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Springbrook Varsity Cheerleaders were always ready to support! We are the Mighty Blue Devils!
Maryland AA State Football Champions 1980 - 1981
Springbrook's Varsity Football Team.
Winning Touchdown against Friendly in 1981 State Championship Game!
Miss Vicc and some of her students!
Classmates Brennen Jensen, Doug Trainor and Bill McLaughlin on graduation day.
My folks bought this car from Lisa Trutkoff's parents for $25, I think!
Ricky and Ronnie Keller, and it looks like homecoming!
Vicki and Mark
Priceless "free" fun at the firehouse, Karen R. Marshall, Cathy Shaw Higgins and Melissa Woodring Rosenberg. Sweet........
Karen R. Marshall, Melissa Woodring Rosenberg, Janey Pugsley, and Jean Keller Mays, hanging out back in the day!
Karen R. Marshall w/Peter Steinman, Jim Rosenberg, Melissa Woodring Rosenberg, Tony Eiser, Cathy Shaw Higgins, Mitchell Rosenberg & Sharon Pomerantz Strelzer.
Nancy Shay and Jim Mundy getting ready for a good old fashion chicken fight on the beach!
Patty Reese at Springbrook's Talent Show
My Wedding Day.
Wendy (Fink) Leonard's latest book, "Color Yourself Smart: Human Anatomy"
Wendy's book signing at Costco's.
Wendy's labor of love: "The WomenHeart All Heart Family Cookbook"
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