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1960's Alumni invited to join pot luck meal

The class of 1967 would like to invite all classmates who attended SHHS during the 1960's to join us for our annual pot luck dinner to be held at Tecumseh park (4801 SE 2nd street) on July 21, 2018 from 5PM to 8:30 PM. There will be tea and lemonade, table service, plates and napkins. You can bring your own beverage (alcohol is permitted). The only tasks involved is to clean up after ourselves. Otherwise we will just visit and eat. For those wanting a more formal gathering I suggest the SHHS all school reunion planned for Oct 6, 2018  at the Capital Plaza Hotel, details can be tracked on

Bring your favorite dish and come see who else might just be there

Contact info: Robert Walker 379-5564

Robert Walker
Shawnee Heights Alumni Association Silent Auction

One of our showcase items this year is a SH game football signed by the senior players for our last season in the centennial league.  

Please see the attached letter requesting a donation for our upcoming silent auction.   

FYI: Before dropping off donation at the Shack please send a msg to Terri Pease to set up a time.

Cynthia (Cindy) Chapman


Looking for Dave Bailey

I am trying to locate Dave Bailey, who would have graduated in the early 70s.  Please have him contact me or send me information so that I may reach him.  Thanks!  Steve and Marie Robb. zzrobb55@hotmail.conum

Marie Robb

If you are in the Class of 1997 - Here is your reunion information.  Spread the Word!

I am trying to link the memorial page names with the obituary link and am needing help with the following people.  I have just started so this so I will continue to need help.  I am not a member of and some of these seem to be on that site.

If you can help, I am wanting the link to the funeral home with the persons name.  If you can't get that the newspaper link is ok to.

The ones I am needing are not underlined.  Also these are all of the classmates I have from the classes below, so if you know of others let me know.

Thank you!

Betty (Roberts) Beuchat

Diane (Dexter) Arathorn

Ron Eaton

Thomas Martin

Marilyn (Rasch) Heintzelman

Jon Todhunter


Eddy Ames

Helen (Bledsoe) Crook 

Marvin Grandstaff

Patricia (Mueller) DeLay

Mike Warthen


George Davidson

Diane (Dexter) Arathorn

Michela 'Mickey' (Davis) Barton

Margaret (Bicknell) Carey

Dan Hodges

Gordon Jones 

Butch Lavin

Clair (Butch) Millard Jr.

Gay Offen Meens

Kenneth Pressgrove

Bruce Price

Glenda (Redmond) White

Michael Shoemaker

Charles "Chuck" Walker


Jim Beckley

Michael Banks

Nathan Bayless 

Mike Brook 

Larry Cripps

Mary Crockett

Fred Hogan

Michael Hopkins

Lizette (LaGrand) Evans

Danny Morlan

John Nicol

Daryl Patrick

Steve Paxson

Bobby Schultz

Charles Shaw 

Gary Warthen

Margie (Whelan) Henry 

Tom Wunder


Jerry Barksdale

Melvin Carrothers

Shirley (Fletcher) Mayberry

Rick Fergola

David Griffith

Jim Hassett

Rodney Hinton

Tim Hunt 

Lizette (LaGrand) Evans 

William "Bill" Norwood

Robert Sisson

Paula Williams


Joyce Beecher 

Vicki (Dougan) Thesman

Ronald Hasty

Linda Henry

Vernon McMillian

Linda Overstreet

Connie (Peck) Hull

Danny Schuette

James Simpson

Terry Sumner

Steven Thompson

Harley Uhl

2nd Annual All School Reunion Attendees


Class Of:
1963Bill Hilbert, Ron Redmond

1964Doug Uhl, Collette Ryan

1965Dwight Brown, Laro L. Hill, Bob Knight, Steve Uhl

1966Dianne Hilton, Ron Musick, Gary A. Neff

1967David Schneider, Melvin Carothens, James N Durand, Glen Rice

1969Sharon Thayer Apps

1970Darrell Roseberry, Clyde A. Cobler, Jr.

1973Jeffery Veatch, Rick Reser

1974Glen Peterson, Terry Pease

1975Patty Clark Vonsoosten

1976Brad Renyer

1977Dana Hall

1978Steve Cline, John Bull

1979Susan Hutton (Petit), Kate Roseberry Clemmons, Kathy Adams, Terri Stubblefield Pease

1980Lloyd Lavin, Jr.

1981Lisa Hoffman, Wendy Cobler-Chambers

1987Cindy Chapman Beavers

1989Scot Neff

1990Jeff Lane

1993John Lane, Kristi Robech

2001William Lester

2003Troy Lester

50 Year Event Attendees

I would like to thank those who attended the 1st annual SHHS All School Reunion.  We are looking forward to a bigger event next fall, so make sure to tell all you know to go to this website and register, so that they will get all the upcoming events.  Below is a list of those who signed in at the events of the weekend.  Sorry for any misspelling, some of the writings were hard to read.  Also if you have e-mails of any of these people, please forward them to me to make sure we have the correct ones.

<td style="height:

R. S.   Radford 1963
Betty Abbott Schmelzel 1963
Bill    Gomez 1963
Arlyn Snell Brunken 1963
Betty Ann Schmelzel Abbott 1963
Billy   Hilbert 1963
Larry   Jefferies 1964
Patricia Richards Renyer 1964
Frank   Scott 1964
Bernard   Uhl 1964
Doug     Uhl` 1964
Frank   Scott 1964
Collette   Ryan 1964
Larry    Jeffery 1964
Dean   Ferrell 1965
Donna Lewis Garrett 1965
Peggy Harding Milam 1965
Gil   Rumsey 1965
Robert (Bob)   Zirkle 1965
Donna   Lewis 1965
Sue   Scott 1965
Peggy   Harding 1965
Steve   Uhl 1965
Ken    Norris 1965
Gil   Ramsey 1965
Pam    Ferrell 1965
Gary   Neff 1966
Sharon Reynolds Briery 1966
Tom   Prockish 1966
Ron    Musick 1966
Jennifer Beach Jones 1966
Sharon Briery Reynolds 1966
Bill    Reynolds 1966
Dennis   Newton 1967
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