60th Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate your 60th birthday than with a bunch of old friends who are in the same boat?  Whether you've already hit the mark or this milestone is yet to come, you don't want to miss the chance to celebrate six decades of awesomeness that is our class!

The fun begins at 1:00pm and runs till 5:00pm on Saturday June 23 at Hilltop Grove.  We've planned a very casual event both indoors and outside, so you'll want to dress appropriately.  Picnic type food will be provided. This is BYOB, so...BYOB! We'll have mixers for you as well. And for all you party animals, the fun can continue after 5:00pm.  We have no "formal" meal planned, but for those who want to stay late, we can pitch in a few bucks and order pizza for dinner. 

Just for fun, we'll have a "Name That Kid" contest and we need your help.  Please email a picture of you as a child to F.J.Reitzclassof76@gmail.com.  If possible, make it a picture of you between the ages of 3-8 years.  We don't want to make it too easy for your best friend from grade school to identify you!

60th Birthday Party
Hilltop Grove
3714 Detroy Rd, Evansville, 47720
Saturday, June 23, 2018
Phyllis Oeth
  1. 60th Birthday Party
    Price: $20.00
Online registrations are strongly preferred but you may download a mail-in registration form by clicking on the link below.
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