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When you recieve your invitation postcard you will notice a letter in the corner.  This will correspond with a list of school supplies we will be collecting for local school to fill back packs.  Please remember to bring your donation.  See the list below:

A.  Box of #2 pencils

B.  Box of Pens

C. Lined notebook paper

D. Colored Pocket Folders

E.  Rulers

F. Small box crayons

G. Colored Pencils and sharpeners

H. Simple caculators

I.  Spiral Notebooks



Welcome class mates.  The cost of the event on August 5th, 2017 at Isquare in Irondequoit at 5:30 pm will be $54.00.  This includes food at 5:30 pm and a live music at 7:00 pm by 'Who's That", a "Who" tribute band of Scott Dasson.  You can now purchase your ticket right here on the site.  Just click the button and you will be all set.  Your tickets will be held at the door for you to keep costs down, but we will send you a confirmation of purchase.  

We are so looking forward to this event.  Other things to take part in will be a gathering on Friday night at Schooners Bar & Grill around 6:00 pm at 40 Marina Drive.  For Saturday day time, you might enjoy the Park Avenue Festival.

And  for thoes leaving early Sunday we will gather again at Isquare in the lobby restaurant for breakfast.  That cost is not included in the above fee, but all breakfast choices are reasonable.  

Check back often to see what events will appear!  See you all very soon.

Time Change Reminder

Just a reminder in case you missed the original message:

The Reunion at I-Square begins "earlier" now at 5:30pm on Saturday.

There is an added IHS Tour on Saturday morning at 10:00am.

Check the events option on our website for all event, and menu details.

Deborah Fox
Great Party!

Awesome time...great seeing everyone!

Thank you to all of the committee members for arranging the reunion!




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