Advertise your business...

But it's not just advertising,
*it is sending a message to your friends and classmates,
*it's remembering the good times,
*it can be a personal memorial about a classmate-friend-associate,
*it's sending message from you or your family or
*or it's just saying 'Thank you'.

Whatever you want to say or advertise, send it to us as an attachment to an email as a PDF, jpg, bit, or gif.

Not sure about attaching something to an email, then send us the document - whether a business card, photograph, printed page via USPS (in the mail).  We will make a copy and return the document to you.

What you send us (whether by mail or as an attachment to an email), is exactly how it will be in the Memory Book.

Ads need to come to be 'camera ready'.   And what is Camera-ready?
Camera-ready is a common term used in the commercial printing industry meaning that a document is, from a technical standpoint, ready to "go to press", or be printed.   No changes will be made.

A whole page needs to come to as a whole page with 1/2 inch borders...  No adjustments in size or color corrections will be made.

And please, we can't make a business card into a full page advertisment - It just doesn't work.

Questions?  send an email to and we'll try to walk you through submitting an item for print in the memory book...

Enter the quantities in the boxes provided and press the Proceed to checkout button at the bottom of the page.
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