, I remarried, but after 10 years, my wife decided she no longer wanted the territory that entailed being a clergy spouse.

I pastored churches in my career that had memberships from 159 to 3,300.  Along the way, I served on the Advisory Board of the Sam Houston Area Council (BSA), and served for some time (along with Chip Carlisle’s uncle) as a trustee for the Clear Creek ISD, and was an actor in more than 10 plays (Groves, Texarkana, and Houston).

I retired in 2014 to Tyler.  I do a little supply work, am more involved in theatre, BSA on the district level, and doing a lot of work with genealogy.

In 2015 I was stunned to find out that I have lymphoma.  I am involved in a clinical trial at M. D. Anderson in which the response rate is 98% (and of those 84% have a complete response—in layman’s terms, complete remission).  I am extraordinarily fortunate in that the one tumor I could feel (I have 5), I can’t find.  I will find out in May just how crazy good this protocol is working.  God bless M. D. Anderson.

The picture is the most recent one I have—all my brothers and sisters, sons, grandsons, a cousin, and my last remaining Aunt, in front of my home.

A Cambre
Marilyn Maxwell (Williamson)

Have had a wonderful life so far!  I was pretty low profile in high school, so many of you will not remember me.  So hard to believe it has been 50 years!  Right out of high school, I was involved in the full-time ministry as one of Jehovah's Witnesses for five years.  Thereafter, I worked in the banking field.  I married the love of my life, my sweet Bob, and we were fortunate to travel to many distant places including various countries in Western Europe, also Poland, Russia, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Honduras, etc.  We have been to almost every state in the U.S.A.  We had an Alaskan cruise planned when I lost my dear one to leukemia. So glad we were able to travel to so many places when he was living as I have many cherished memories.  We were married 32 very happy years.  We worked together in the full-time ministry 23 of those years and a lot of our travels were as delegates to international conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses.    I have two stepchildren.  Bob and his wife are presently serving as missionaries in Puerto Rico.  Deon and her husband are located now in New Mexico.  Attaching a favorite photo taken in New York.  Best wishes to all!

David Bradberry


Wow. Has it really been fifty years? Seems like only yesterday. After high school, while some went off to schools in faraway places like Dallas, Boulder and San Marcos, I stayed in Beaumont and attended Lamar. Parts of those years are fuzzy and all of 1969 -1970 is missing.  Although I was 1A and drew a relatively low draft lottery number, I was not chosen for military service.  I married in August 1971 and we moved to Austin in January 1972.  Those two things are still true. We live in Austin and we are still married.  I began a career in banking upon arriving in Austin. This career fulfilled me until I switched fields for a career with the Sheriff's Office in 1989. I retired from the Sheriff's Office in June 2011. Through those years we raised a family of 3 beautiful daughters. As a commemorative gift of their college graduation, I own an expensive t-shirt from Baylor, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of North Texas. Each Daughter married and we are blessed with 3 fine son in laws. Our daughters live in Tianjin, China, Dallas, Texas and Round Rock, Texas. We have 4 grandchildren and another expected in September of this year. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters and a grandson. Each thinks their Peepaw is the funniest guy on the planet and that their Mamaw is the kindest.   I think our class had the smartest, most talented, and prettiest people who were taught by caring educators who provided us with the foundation for the lives we live. I hope each of you attained the heights I believed you would.  This photo was taken July 2016 at the marriage of our youngest daughter.  Blessings to each of my classmates of 1967.

David Rogers

Following high school, I began my studies at Lamar. In 1970, I married Kathy Riley (who I was dating while still at French). Experienced a brief break from school for a stint in Vietnam, but graduated from Lamar in 1974. I worked for 21 years at GSU in the accounting department until just after the merger with Entergy. I worked 13 years for Conn's, Inc. as CFO until my retirement in 2008. Kathy had retired from ExxonMobil a year earlier. We are both avid travelers and spend much of our time either planning for trips or actually travelling. Our travels often involve the whole family. Our grandsons have accompanied us on many trips to the national parks and twice have been with us on week-long rafting excursions of both the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. We have visited Europe many time.

Kathy and I were blessed with two daughters, Tiffany and Kimberly. Kimberly and her husband, Tyler McKinstry, added to our family with three grandsons, Cole, Cade and Coby. Just recently, our family grew again when my oldest daughter, Tiffany, married Jason Murray. The picture shown is of our gathering at that event in February, 2017, in La Jolla, CA.

L to R: Tyler McKinstry, Me, Coby, Jason Murray, Tiffany Rogers Murray, Kathy Riley Rogers, Cade, Kimberly Rogers McKinstry, Cole.

David Rogers
Corbin Clan

3.5 years at Lamar with 109 hours completed, but no diploma (large life regret)!   Moved to Houston in 1972 and worked first for Texas Instruments and then 25 years with Western Atlas Intl in varrying roles of manufacturing management until my business unit was bought by a private Dutch Manufacturing firm.  Had the opportunity to see a lot of Western Europe along with my lovely wife, Mary Beth Watson Corbin, in my role with the Dutch company.

We have three grown children, 6 grandchildren with a 7th on the way.  Oldest son, Andy, I finance with Exxon Mobile and lives in the Woodlands. Daughter Sarah married to a Baptist minister pastoring a church near Henderson, Texas. Our baby, Scott about to receive a Masters of Divinity from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky.  He currently works for Lifeway Books in Nashville Tn.

Currently traveling to see children/ grand children as much as possible and playing golf twice a week when the weather permits. Live in the Klein area north of Houston for 40 years now.  I have been blessed by life and family.


Rick Corbin
Libbie Ruysenaars Stinson

After graduation, I attended Lamar and married my high school sweetheart, James Stinson.  After graduation from Lamar with a BBA in Secretarial Science (with 2 children), I taught typing and shorthand in Port Arthur at Thomas Jefferson for 3 years.  Since James was a coach, we then moved to Devine, Texas, where he coached and I taught for one year.  We moved back to this area and he left coaching and I left teaching.  In 1978 we bought a house in Nederland where we have lived ever since.  I worked at the Setzer Center at Lamar for 2-1/2 years, then several companies, including Exxon in Baytown; and finally ended up with BASF in Beaumont and Port Arthur where I retired in 2014 after 30 years.  While working for BASF, I had my son and lastly, twin girls.  

There actually is 20 years between my oldest daughter and the twins.  As of this year (2017), we have 7 grandchildren...3 boys and 4 girls. The picture below was actually taken in 2014; the grandaughter on the left is now 3 and she has a brother (1) and my (now) 13-yr old grandaughter is missing from this picture.  Only one of the twins is not married and my daughter's (holding the baby on the right) husband was unable to be in this picture.

Jan Nycum (Ray)

After graduation, I attended Baptist Hospital School of X-ray from Sept. 1967 until Aug. 1968  when I transferred to Hermann Hospital School of X-ray.  I married John E. Ray class of'65 and we have been married 47 years.  John graduated from Texas A&M '69 and we moved back to Beaumont.  He taught at FHS for 3 1/2 yrs and I kept our 2  children, John Paul and Jamie Michelle.  He then went to work for Dupont Beaumont Works and we built our house in Lumberton and moved from Beaumont.  After the kids graduated and moved on with their lives, John was medically retired and we moved to Beaumont to be closer to his doctors.  I went back to school and became a deaf interpreter.  Worked with BISD for several years then worked for Lamar.  Now I am personnal assistant to Mr. Ken Ruddy part time.  We have 1 great son-in-law and 2 granddaughters.  JP has our 18 year old and Jamie & Brian have Samantha 21  Senior at TAMU Galveston.  John and I love to travel and work on mission trips.

Jan Nycum
Mary (Basye) Paule

In the Fall of 1967, I began attending Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches.  It was a magical time for me as I had never been away from home.  Rennie Monroe was there the same time and  he was kind enough to get me invited to alot of Pike parties!     I was there only a year and a half, but my roommate, another Mary, ended up being a life long friend.  I returned to Beaumont in 1969 and started Lamar (hated it).    In April of that year, LaRue Tipton encouraged me to apply for a job at Southwestern Bell, which I did.  I started out making $69.00 a week as a Service Representative and 30 years later, I retired as Director - Sales making a little bit more.  During my career, I was blessed to have been transfered to San Antonio, Austin (twice) and Houston.   Retired early in 1999 .   

I have 2 sons, Justin, who works for CenterPoint in Houston  and Reagen, an Air Traffic Controller in Memphis.  Two awesome daughters-in-law and 3 beautiful grandchildren.  Really into DIY and Estate Sales with my next door neighbor. 

Have worked part-time as a Merchandiser for Mattel/Fisher Price since retirement.     God is good.


DeEsta (DeRouen) Meredith

After graduating, I went to Lamar and got my degree in Elementary Education. I married Bill Meredith and we moved to Dallas where he started working for Exxon and I taught 1st grade until we started our family of 5 wonderful daughters. We have been married for 43 years and live in The Woodlands ,Tx. We are retired and enjoy traveling around the country in our RV seeing America. Our daughters,Tiffani, Heidi, Mandi, and twins, Dori and Ashlei are all married to great guys and have blessed us with 14 grand children. Needless to say, they keep us busy and we love it! Also, I'm  still very involved in art and enjoy painting with all my heart.


Vickie Fabre (Hamilton)

Married after graduation & was married for 31 years to Larry Beall and we had 3 children.  My first husband died in 1999.  Our 3 children are Larry, Gary,  & Terri.  I also have 3 grandchildren: Haley, Christian & Hunter.  I have a great granddaughter named Claire.  I remarried in 2002 to Larry Hamilton.  He has 2 children: Monica & Kevin.  He has 4 grandchildren: Corey, Cade, Jordan & Kyleigh.  He also has a great grandson named Canaan.  I retired from the Texas Workforce Commission after 22 years as a Employment Specialist IV.  We love traveling in our motorhome

Mary Weber (Shannon)

Married Jimmy Shannon in 1968; 37 years later we decided we weren't a good fit; but still remain good friends.  I have one wonderful son, Colin, age 35.  He's single; but hopefully not for much longer. 

I attended Lamar for one semester; then went to Business College so I could supplement an Airman's salary.  Worked at Lamar University and PNISD.  Then moved to Lake Jackson in 1976.  Continued to work in education, until I went to work for Dow Chemical in 1981.  I retired from Dow in 2011; and am now working part-time as a Kelly Contractor for Dow.

I spend my time gardening, reading, traveling & enjoying friends and family.


Steve Lastovica

After graduating, I attended Lamar, then joined the Texas Army National Guard. In 1971, I moved to Houston and worked for Mitchell Energy & Development Corp, the developer of the Woodlands. There I met Beth Gilbert and we were married in December 1973. We lived in Conroe where we reconnected and became good friends with John and Judith Wynn. We moved to Beaumont in 1978, and I began my career with DuPont . I retired from DuPont in 2008 and Beth, a BISD teacher retired in 2010. We have 2 children. Jason and his wife Stacey live in Denton with our only grandchild, Anna Layne. Our daughter Wendy and her husband Brandon Alvey live in Fort Worth. Beth and I love to visit our kids and travel. This picture is Beth and I in Jerusalem on our trip to the Holy Land in February 2012.


Judy Petsch

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, Greg.  We've been married 27 years.  Although we don't have children, I do have 2 children from my first marriage.  My son, Mark, and my daughter, Mandy, and we have 4 grandchildren.  I retired in 2002 after 18 years with Delta Airlines and my husband has his own appliance business.  We love traveling and gardening.


Ronnie Swain

Life After High School I went to Lamar for 1.5 years and then joined the Army and went on to Vietnam (July 69-July70) and Ft Riley Ks. After the Army I lived in Dallas for a couple of years then married a Kansas girl in January 1973.  We now live in San Antonio, Tx.  My wife Sharon does medical transcription from her home business. I work for one of the Johnson & Johnson companies, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostic, a blood chemistry company.  We love this area and have lived in San Antonio 32 years. We now live in Aubrey/Little Elm area north of Dallas. Send and email sometime. We also have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and love to ride.

I'm retired as of March 2012.
I worked for Johnson and Johnson 13+ years
I worked for SpaceLabs Medical 13+ years
Pritronics 1 years
Computer Craft 2 years
Data Point 2.5 years
Honeywell 1.5 years
Incoterm Corp 8 years.

Margaret (Maggy) Lynas (Graham)

I'm living with my husband Alan on the west coast of Florida. We met in California, got transferred here, and live in Dunedin. As of 2016 we've been married 25 years. We have a marketing business, Graham Creative Group. He's the commercial writer and I do all the design -- newsletters, brochures, catalogs, websites -- all those marketing products. I'm involved in music in my spare time -- transcribing choir music for a composer from Ghana. Alan's writing screenplays on the side. We keep very busy and don't plan to retire anytime soon. My sister Susan, for those who knew her (Class of '65), passed away in 2003. She left her legacy in the form of many beautiful paintings and a lovely daughter, Heather. Long gone, but missed very much.


Roy Gunn

After graduation, I served in the United States Army Security Agency until August 1971. I went to work at the Beaumont Police Department in June 1972 and married Mary Rojas  December 30, 1972. We have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

I finished at Lamar with a B.S. in 1977 and a M.S. in 1980. My first job was at West Orange Stark HS teaching biology and coaching football and baseball. After WOS I coached 2 years at Hamshire Fanett HS before moving to Pasadena. During the 26  years I spent in the Pasadena Independent School District I completed a second M.S. and eventually retired as principal of a middle school.

We moved to the Austin area in 2010 and have enjoyed the hill country weather and beauty.

Roy Gunn
Art Shaw

After graduation, I went to Lamar for two years (electrical engineering) until Vietnam caught up with my lack of enthusiasm for higher learning.  I joined the Navy under their advanced electronics program to stay out of an Army foxhole.  The Navy provided the last two years of my electronics education but required that I give them four more years of service in exchange.  I spent those four years riding submarines.  The Navy experience put me in contact with several companies who specialized in electronic equipment for submarines, so upon leaving the Navy I was recruited by Watkins-Johnson Company in Palo Alto, CA.  I lived in Sunnyvale, and Redwood City, CA while at WJ.   After about 5 years, an opportunity came up to allow me to work as a sales executive for an Atlanta based company called Scientific-Atlanta.  They were a pioneer in cable TV which was just starting up at the time.  They wanted me for west coast sales of precision Low Earth Orbit satellite tracking antenna systems. I started with them in March of 1980.   While working for S-A, I lived in Atherton, Menlo Park and finally Sonoma, CA.   In April of 2000, Scientific-Atlanta sold my division to ViaSat of Carlsbad, CA.  ViaSat wanted me to head up the business development unit in Atlanta, so I left Sonoma and moved to Lawrenceville, GA, about 35 miles NE of Atlanta.  I am still with ViaSat but have planned my retirement for June of next year (2017).  I really like what I do.  It is different every day, has offered opportunities for global travel, great people to work with and great customers to drink beer with.

Arthur (Artie) Shaw
Donald Hilton

After graduation, I attended Lamar Tech for a year and a half, studing Mechanical Engineering. Due to unsuccessful grade point levels I left Lamar Feb. of 1969 for the Marine Corp. As the only person in my boot camp platoon (240 guys) to not get Vietnam orders on graduation day I was lucky enough to go to electonic school there in San Diego for six months, served in California and Georgia for six months each and finished my fours years as Military laision for Secretary of State William Rogers at the United Nations in New York City. Left the Corps in 73 returned to Lamar U. to study Mechanical Engineering again, this time with better results. Also was the mascot "Big Red" the bird for those two years. Graduated 1975 went to work for M.W. Kellogg in Houston, left them in 1983 went to work for Jacobs Engineering. Met my first wife, married in 1991. We bought our ranch in Chappell Hill, Texas in 1998 and began raising pure bred Santa Gertrudis cattle, while still driving back and forth to Houston for work. Left Jacobs 2006 to become a partner in a engineering firm called Commonwealth. Divorced my first wife (-$$) 2009. Took a buy out (+$$) from Commonwealth in 2011. Married my second wife in 2012 (bad move). Left Commonwealth 2013 to join a start-up Mid Stream engineering firm called EXCEL. Retired in Oct 2015. Divorced second wife 2016(good move). And as of this writing the ranch and all worldly possessions are for sell, hitting the road the day it sells in an RV and travel.

Donald Hilton
Kelly Eliassen

Attended Lamar after graduating.  Joined the TX National Guards in '69 and joined the Bmt Police Department in Dec of '70.  Graduated from Lamar in the summer of '73 and moved to CO in Jan of 74.  I spent 21 years with the Lakewood Police Department and retired from there in 1995.  I then spent 10 years in the CO Attorney General's Office in the Capital Crimes Unit.  I retired in 2004 and spent the Last 10 years as an investigator with the Arapahoe County DA's Office.  My last three years were spent on the James Holmes/Aurora Theater shooting case that happened on July 20, 2012.  I retired last October and work part time for the US Marshal's Office.  Have been married to Dawme for 33 years and she retired from United Airlines in Dec of 2014.  We have one son and two grandsons that live near us and those boys keep us busy!

Sandra Lee (Middleton)

Retired in 2014 moved to The Woodlands, Texas to live by my only child and her husband. My husband passed away and I have been a widow since 1988. Retirement is great but actually went back to work part time for a Neurologist just to stay busy until God sends me a Grandchild.  Life is good and I'm so thankful for my one and only daughter.

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