Westy now
Primary School 1st Grade Courtesy of Kay Goodhue
Primary School 2nd Grade Courtesy of Kay Goodhue
Gregory Hills Elementary Grade 4 Courtesy Kay Goodhue
Gregory Hills Elementary 5th Grade
Reunion group photo merged - sorry about distorting people on the edges of the photos
My daughter's graduation from the University of Arizona (a few years ago). -Lauren Bivona (Johnson)
Robert St Sauveur's
My son and I painted hieroglyphics on the wall in our Great Room -Lauren Bivona (Johnson)
Most of these kids graduated with us can you name them? Shaw Heights 1962
More Elementary class photos
Westminster Elementary 1958-59
Westminster Elementary 1959-1960
Westminster Elementary 1960-1961
Westminster Elementary 1961-1962
Westminster Elementary 1962-1963
Otis, Snyder, King, Crawford, Larsen, Andrews, Delin
Seventh Grade This is for Dianne Svaldi
Ron Burge
Photo shows Tom Stover atop Mt. Eolus, in the San Juan Mountains in 2006.
Chuck Crawford's Dragster
One of my leisure activities. Greg Storrs
Identify these classmates (now). If it looks blurry, you are getting old. NO wait! you are old
DeeDee Lucas (L) and Donna Heald (R) world travelers
Missed by that much! Dee Dee Lucas came THAT CLOSE to a hole in one.
Identify the classmates in this photo.
Gregory Hills Grade 6 Courtesy Kay Goodhue
Tim Thoms at the friday night get together
This Artwork can be purchased for $100. Get a hold of Chuck Crawford he has someone who will make it.
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