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Harry and Cindy Woods    1960

Frankie M Knoles Thompson    1961

Linda Lou Knoles Hopwood    1964

Mary Ann Noonan Young    1952

Norman Jensen   1960

Bob and Donna (Bennett) Sandidge

Richard Ahrenkiel    1954

Carolyn (Fisher) Babington    1964

Cindy (Henderson) and Bill Lash    1970

Jim Oglesby    1970

Mary (Pierce) and Larry Hughes    1962

Norma (Thompson) and David Lauder    1967

David Wartenbe    1963

Iris (Brown) and Ray Knell    1960

Jack and Stephanie (Hughes) Geary    1961

Bill Shannon   JoAnn Abrams    1960

Susan (Canterbury) and Mel Christian     1961

Marlene (Markey) Olson     1961

Jerry Olson     1959

Nancy (Woods)  Bounds     1958

Kenneth Bounds     1959

Bonnie Russell     1972

Maralyn (Russell) Hammond     1970

Diane (Irwin) and Jake Herman   1968

Mike Wasilewski    1960

Jack Ethell

Betty (Clemens) Ethell

Ron and Jan Canterbury

Suzanne (Martin) Bless and Larry Bless

Wayne Brown

Doris Wilcoxon Larke

Linda (Holler) Wells    1961

James Davis Jr.     1963

Bev ( Davis) Kenoyer     1957

Hugh and Martha Shown     1964

Myrna (Brown) Golay     1960

Sandra (Connor) Lemon

Richard and Jane Irwin

Margery Fogal

David Young

Diane & Jake Herman

Marilyn (Trasher) Agee

William Agee

Larry & Mary Wilkens

Chub & Elynor (Gard) Nance

Jim & Betty Ann Gard

John and Norma Stilz     1970

Janet (Garmers) Schmulbach








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