East Ridge High School
Class of 1982
Photo Album
Lynn Cerasi Temple, Stephanie Bumgardner Pfitzer, Susan Ackerson Smith...mini-reunion 2021
Cheer squad 1981-82 (not at an angle!)
Cheer squad 1981-82
Who are all these groovy peeps?
1982 Class Graduation Ceremony at the Memorial Auditorium.
1982 East Ridge High Prom
79 All District band
Donna Jane McAllister (Radford)
A few members of Anna B. Lacey 6th Grade Class of 1976. All the girls went on to graduate in ERHS Class of 1982.
McBrien Elementary 1973 - most everyone in this class photo graduated ERHS 1982
ERHS Powder Horn staff
Ten of these cute Brownies graduated with us...can you pick them out??
Mrs. Devivo's class (original shared on Facebook by Randy Gutshall)
Brilliant minds at work!
Awards Night - Robin, Joan, Ken, Linda, and I think Beth (?)
Christmas '82 - cheesy grin and bunny ears
Lynette and Robin wasting time in ROTC - notice the COKE machine (oh no sugary drinks)
Stephanie and Mary Alice look like they're about to kick someone's butt
Luther and Greg look like they're up to no good
Wonder what Steve Atkins did to deserve this???
Pomp and Circumstance
Can you say harem?
What do these peeps have in common?
Wow, who are these hunks?
Anybody recognize these groovy chicks?
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